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Kepco JQE 55-20 Power supply
JQE 55-20


Kepco Series JQE Power Supplies are general purpose, precision regulated voltage sources in the "FULL-RACK" configuration. JQE Power Supplies feature full range voltage control and current limit adjustment by means of multi-turn front pane! controls. Dual range meters monitor output voltage and load current JQE Power Supplies have linear, full-dissipation series-regulators (NPN) driven by an integrated circuit operational Amplifier. A Sharp current-!innit circuit renders the Power supply completely short-circuit proof. JQE Power Supplies may be readily converted to provide constant current by the addition of an externa! sensing resistor and a "current control". The output of the JQE Power supply is completely programmable. All necessary connections are available on terminals at the rear barrier-strip. 1-5 The compact design of the Kepco JQE "FULL-RACK" Series was made possible by a unique heatsink design of exceptional efficiency in combination with highly reliable low-noise fans. JQE Power Supplies feature all-silicon design with conservatively rated components for added reliablity. 1-6 JQE Power Supplies are identical in their mechanical dimensions (Refer to FIG. 1-3, "Mechanical Outline Drawing") and in their electrical specifications, except as noted in TABLE 1-1. Ί_7 OPTIONS. Optional features of Kepco Power Supplies are indicated by a letter following the model designation: a) JQE Power Supplies with suffix "E" are equipped with an "E0 Null" adjustment, which allows exact zero calibration for precision programming applications. b) JQE Power Supplies with suffix "HS" are optimized for high speed programming. For these models, a special addendum containing all supplementary specifications is provided in the appendix of the manual. The "Ej0 Null" ("E") option is automatically included with the "HS" option. c) JQE Power Supplies with suffix "M" are equipped with two dual range panel meters which permit simultaneous monitoring of the output voltage and output current. Meter range-switches allow for full scale reading of either 10% or 100% of the voltage and current outputs. d) JQE Power Supplies with suffix "T" have special references which improve the temperature coefficient of the supply (See paragraph 1*11 for specifications), e) JQE Power Supplies with suffix "VP” are equipped with an overvoltage protector. This electrical "crowbar" shorts the output through a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) if the output voltage exceeds a pre adjustable limit on the protector (See paragraph 1-12 for specifications).

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Service and User Manual
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Service and User Manual
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14 August 2015


This manual contains instructions for the installation, operation and maintenance of the Kepco JQE "FULL-RACK" Series of Power Supplies.

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