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Spraque Electric Company TCA-1 Analyzer


1.1 Purpose and Usefulness. The TCA-1 was designed specifically to enable design engineers, inspection departments ana service engineers to test all types of capacitors (electrolytic, film, and ceramic) used in transistor circuits without harm to the capacitor regardless of voltage rating. It incorporates in one compact instrument a multirange capacitance and power factor bridge, an insulation resistance checker for film, paper, mica and ceramic capacitors, and a leakage current test circuit for electrolytic (including all types of tantalum) capacitors. All functions are selected by a single knob, and a magic eye indicator simplifies bridge balancing for capacitance and power factor measurements. The large meter gives direct readings of insulation resistance and leakage current, and shows the exact voltage applied to electrolytic capacitors during the leakage test. 1.2 The especially valuable features incorporated into the TCA-1 are: a. The low a-c voltage applied to the bridge circuit during the capacitance and power factor measurements is 0.5 volts. The actual a-c voltage across the capacitor is therefore less than 0.5 volts depending upon the magnitude of the capacitance being measured; b. The special low capacitance circuit for measuring low values of ceramic and mica capacitors (from 1 mmf to 100 mmf) with improved accuracy; c. The insulation resistance test with a range up to 20,000 megohms with only 25 volts applied to the test circuit; d. Provision for measuring the insulation resistance of even 3 volt ceramic capacitors without over-stressing the insulation; e. The high gain meter Amplifier which provides a full scale sensitivity of 0.6 /¿A for measuring the leakage current of low voltage electrolytic and ceramic capacitors; f. The etched circuit and encapsulation techniques which make possible the high-gain and long-time stability of the meter amplifier; g. The voltage regulator (magnetic and electronic) which contributes in a large measure to the stability and accuracy of the instrument even though the line voltage varies from 105 to 125 volts; h. The high-gain null detector Amplifier with a gain control thus enabling the user to select the best combination of detector sensitivity and ease of operation for his particular application; i. Automatic discharge of the capacitor under test; j. Shielding of small capacitors under test to prevent errors due to stray pick-up; k. Overload protection of the meter; 1. Easily followed operating procedures shown on the pull-out slide at the base of the instrument.

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