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Systron Donner 5000A Oscillator
Sweeper Mainframe


DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT The Model 5000A accepts a variety of swept RF Generator Plug-In units operating over the 100 kilohertz to 26.5 gigahertz region. Each RF Plug-In is supplied with a plastic frequency dial scale calibrated for the range of the plug-in. This dial scale is attached to the mainframe with the Plug-In for simple frequency range changes. Major subassemblies of the 5000A are the Power supply module, the Power supply regulator boards and rear-panel mounted regulator transistors, two sweep Generator boards, three mode Generator boards, a marker Generator board, the dial system assembly, and front-panel mounted operating mode switches. Most of the printed circuit assemblies are interconnected with the 5000A through chassis-mounted board-edge connectors. 1-3. CAPABILITIES AND PERFORMANCE The Model 5000A provides versatile Power supply and control signal outputs for operation of swept microwave RF sources to cover the electromagnetic spectrum presently in common use. These RF sources are intended for use in laboratory or field tests of electronic communications components, subsystems, and systems by offering a precisely-calibrated alternative to time-consuming point-by-point testing of amplitude versus frequency characteristics over wide ranges. The power supplies provide four separate outputs for maximum versatility of Plug-In operation. Detailed performance specifications for the Model 5000A are given in Table 1-1. Detailed performance specifications for the various RF and sweeping current supply Plug-In units are supplied in the applicable manuals. Salient features of the 5000A are summarized in the following paragraphs. , 1-3.1 External Power Requirements The 5000A operates from sinusoidal single-phase 50 or 60 Hertz (to 400 Hertz on special order) power lines supplying nominal levels of 94 to 127 or 187 to 253 volts rms (root mean square). These supply voltages are available throughout most of the world. The IEC-approved power line connector on the chassis of the 5000A will readily mate with a variety of power cables available locally to meet specific power connector pin configurations. A power cable is supplied for connection to grounded 115 volt power line receptacles. 1-3.2 Output Range The frequency range of the 5000A is determined by the RF Plug-In unit used. Each RF Plug-In covers a single band with the operating frequency indicated on a slide rule dial accurate to within one percent of the dial reading. A sweeping current Power supply Plug-In, Model 5222A, is also available for the 5000A, The output current, up to one Ampere, is indicated on the supplied dial scale. 1-3.3 Wide Sweep Capacity Some RF Plug-In units are available to cover extreme bandwidths. These units sweep over a range of several octaves in a single band. 1-3.4 Multiple Sweep Modes Several operating modes are available: F1-F2 sweep mode, commonly called wide sweep mode, allows a frequency sweep to be started at any desired frequency within the range of the Plug-In and terminated at any other such frequency. For narrow sweeps, Fc ± AF sweep mode (commonly called AF mode) allows the output of the Plug-In to be swept or deviated symmetrically about a selected center frequency. The center frequency and deviation are calibrated functions. A non-swept (CW) output mode is also available, or the frequency may be controlled by a Voltage Source external to the 5000A, 1-3.5 Extended Sweep Rates Sweep repetition rates of less than 10 milliseconds to over 100 seconds are available, as is manual sweep control 1-3.6 Sweep Trigger Modes Each frequency sweep may be initated internally at the end of the previous sweep, synchronized with power line frequency, initiated manually with a front-panel pushbutton, or initiated electrically with an external triggering signal. 1-3.7 Amplitude Modulation Modes The output amplitude of the RF Plug-In is controlled by switches on its own front panel to turn the output on and off at a one kilohertz rate, turn the output off only during sweep retrace time, reduce the output amplitude at marker points, or modulate the amplitude with the signal from an external leveler. An external amplitude control signal may be coupled through the rear-panel EXT'L A.M. jack directly to the RF Plug-In. 1-3.8 Display Blanking Output An output of plus 19 volts available during the sweep retrace period or while awaiting a sweep trigger signal may be used to eliminate the trace from the CRT display unit or X-Y recorder. 1-3.9 Optional Configurations 1-3.9.1 OPTION Ml NEGATIVE BLANKING. Model 5000A mainframes equipped with this option have a blanking output pulse with an amplitude of approximately minus 19 volts; the blanking pulse output of a standard 5000A is approximately plus 19 volts. 1-3.9.2 OPTION M3 POSITIVE TUNING REFERENCE. Model 5000AM3 has an adjustable output of zero to plus 10 volts (minimum) to zero to plus 35 volts (maximum) proportional to the RF output frequency of the Plug-In. This output is used to drive some swept response analyzers and network analyzers such as the Hewlett-Packard 8410B and its Accessories. The positive tuning reference output is in addition to the standard zero to plus 10 volt sweep output and the zero to minus 10 volt frequency volts output present in all SOOOA’s. Option M3 is not available in units equipped with Option M10, 1-3.9.3 OPTION M10 REMOTE CONNECTORS, Two multi-pin connectors added to the rear panel of the 5000A carry sweep, blanking, and marker output signals to a display unit and operating power to an accessory unit. The 5000AMI0 is provided in many Systron-Donner test sets to reduce interconnection cabling between it and the Model 7000M1 Display Unit and to provide operating power for the Model 1206 IF Amplifier. Option M10 is not available in unite equipped with Option M3. 1-3.9.4 OPTION M16 EXTENDED POWER LINE FREQUENCY RANGE. Model 5000A mainframes are normally supplied for operation from 50 or 60 Hertz power sources. Model 5000AM16 will operate from power line frequencies of 50 to 400 Hertz. (400 Hertz power lines are commonly found on aircraft and ships.)

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Service and User Manual
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Service and User Manual
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15 December 1978
Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
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18 September 2016


This manual provides general information, installation data, operating instructions, circuit descriptions, maintenance data, performance checks, calibration procedures, parts lists, and circuit diagrams for the Systron-Donner (Microwave Division) Model 5000A Sweeper Mainframe.

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