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Toshiba -- 147E7E

Brother -- MFC-5200C

Singer -- 12W222
Sewing machine

Machine 12W222 is the same as Machine 12W221 except that it has an auxiliary plunger or pad holder operated by a knee lever, which permits the operator to stretch the pad as it is being stitched, 01 to pivot around the plunger.

Grundig -- DAVIO 70

Philips -- Miniwatt Tubes

CBS Laboratories -- Audimax III S

The new solid-state Audimax III, Model 444, like its companion piece, Volumax is a tool to help the broadcaster achieve maximum program power within appropriate modulation limits. Incorporating all of the features of its famous predecessor, the Audimax III also provides additional gain and versatility. Designed for use wherever high quality automatic gain riding is required Audimax ITT offers a unique method of audio control for AM, FM, and 'IV Broadcasting, recording, motion pictur ...