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Sony -- KDL-46SL140

RFT VEB Funkwerk Erfurt -- 188

Sony -- PCG-F340

BK Precision -- 2630
Spectrum analyzer

General The spectmm analyzer permits the detection of spectrum components of electrical signals in the frequency range of 0.15 to 1050 MHz for Models 2625 and 2630 and 0.15 to 500 MHz for Models 2615 and 2620. The detected signal and its content have to be repetitive, in contrast (o an oscilloscope operated in Yt mode, where the amplitude is displayed on the time domain, the spectrum analyzer displays amplitude on the frequency domain (YD. The individual spectrum components of “a sign ...

Sony -- HCD-S880

Marconi -- 2382
Spectrum analyzer

FEATURES The 2382 is an exceptionally versatile general purpose Spectrum Analyzer for use from 100 Hz up to 400 MHz. Although simple to operate it has many functions which make it an indispensable tool in research, development, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It analyzes signals by separating them into their frequency components and the power or voltage level of each is displayed as a function of frequency on a CRT screen. Facilities such as the display of ...