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Hallicrafters Co. SX-101A Receiver


Your new Hailicrafters SX-I01 A Selectable Sideband Receiver is precision built to bring you the finest in radio reception. This fifteen tube (including rectifier and regulator) dual conversion superheterodyne Receiver tunes the Converter (30. 5 MC to 34. 5 MCI, 50, 40. 20# 15 and 10 meter bands, plus several of the MARS frequencies on a large 10*1/2 Inch slide-rule type dial. For operating convenience, only the band in use is illuminated You* 11 hear many signals which would not be readable on most other receivers The Receiver provides for the reception of CW. AM. aid single.sideband signals on all bands, the upper or lower sideband being readily selectable by means of a front panel control. This selectable sideband feature not only greatly simplifies tuning of single-8tacbar.d signals but is also useful in eliminating heterodyne interference when receiving AM signals. Unlike the ordinary dual-conversion Receiver, your SX 101A Receiver employs dual conversion on al I bands, As a result, images are practically non-existent A high order of selectivity is made possible by the use of an adjustable 50. 75 KC second IF with four high-Q, permeability-tuned circuits. Receiver selectivity is variable in five steps from 500 cycles to 5 KC at 6 DB down and from 5 to 20 KC at 60 DEI down. A tuned KF stage assures maximum sensitivity and a high signal-to-noise ratio for outstanding reception of weak and distant signals. An Antenna trimmer, adjustable? from the front panel, permits peaking of the RF stage to compensate for loading effects of various antennas. A notch filter circuit allow rejection of an extremely narrow portion of the IF passband With the notch filter, an interfering signal can easily he "notched out". The position and the degree of notch rejection are adjustable from the front panel Outstanding frequency stability is achieved by the use of concentric: air trimmers and ceramic coll forms In the 1st conversion Oscillator, extensive temperature* compensation, voltage regulation of all oscillators, and the use of a crystal-controlled 2nd conversion Oscillator. Tuning is accomplished by a precision gear drive tuning mechanism to insure extremely close calibration and accurate reset Ability Smooth flywheel tuning affords maximum traverse speed and operating ease The tunable portion of the Receiver is designed to spread each handover most of the dial, for easy and accurate tuning Dial graduations are provided for every 5 KC on the 80, 40, 20, and 15meter bands. On the 10 meter band there is a dial graduation for every 25 kilocycle* and every 50 KC on the Converter band. A built-in 100 KC crystal calibrator provides marker signal at every 100 KC on the dial for checking calibration accuracy. A trimmer capacitor, accessible from the top of the chassis, permits adjustment of the calibrating Oscillator to exactly 100 KC by comparison with the frequency transmitted by station WWW on ten megacycles. Band 7 of this Receiver Is for tuning in WWW for the purpose of zero-beating the 100 KC crystal calibrator.

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Service and User Manual
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Service and User Manual
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19 May 2015

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