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Krohn-Hite Corporation -- 3550

The Krohn-Hite Model 3550 is a multifunction filter that operates in a high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, or band-reject mode. The cutoff frequencies are independently adjustable between 2 Hz and 200kHz. An optional rack-mounting kit (Part No. RK-38)is available from Krohn-Hite for installing the Model 3550 in a standard 19" rack spacing.

Mitsubishi -- LT-3280

Kenwood -- CS-6010

Mennen Medical Ltd. -- VITALOGIK
Monitoring System

Overview The VitaLogik bedside monitor is a standalone bedside unit consisting of a main processing unit and a mountable color monitor. The VitaLogik monitors the patient's vital signs. The vital sign data derived by the VitaLogik is presented on the monitor as waveform and numeric displays. The VitaLogik’s user interface is especially designed for user-friendly operation. The fixed buttons and unique QuicKnob control on the front panel of the main processing unit enables quick ...

Tektronix -- 7D11

Philips -- HD 4660/A
Water kettle