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Casio -- PK-5

Sony -- CDX-GT300S
Car CD Tuner

Icom -- IC_2700H

Philips -- PM 6674
Frequency counter

The PM 6673 .. .76 series of universal frequency counters offers automatic time and frequency measurements under microcomputer control. For application in measuring systems, provision is made by an interface option for full I EC-625/IEEE-488 bus programmability. Other data interface options, like BCD and analog output, are also available. An internal rechargeable battery unit is available to enable the counter to be used in field applications.

ARP Instruments Inc. -- Pro Soloist 2701

The Pro Soloist is a hybrid of digital and analog circuits. The internal flow of the audio signals is, in most respects, quite similar to any of our other synthesizers. That is, a raw signal (pulse or sawtooth wave) is processed through a voltage controlled filter and a voltage controlled amplifier to the output of the instrument. Two envelope generators (ADSR and AR) are available to control the VCF and VCA to determine the attack and decay characteristics of the instrument. In addition ...

Yamaha -- QL1