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Hewlett Packard -- OmniBook 300

Huntron Instruments -- HTR 1005B-1ES
Test Set

The HUNTRON TRACKER® is a special type of CRT display and signal processing instrument that can be used to determine the quality of certain types of electronic components. Components are tested with a two terminal system of test leads that are placed across the component under test. The test leads are inserted into the TRACKER® front panel. The TRACKER® is used to test components in a power-off condition, and can be used to test components mounted on printed circuit boards or other ...

Philips -- AX3200
CD player

Henry Radio -- 3K-A

The 3K-A is a one stage amplifier designed for SSB, CW, FSK, and AM operation on the frequencies between 3.5 and 30.0 MHz. The amplifier is a one piece floor console consisting of a complete RF deck and a power supply. The amplifier is supplied for operation from a 230 VAC, 2 or 3 wire, 30 amp, 50/60 Hz circuit.

Icom -- IC-7200

Daetron -- XXXXX