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Advantest Corporation -- U4941N
Spectrum analyzer

The U4941 series Field Analyzer is a very portable RF Field Analyzer; that is it has been developed to be used for maintenance inspections and the like, in locations away from the lab bench and often out of doors, in the field. The U4941 / 4941PHS has the input impedance of 50Ω and the U4941N has 75Ω. Even though the analyzer is small and light in mass, it has a color LCD display. To further increase portability there are three power supply choices: a removable battery, AC / DC Adapt ...

Singer -- 18-35
Sewing machine

The Class 18 Machines, described in the following list, are each provided with cylinder bed. disc balance wheel at left hand side, hollow needle bar, and swing back type of bobbin winder for attachment to table. They are designed for vamping shoes, etc., and for stitching other varieties of work in light and medium weight leathers. A flat work plate which can be readily attached or detached is furnished when specified on order. Machine 18-22 has one needle and a long beak shuttle, a rol ...

Technics -- SL-PS50
CD player

Hy-Gain Electronics -- 66B

GeneraI The Hy-Gain Model 66B is a full sized 6 element 6 meter beam. The elements are optimum spaced for maximum gain and the antenna is equipped with Hy-Gains exclusive Beta Match and Balun to insure maximum transfer of electrical energy. The Model 66B is designed to fit a 1 5/8" OD mast. Plumbers pipe ( 1 1/4") has an OD of 1 5/8" and is highly recommended for masting purposes.

Technics -- SE-A5MK2

Yamaha -- P1000S