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Pentax -- ZX-7 Quartz Date 27558

President -- Herbert

Rigol Technologies Inc. -- DS1102E

RIGOL DS1000E, DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscopes provide exceptional waveform viewing and measurements in a compact, lightweight package. The DS1000E, DS1000D series is ideal for production test, field service, research, design, education and training applications involving analog/digital circuits test and troubleshooting, as well as education and training. Features of DS1000E, DS1000D Series: Dual Channel, Bandwidth: 100MHz (DS1102E, DS1102D) 50MHz (DS1052E, DS1052D) Optiona ...

Keithley -- 175
Digital multimeter

Wavetek -- 8500 Series
Level Generator

• Single or Repetitive Pulse and CW Measurements from 30 MHz to 40 GHz • Accurately Reads Pulses to 15 Nanoseconds • Graphics Mode for Plot of Pulse and Reading Point • Automatic Detector Calibration Series 8500 RF Peak Power Meter brings you an unexcelled combination of speed, accuracy, reliability and operator convenience. The versatile Series 8500 sets a new standard for the industry with its ability to accurately read pulses as narrow as 15ns, its exceptionally accurate CW ...

Sansui -- AU-717