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Zeiss OPMI CS_NC Microscope
Operation Microscope


Description The OPMI CS-NC surgical Microscope and the NC2 Floor Stand form an optimum instrument combination which is specially adapted to the requirements of neurosurgery. The innovative design of the OPMI CS-NC opens up new possibilities for the surgeon. Various Microscope components can be attached to the interface on the underside of the Microscope body. The component of interest here is the Varioskop, which allows adjustment of the working distance between 200 mm and 400 mm before and during a surgical procedure. The Microscope need not be set to a fixed working distance, but can be positioned to ensure maximum convenience for the surgeon. The Variospot is another component, whose illuminated field can be adjusted from the size of the field of view to a spot of 11 mm diameter (at objective focal length f = 200 mm). The Combilux is a component providing automatic brightness adjustment when the magnification is changed. Separate manuals are available for the individual Microscope components. Further features of the Microscope are: Motorized focusing and zoom action; convertible from a Microscope for one surgeon to a Microscope for two surgeons sitting face to face; attaching of stereo coobservation tube. 35 mm camera and video camera. The system for adjusting the tilt angle between the Microscope and the Microscope carrier arm is motorized. The NC2 Floor Stand is equipped with solenoid brakes which prevent inadvertent changes to the position of the microscope. The brakes can be disengaged by pressing the respective buttons, thus enabling weightless positioning of the Microscope. The balancing system is semiautomatic. The xenon lamp of the Superlux 300 high-intensity light source provides a color temperature equivalent to that of daylight. The high light intensity can be reduced as required or briefly increased when the camera is triggered for documentation purposes. The lamp housing incorporates a 100 W halogen lamp as a back-up illumination system. The light is supplied to the Microscope via a light guide. This instrument configuration has been designed for neurosurgery and is also suitable for other fields of microsurgery, with the exception of ophthalmology. The automatic leveling system is offered as an optional function for the NC2 Floor Stand. The automatic leveling system is used to level the NC2 Floor Stand when it is standing on an unlevel surface. It can compensate for gradients of up to 1° with an accuracy of ±2' (arc minute) . The automatic leveling system is necessary when the NC2 Floor Stand is used on an unlevel floor and the Microscope must be positioned using a mouth switch. The OPMI CS-NC and the NC2 Floor Stand can function as a Laser delivery Microscope system when used together with the following: Laser instrument micromanipulator MM 6 with automatic focal length adaption Microscope component Varioskop The working distance in this system can be varied between 200 and 400 mm without changing the objective. An interlock connection locks ail the motorized functions of the Microscope during lasing.

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User Manual
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User Manual
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19 October 1992
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17 February 2018


This user’s manual describes the following equipment: OPMI CS-NC surgical Microscope Varioskop 180° inclinable binocular tube, f = 170 mm 10 x 22 B wide field eyepieces (2 pcs) NC2 Floor Stand automatic leveling system (optional) Superlux 300 with power supply unit, lamp housing and one lamp module back-up lamp module for Superlux 300 12 V, 100 W halogen bulb S light guide, 3,6 m 8-function foot control panel

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