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Micronta -- 22-193
Digital multimeter

The MICRONTA Digital Autoranging Multimeter is a portable 3.5-digit, compact-sized multimeter ideally suited for field, lab, shop, bench, and home applications. Here’s a review of some of the features that qualify your new Digital Multimeter as a real “pro.”

Philips -- FW-C390
Audio system

Grundig -- CUC 2033
TV chassis

SunBrite -- SB-V-55-4KHDR

Singer -- 18-22
Sewing machine

The Class 18 Machines, described in the following list, are each provided with cylinder bed. disc balance wheel at left hand side, hollow needle bar, and swing back type of bobbin winder for attachment to table. They are designed for vamping shoes, etc., and for stitching other varieties of work in light and medium weight leathers. A flat work plate which can be readily attached or detached is furnished when specified on order. Machine 18-22 has one needle and a long beak shuttle, a rol ...

Mitsubishi -- CQ-JB1161L
Audio system

FEATUERS ∙ PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. ∙ 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) ∙ FM One-tuner diversity. ∙ Electronic control of power and sound. ∙ CD random, repeat function. ∙ CD-CH, MD-CH control. ∙ Clock function