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Canon BJC-70 Printer


The BJC-70 provides excellent print quality and fast print speed using both color and black inks. We are certain you will be satisfied with its advanced bubble jet technology.

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User Manual
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User Manual
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01 January 1995
Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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07 January 2020


This manual describes how to set up and operate your Canon Printer in several easy to read chapters. To get the most out of your color bubble jet printer, read this manual carefully before using the BJC-70, Chapter 1 Introduction Introduces you to the features of the Printer, lists the supplies and accessories you can purchase for the Printer, and provides customer support information and phone numbers. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Printer Describes how to unpack and set up the Printer, including how to install the BJ cartridge. It includes installing the Canon Printer driver for Windows and briefly describes how to manage your printer’s features. Chapter 3 Using the Printer Describes how to perform various printing operations, including how to turn the Printer on and off, select paper and load it in the Printer, travel with the Printer, and store the extra BJ cartridge. Chapter 4 Using the Printer With Your Software Describes the options you can select with the Windows driver and how to install Printer drivers for MS-DOS. Chapter 5 Using the Color Advisor Describes how to use the Canon Color Advisor, which comes with the BJC-70 Printer driver for Windows. Chapter 6 Using the Operator Panel Explains how to control the Printer from the operator panel for users printing from MS-DOS rather than Windows. Chapter 7 Maintaining the Printer Presents Printer guidelines and BJ cartridge guidelines, and describes routine cleaning of the Printer, how to clean the print head, how to replace a BJ cartridge and the ink tanks, and how to store the Printer. Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Explains in detail what to do when problems occur with the Printer. Refer to this section if you encounter a problem. Chapter 9 Customizing the Printer Describes the printer’s FUNCTION settings and explains how you can customize the factory default settings of the Printer by changing them. Chapter 10 Installing and Using the Battery Pack Describes how to install and use the optional battery pack available for the BJC-70. Appendix A lists Printer and portable kit specifications. Appendix B presents application notes for certain software packages. The manual concludes with a Glossary and an Index.

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