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BK Precision 1560 Oscilloscope


FEATURES HIGH FREQUENCY FEATURES Wide Bandwidth Conservatively rated — 3 dB bandwidth is dc to 60 MHz for Model 1 560; dc to 40 MHz for Model 1 540. Fast Rise Time Rise time is less than 5.8 ns for Model 1 560; 8.8 ns for Model 1 540. Fast Sweep Maximum sweep speed (with x 10 MAG) of 5 ns/div far Model 1560; 10 ns/div for Model 1540 assures high fre quencies and short duration pulses are displayed with high resolution. Signal Dalay Line Signal is delayed with respect to triggering to give at least 20 ns visible delay. Permits viewing leading edge of high frequency and fast risetime pulses. DUAL TIME BASE FEATURES Dual Sweep Generators A sweep gives normal weveform display, B sweep may be operated at faster sweep speed to expand a portion of the waveform. 5 Modes of Horizontal Display Choice of A sweep only, B sweep only, A sweep with B sweep portion intensified, alternating A and B sweep (trace separation adjustable), and X-Y. B Sweep Delay Start of B sweep selectable from zero delay, triggerable after delay, and continuous delay (starts immediately after delay) modes. Delay adjustable from 0.2 to 10 times A sweep time. Permits expansion of any portion of waveform. DUAL/TRIPLE TRACE FEATURES Tripla Trace Model 1560 has three vertical input channels for displaying three waveforms simultaneously. Selectable single trace (either CH 1 or CH 2), dual trace, or triple trace operation. Alternate or chop sweep selectable at all sweep rates. Dual Trace Model 1540 has two vertical input channels for displaying two waveforms simultaneously. Selectable single trace (either CH 1 or CH 2) or dual trace operation. Alternate or chop sweep selectable at all sweep rates. Sum and Difference Capability Permits algebraic addition or subtraction of channel 1 and channel 2 waveforms, displayed as a single trace. Useful for differential voltage and distortion measurements. CRT FEATURES Rectangular CRT Rectangular CRT with large 8 x 10 centimeter viewing area. Internal 8x10 division graticule eliminates parallax error. High Brightness Domed mesh type CRT with post deflection acceleration and high brightness phosphors. High acceleration voltage1, 1 6 kV for Model 1 560, 12 kV for Model 1 540. Conveyance Variable scale illumination for easy viewing in darkened area and for waveform photographs. Trace rotation electrically adjustable from front panel. 0%, 10%, 90%, and 100% markers for rise time measurements.

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TEST INSTRUMENT SAFETY ... inside front cover FEATURES ... 2 SPECIFICATIONS ... 4 PRECAUTIONS ... 7 Safety Precautions ... 7 Equipment Protection Precautions ... 7 Operating Tips ... 8 CONTROLS AND INDICATORS ... 9 OPERATION ... 14 Initial Starting Procedure ... 14 Normal Sweep Display Operation ... 14 Magnified Sweep Operation ... 17 Delayed Sweep Operation ... 17 Alternating Sweep Operation ... 17 X-Y Operation ... 18 Video Signal Observation ... 18 Single Sweep Operation ... 18 APPLICATIONS ... 19 Probe Compensation ... 19 Trace Rotation Compensation ... 19 DC Voltage Measurements ... 19 Measurement of the Voltage Between Two Points on a Waveform ... 20 Elimination of Undesired Signal Components ... 20 Time Measurements ... 21 Frequency Measurements ... 21 Pulse Width Measurements ... 22 Pulse Rise Time and Fall Time Measurements ... 22 Time Difference Measurements ... 23 Phase Difference Measurements ... 24 Relative Measurements ... 24 Pulse Jitter Measurements ... 26 Sweep Multiplication (Magnification) ... 26 Triple Trace Applications ... 27 Observation of the Start Portion of the Irregular Waveform ... 28 X-Y Applications ... 28 OPTIONAL Accessories ... 30 MAINTENANCE ... 31 APPENDIX I Important Considerations for Rise Time and Fall Time Measurements ... 33 WARRANTY SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS ... 34 LIMITED ONE-YEAR WARRANTY ... 35

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Don Mocksays...

The B&K Models 1560 and 1540 were made by Kenwood - Trio Their models were the CS-1060 and CS-1040.