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Korg ESX-1 Music Workstation
Music Production Sampler


Ideally structured as a tool for creating dance music The ESX-1 has nine Drum parts, one slice part, two stretch parts, and two Keyboard parts for inputting melodies and phrases, giving you a total of four- teen sample parts to which you can assign your own samples and process the sound of each part. The ESX-1 goes beyond the boundaries of conven- tional samplers and rhythm modules; it’s a com- prehensive tool for dance music production. Gigantic user sampling area Internal memory can hold up to 384 user-sampled sounds (256 monaural, 128 stereo). (Maximum to- tal capacity is 285 seconds of monaural samples.) Analog synthesizer-style ease of editing The front panel provides knobs and switches for important sound parameters, allowing you to edit sounds in realtime while you perform, and letting you create sounds in the same way as on an analog synthesizer. Three simultaneous stereo effect processors The ESX-1 provides three stereo effect processors, each featuring 16 cutting-edge effect types. You can use the Chain function to modify the way in which the effects are connected to each other. The ESX-1’s Motion Sequence feature lets you record and loop both knob movements and switch operations, letting you create time-varying changes in the tone during playback. Newly-developed VALVE FORCE vacuum tube circuit The ESX-1 features Korg’s newly-developed VALVE FORCE technology, a completely analog circuit that contains two actual vacuum tubes and can be used as a mastering effect to enhance the overall sound level. It delivers a rich, warm, and clearly-defined sound that cannot be replicated by digital technology alone. Use the TUBE GAIN knob to adjust the level of the ESX-1’s output signal be- ing sent through the vacuum tubes, controlling the smooth distortion and rich overtone structure that vacuum tubes add to the sound. Even at lower vol- ume levels, you can adjust the TUBE GAIN to en- joy great tube-quality sound in any situation. Process external audio sources You can connect an audio source to the audio in jack, and process that sound using the internal fil- ter and on-board effects. Two-channel individual output jacks In addition to the L/MONO and R main stereo audio outputs, you can route any combination of parts to the two independent audio outputs. Auto BPM detection The ESX-1 can automatically detect the tempo of an audio source connected to the audio in jack, and apply that tempo to the current pattern. Of course, you can also use tap tempo to input the tempo, or synchronize to an external MIDI clock.

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