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Tektronix TPS2012B Oscilloscope
Digital Storage Oscilloscope


General Features Battery powered or line powered Two rechargeable battery packs (second battery pack optional) Independently isolated channels with no shared common ground TPS2PWR1 Power Analysis application (optional) Support for compatible voltage probes and current probes Context-sensitive help system Color LCD display Selectable 20 MHz bandwidth limit 2500 point record length for each channel Autoset Autoranging for quick set up and hands-free operation Probe Check Wizard Cursors with readouts Trigger frequency readout Eleven automatic measurements Waveform averaging and peak detection Dual time base Math functions: +, -, and × operations Math Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Pulse Width trigger capability Video trigger capability with line-selectable triggering External trigger Setup and waveform storage Removable mass storage Variable persistence display RS-232 and Centronics ports OpenChoice PC Communications Software User Interface and help topics in ten languages

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User Manual
Manual type:
User Manual
2.18 Mbytes (2285789 Bytes)
01 August 2004
Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
25 August 2019


This manual contains operating information for the TPS2000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. The manual consists of the following chapters: The Getting Started chapter briefly describes features of the Oscilloscope and provides installation instructions. The Operating Basics chapter covers operating principles of the oscilloscopes. The Understanding Oscilloscope Functions chapter describes basic operations and functions of an oscilloscope: setting up the Oscilloscope, triggering, acquiring data, scaling and positioning waveforms, and taking measurements. The Application Examples chapter provides examples on how to solve a variety of measurement problems. The Math FFT chapter describes how to use the Math Fast Fourier Transform function to convert a time-domain signal into its frequency components (spectrum). The Communications chapter describes how to set up the RS-232 and Centronics ports to use the Oscilloscope with external devices, such as printers and computers. The Removable Mass Storage chapter describes how to use a CompactFlash card and Oscilloscope functions available when a card is in use. The Managing TPSBAT Battery Packs chapter describes how to use, charge, calibrate, and replace battery packs. The Reference chapter describes the selections or available range of values for each option. The Appendix A: TPS2000B Specifications chapter includes electrical, environmental, and physical specifications for the Oscilloscope. The Appendix B: TPP0101 and TPP0201 Series Probes Information chapter includes information on and specifications for the TPP0101 and TPP0201 probes. The Appendix C: Accessories chapter briefly describes standard and optional accessories. The Appendix D: Cleaning chapter describes how to take care of the oscilloscope. The Appendix E: Default Setup chapter contains a list of the menus and controls with the default (factory) settings that are recalled when you push the Default Setup front-panel button. The Appendix F: Font Licenses chapter provides the licenses to use specific Asian fonts. The Appendix G: TPS2000B Compatible Probe Maximum Voltages chapter lists the maximum voltages of compatible probes.

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