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Electro Scientific Industries -- 242D
Level Meter

The Model 242D Resistance Measuring System provides the facility for making precision resistance measurements and comparing resistance standards . When used in conjunction with a set of Model SR 1010 Resistance Transfer Standards, the system can be used for accurately comparing different value resistance standards. For example, a 10 kilohm certified standard can be used for checking a 120 ohm resistor to an accuracy of a few ppm. The Model 242D is a major part of the equip­ment necessa ...

Akai -- GX-230D
Tape recorder

AC Servo Capstan Motor and GX Head characteristics ,ossur€ performance. Automatic and Manual Reverse Playback. : l Model GX-230 complete also available.

LG -- LCN340CP
Air Conditioner

Polaroid -- V30D Series

Grundig -- CUC 2003
TV chassis

Philips -- Essence HR1356/05

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Power consumption : 300 W - Voltage and frequency : 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz - Cord length : 130 cm - Speed unloaded : 18.000 rpm - Volume beaker : 500 ml - Volume chopper container : 250 ml - Weight in F-box : 1.8 kg - Dimensions F-box : 310 x 150 x 244 mm