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Acer -- Aspire Nettling Series

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many features: Operating system Genuine Windows® VistaTM Capable Genuine Windows® VistaTM Home Basic / Home Premium / Ultimate / Business Edition Genuine Windows® XP Home / Professional Edition (Service Pack 2) Genuine Windows® XP Media Center / Tablet Edition Genuine Windows® 2000 (Service Pack 4) NOTE: Windows® VistaTM Capable PCs come with Windows® XP installed, and can be upgraded to Windows® VistaTM ...

Ameritec -- AM5XT
Communications Test Set

The AM5XT and AM5eXT are microprocessor based test instruments used to measure transmission impairments on 2- and 4-wire telephone lines. The AM5XT measures transmission impairments in accordance with IEEE Standard 743-1984 (Bell Standard 41009). The AM5eXT complies with CCITT recommendations for export. The instrument also contains a separate full function signal generator able to generate the test tones normally used with the tests. The instrument contains 4 impedance selections pe ...

Denon -- PMA-717

Sanyo -- VPC-E1414
Digital camera

Tektronix -- P6114B

FEATURES & BENEFITS 1 MΩ Inputs P6101B 1X, 15 MHz, 300 V, CAT I P6109B 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6111B 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6112 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6114B 10X, 400 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6117 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P3010 10X, 100 MHz (P3010) Molded Passive Voltage Probes Single Piece, Molded Rubber Body Lightweight Ergonomic Design 10 Times Improvement in Durability HYBRID/SMT Circuitry on Multi-layer Circuit Board for Improved Pe ...

Fairchild Instrumentation -- 766

The Fairchild Types 765, 766, and 767 Family of Oscilloscopes are available in three basic form factors: bench, rack, and portable models. The Portable Models are identified by the Type 765 numerical Series; the Bench Models by the Type 766 numerical Series, and the Rack-mounted Models by the Type 767 numerical Series. In addition, there are alphabetical suffixes appended to the numerical series to identify special electronic circuits. The suffix H denotes the high-voltage oscilloscope ...