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Amalgamated Wireless -- 469-MA

Sony -- CCD-TRV34
Video camera

Toshiba -- SD-1300Y
DVD player

Grundig -- LENARO 92

Advantest Corporation -- R3267
Spectrum analyzer

The R3267 Series spectrum analyzers are high-performance and multi-featured analyzers (with basic functions) that respond to customer demands for the Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System and have a high ratio o f C/N (carrier to noise). The key features o f the analyzer are listed below: • Wide frequency ranges: R3264 9 kHz to 3.5 GHz R3267 100 Hz to 8 GHz R3273 100 Hz to 26.5 GHz • Excellent signal purity: -110 dBc/Hz 10 kHz offset • Low noise level: R3264 -146 dBm ...

Akai -- PDP5016H