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Proxxon DSH/E Saw
The Proxxon mechanical scroll Saw is a very solid and robustly designed device. The heavy base made of cast material, item 12, forms a solid basis for the expensive mechanism of the machine which can work vibration-free, precisely positioned and driven by an electronically controlled direct current motor 13. The areas of application are multifaceted. Your DSH/E is particularly suitable for mould construction, precision engineering model building and toy manufacture. For this reason, it is precisely the right tool for designers, architects (model building) and carpenters. The large-area, Saw table 14 1/8" x 10 5/8" for mitre cuts can be titled up to 45°, is manufactured from aluminium die casting for the highest precision and stability, and is then ground for optimal glide properties. The high quality Saw blade mounts (5 and 6) and the innovative quick clamping 1 also guarantee a lot of pleasure while working and a convincing working result. Changing the Saw blades 15 is very simple with the quick tensioning clamp. Saw blades with flat ends (without pin) are introduced into the clamp adapter when the quick tensioning device is released, clamped by tightening the screw and then tightened with the tensioning device. Changing Saw blades with pins is even easier. These are simply attached when the quick clamp is released and then clamped using the quick clamp device. The Saw blade tensioning can then be set by the large rotary button 2 at the top end of the arm. Fig. 9 GROUNDING ADAPTER GROUNDING MEANS GROUNDING METAL SCREW COVER OF GROUNDED OUTLET BOX <A> <B> <C> <D> PIN PIN - 11 - The replacement Saw blades are stored in the “saw blade garage" 3, on the side of the panelling of the top arm. The DSH/E saws soft wood up to a thickness of 2", plastic up to 1 1/4" and non-ferrous metals up to 0.4". The Saw can also be used without problem for separating Plexiglas, GRP, foam, rubber, leather and cork.

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User Manual
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02 October 2015
1 Mechanical Scroll Saw DSH/E with electronic speed control ... 6 2 General Safety Instructions: ... 7 3 Additional Safety Instructions ... 8 4 Grounding Instructions ... 10 5 Legend (fig. 1) ... 10 6 Description of machine (also see fig. 1a and 1b) ... 10 7 Technical data ... 11 8 Set-up and commissioning of the saw: ... 11 8.1 Unpacking (fig. 1a and 1b): ... 11 8.2 Attaching Blade Guard ... 11 8.3 Setting up the saw: ... 11 8.4 Adjust and set angle display (fig. 2): ... 12 8.5 Assembling the air nozzle (fig. 3): ... 12 8.6 Connecting the vacuum cleaner (fig. 4): ... 12 8.7 Saw blades ... 12 8.7.1 Clamping in the Saw blade (fig. 5a and 5b): ... 12 8.7.2 Saw blades with cross pin (fig. 5a). ... 12 8.7.3 Saw blades with flat ends (hand or leaf Saw blades, see fig. 5b): ... 12 8.7.4 Finely setting the correct Saw tensioning (fig. 6): ... 12 8.7.5 Removing Saw blade (fig. 5a and 5b): ... 13 9 Working with the saw: ... 13 9.1 General information for working with mechanical scroll saw: ... 13 9.1.1 Selecting the Saw blade: ... 13 10 Selecting the speed: ... 14 10.1.1 Possible causes of faults: ... 14 10.2 Sawing (fig. 7) ... 14 10.2.1 Inside cuts (fig. 8) ... 14 10.2.2 Grain cuts: ... 14 11 Care and maintenance ... 15 12 Accessories ... 15

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