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SRS Stanford Research Systems PS325 Power supply


The PS300 series are programmable precision high voltage power supplies for use in laboratory or test applications. They feature reversible polarity, excellent regulation and low output voltage ripple. The digital displays provide accurate readings of voltage and current. Also, digital entry of the current and voltage provides accurate resettability. Output voltage can be set from either the front panel, the remote analog voltage, or over the optional GPIB Interface. Voltage and current signals are also available for remote monitoring. Electrical Specifications Model Output Voltage Maximum Output Current PS310 50 to ±1250 Volts 20 mA PS325 50 to ±2500 Volts 10 mA PS350 50 to ±5000 Volts 5 mA Voltage Set Accuracy 0.01% + 0.05% of full scale Voltage Display Accuracy V Set Accuracy ±1 Volt, typ ( ±2 Volt, max) Voltage Resolution 1 Volt (set and display) Voltage Resettability 1 Volt Voltage Limit Range 0 to 100% of full scale Voltage Regulation (*) Line: 0.001% for ±10% line voltage change Load: 0.005% for 100% load change, typ Output Ripple < 0.0015% of full scale, Vrms, typ < 0.002% of full scale, Vrms, max Current Limit and Trip Range 0 to 105% of full scale Current Set accuracy 0.01% + 0.05% of full scale Current Resolution(PS310: 10 µA PS325: 10 µA PS350: 1 µA Current Display Accuracy(PS350: I Set Accuracy ±1 µA, typ ( ±2 µA, max) PS325 or(PS310: Accuracy ±10 µA, typ ( ±20 µA, max) Stability 0.01% per hour, < 0.03% per 8 hours Temperature Drift 50 ppm / °C, 0° to 50° C, typ Protection Arc and short circuit protected; programmable voltage and current limits and current trip. Recovery Time 12 ms for 40% step change in load current, typ Discharge Time <6 sec (to < 1% of full scale voltage with no load, typ) Trip Response Time <10 µs Minimum Trip Current 10 µA Monitor Outputs Output Scale: 0 to +10 Volts for 0 to full scale output regardless of polarity Current Rating: 10 mA, max Output Impedance: < 1 Ω Accuracy: 0.2% of full scale Update Rate: 8 Hz External Voltage Set Input Scale: 0 to +10 Volts for 0 to full scale output regardless of polarity Input Impedance: 1 MΩ Accuracy: 0.2% of full scale Update Rate: 16 Hz Output Slew Rate: < 0.3 sec for 0 to full scale under full load Mechanical Specifications Dimensions 16.0" x 8.1" x 3.5" (L x W x H) The PS300 series are 1/2 rack width (19 inch standard rack). Optional rack mounting kits are available for single or double rack mounts. The single rack mount provides mounting for one supply. The double rack mount provides side by side mounting for 2 supplies. Weight 8 lbs Input power 50 watts, 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC ±10%, 50 or 60 Hz Output High Voltage Connector SHV male (Kings Type 1704-1 or equivalent, not included) Mating High Voltage Connector SHV female (Kings Type 1705-14 or equivalent, not included) Warranty One year parts and labor on materials and workmanship

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User Manual
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01 August 2004
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01 January 2017


Safety and Preparation for Use 3 Series PS300 Specifications 5 Instrument Overview Front Panel Summary 7 Power Button 7 High Voltage Enable Switch 7 LED Displays 7 Select, Enter, and Clear 7 Numeric and Cursor Keys 8 Instrument Status 8 Other Keys 8 Store and Recall 8 Rear Panel Summary 9 Power Entry Module 9 High Voltage Output Connector 9 High Voltage Polarity Selector 9 Analog Outputs 9 IEEE-488 Port 10 Guide to Operation Setting Output Voltage 11 Setting Voltage Limit 11 Setting Current Limit 11 Setting Current Trip 11 Primary Trip 11 Reset Mode 11 Store and Recall 12 Error Messages 12 Analog Programming and Monitor 12 Default Setup 12 Guide to Programming Remote Programming 13 Command Syntax 13 Detailed Command List 13 Output Control Commands 13 Setting Control Command 14 Interface Control Commands 14 Status Reporting Commands 15 Status Reporting 15 Serial Poll Status Byte 15 Standard Event Status Byte 16 GPIB Error Messages 16 Program Examples 17 Example 1 - IBM PC, Microsoft Basic, Via Capitol Equipment Corp GPIB 17 Example 2 - IBM PC, Microsoft C 4.0, Via Capitol Equipment Corp GPIB 19 Example 3 - IBM PC, Microsoft C 4.0, Via National Instruments GPIB 21 Troubleshooting Power On Reset 23 Stuck Keys 23 No High Voltage 23 Repeated Trips 23 Rear Panel Voltage Set 23 Front Panel Test 23 Calibration 24 Circuit Description Introduction 25 Voltage Control 25 Low Voltage Pre-Regulator and High Frequency Inverter 25 Limits and Trips 26 A/D’s and D/A’s 26 Microprocessor Control 26 GPIB and Front Panel Interface 26 Low Voltage Power Supplies 27 Front Panel 27 High Voltage Section 27 Component List Main Board 29 Front Panel 35 HV Board - PS310 PS325 PS350 36 Miscellaneous Parts 40 Schematics Voltage Control 1/11 High Voltage Drive 2/11 Limits and Trips 3/11 Analog Voltages and A/D 4/11 Microprocessor Section 5/11 GPIB and Front Panel 6/11 Low Voltage Power supply 7/11 HV Front Panel 8/11 Model PS310 - 1250 V, 20 mA 9/11 Model PS325 - 2500 V, 10 mA 10/11 Model PS350 - 5000 V, 5 mA 11/11

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