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Jura -- IMPRESSA 601
Coffee machine

Daewoo -- 21A5

Hewlett Packard -- 202A

The Model 202A Low Frequency Function Generator is a compact, convenient, and versatile source of transient-free test voltages between 1200 and . 008 cycles per second. It is useful for any general purpose low frequency testing application and is particularly valuable in the testing of servo systems, geophysical equipment, vibration and stability characteristics of mechanical systems, electro-medical equipment, and for the electrical simulation of mechanical phenomena. Three types of output wave ...

Angelantoni Industrie -- MINI 250/5

Grundig -- LENARO 84

Wavetek -- 180 LF

The Wavetek Model 180LF Sweep/Function Generator is a precision source of sine, triangle and square waveforms. Frequency of the waveforms is manually and remotly variable from 0.01 Hz to 200 kHz.