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Yamaha MOTIF-RACK Synthesizer


Main Features ■ Wide range of dynamic and authentic voices — in a 1U rack-mounted tone generator • A huge total of 896 normal voices and 59 Drum kits — including most of the sounds from Yamaha’s top-of-the-line Synthesizer MOTIF — give you whatever sound you need, for any musical style. • Comprehensive effect processing, including Insertion effects for up to four parts, independent three-band Part Equalizers for each Part and high-quality Reverb effects, provides pro-level sound enhancement for your music creation and performance. ■ Easy, wide-ranging sound expansion — Plug-in Boards • Thanks to the two Modular Synthesis Plug-in System connectors and the optional Plug-in Boards, you can upgrade the MOTIF-RACK with completely new sound-processing engines. These Plug-in Boards give you more voices, more effects, more polyphony and more instrument parts. Plus, special Plug-in voices have already been programmed and stored to the MOTIF-RACK ready to be played as soon as you install the proper board. ■ Simple, intuitive panel layout •A detailed 160x64 dot graphic display provides comprehensive and easy-to understand control over virtually all operations. Use the PAGE buttons, cursor buttons, and the data dial to quickly and easily edit any of the parameters. ■ Large selection of versatile Voice sets for instant setups — Multi Library • The MOTIF-RACK also features a library of 124 different Multis, each specially programmed with its own effect, Equalizer and other settings, and each designed particularly for a specific style of music or application. Since they are categorized according to music type, you can quickly and easily call up the settings you need. They also serve as convenient templates to create new, original Multis - just select a Multi, then tweak it and customize it as needed. ■ Wide variety of output terminals • Four ASSIGNABLE OUTPUT jacks let you output different Parts of the MOTIF-RACK to external devices and processors. Moreover, two digital output jacks (DIGITAL and OPTICAL) ensure completely noise-free, distortion-free sound output. •Use the USB terminal to easily and directly connect the MOTIF-RACK to your computer. You can also conveniently edit the MOTIF-RACK’s voices from your computer with the Voice Editor software for the MOTIF- RACK (included in the CD-ROM).

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User Manual
Manual type:
User Manual
3.42 Mbytes (3585352 Bytes)
WA 24890
01 January 2003
Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
18 August 2019


This manual consists of the following sections. ■ Before Using (page 12) This section explains how to set up the MOTIF-RACK and connect external equipment. ■ Basics Section (page 18) This section provides an overview of the main functions and features of the MOTIF-RACK and introduces you to the basic operating conventions. ■ Quick Guide (page 34) This section explains how to use the basic functions. ■ Reference (page 59) The MOTIF-RACK encyclopedia. This section explains all functions and parameters. ■ Appendix (page 76) This section contains detailed information on the MOTIF-RACK such as MIDI, instructions for installing optional Plug-in board, Display Messages, Troubleshooting and Specifications. ■ Installation Guide (separate booklet) Refer to this for instructions on installing the included software programs (on the CD-ROM) to your computer. ■ Data List (separate booklet) This contains various important lists such as the Voice List, Wave List, Multi List, and MIDI Implementation Chart.

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