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Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- TOS5101
Test Set

The features common to Models TOS5101, TOS5051, and TOS5050 Testers can be summarized as follows: 1. For tests complying with major industrial standards Each of the Tester allows you to conduct withstanding voltage tests (dielectric strength tests) of electrical and electronic devices and components, complying with major industrial standards including UL, CSA, BS, and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and Electrical Equipment Control Ordinances of Japan. 2. A Transformer's ...

Grundig -- XERIA GV 5253 HiFi

Mitsubishi -- WD-52725

SPECIFICATIONS • Power Input : AC 120V, 60Hz • Power Usage : 275W • Light Engine : DLP 0.85" 1280 x 720p • Lamp : 120W VIP Type • Channel Frequencies : Air - VHF 2 ~ 13 UHF 14 ~ 69 Analog Cable - 1 ~ 125 Digital Cable - 1 ~ 135 • Antenna Input : 2 RF 75Ω unbalanced • Tuning : 1 NTSC/ATSC/QAM64&256 1 CableCARD™ Slot 1 NTSC for PIP • Cabinet Dimensions : [WD-52xxx] 37.2" x 49.6" x 17.4" [WD-62xxx] 43.7" x 58.3" x 19.9" • Wei ...

Grundig -- UMS 15
Audio system

Tektronix -- FG 503

The FG 503 Function Generator is designed to operate in a TM 500 series power module. Low distortion sine, square and triangle waveforms from 1 Hz to 3 MHz, are available at the front panel. A +2.5 V square wave trigger also is available at the front panel. Variable dc offset of =5 V is provided. A custom timing switch position is provided. This allows the user to install a timing capacitor for custom tailoring the frequency range of the FG 503. A voltage-controlled frequency (VCF) input ...


The Servo Ventilator 900 C/D/E consists of two sepa-­ rate units. The pneumatic unit comprises the gas conduction system with two pressure transducers, two flow transducers and two servo valves. Each transducer, continuously delivers its actual value to the electronic unit. The servo valves are used as CONTROLLING ­ELE­MENTS for the control of inspiratory and expiratory gas conduction. The electronic unit comprises three controlling systems, two for regulation of inspiration and o ...