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Whirlpool ADP 4520 WH Dish washer
ADP 4520 WH


Technical data Dimension of Free standing appliances with flat/ square outer door Height 85.0 cm Width 59.7 cm Depth 59.6 cm Weight 56 kg Electronic boards Service boards see spare part list Serial boards see on the boards itself Programmed control board and programing of version , see „Board Service“ and „DATA“ on rating plate of inner door: UCB 704742 Data set 704732 Basic UCB, not programmed see on the board itself 4619 727 04651 Succession of programs Programs see program diagram Succession P1a-P3a-P5c-P6a-P7a Datas Energy Label Reference program P5c Energy Performance A Cleaning Performance A Drying Performance B Alarms Refill rinse aid Refill salt Program information Start indicator All programs will be locked after start. Changing the program or finishing the program will be possible only after pressing the start button for longer then 1.5 sec. (Break by customer) A switching off the appliance or unplug the appliance for a while, this will frozen the program step and later on, the program continuos on the same position. Exception: Switching off the appliance or unplug the appliance during the drying phase, this will lead directly to the end of the program. Water Volume at permanent spray system Water Volume Level Regeneration 0.3 l 15 mm Back rinse 3x 1.0 l 60 mm Prewash 4.8 l 120 mm Main wash 4.2 l 118 mm Intermediate rinse 1 4.2 l 118 mm Intermediate rinse 2 4.2 l 118 mm Clear rinse 4.2 l 118 mm Safety/ overflow 8.5 l 141 mm Measuring the level Remove the coarse sieve, put in a measuring meter into the sump, measure the hight of the water level. Detergent max. Pre-wash 10 cm3 Main-wash 40 cm3 Rinse aid 135 cm3 6 Dosage steps 1 - 6 ml Water softener Saltcontainer 2 kg Resin container 700 cm3 Regeneration dosage 300 cm3 Water pressure Inlet pressure 0.3 - 10 bar Spray pump pressure 0.3 bar Rotations Spray pump motor 2800 RPM Drain pump motor 3000 RPM Spray arm lower 30 - 40 RPM Spray arm upper 30 - 40 RPM

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Service Manual
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Service Manual
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11 February 2004
Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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03 October 2013


This documentation is only intended for qualified technicians who are aware of the respective safety regulations. Technical data 2 - 4 Spare part list 5 - 6 Exploded view 7 - 8 Circuit diagram 9 Program diagram 10 Text/Legend 11 - 16

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