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Brother -- FAX-T102

Pioneer -- TX-8500II

Full Performance FM Front End The 1st stage RF amplifier front end includes a 4-gang variable capacitor and high gain low noise dual gate MOS FET circuit. In addition to advanced spurious, image and other types of interfering signal rejection capability, high sensitivity and excellent strong signal input response are obtained. A wide air spaced variable capacitor is also employed in the local oscillator circuit for increasing tuning scale accuracy. Selectable Bandwidth IF Amplifier Accordi ...

Samsung -- SL-M5370LX

Printing Speed • M5370/M5360 series : Up to 53 ppm in A4 (55 ppm in Letter) • M4370 series : Up to 43 ppm in A4 (45 ppm in Letter) Processor • M5370/M4370 series : Dual Core 1 GHz • M5360 series : Quad Core 1.5 GHz Memory • 4GB (2GB for Android OS) Document Feeder • M5370/M4370 series : DSDF (Dual Scan Document Feeder) • M5360 series : RADF (Reverse Automatic Document Feeder) UI • M5370/M4370 series : 10.1 inch C-Type TSP • M5360 series : 7 inch I ...

Grundig -- MF 55-9101/8 DOLBY

Philips -- MX980/22S

Grundig -- CUC 1984
TV chassis