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Fairchild Instrumentation -- 766M

The Fairchild Types 765, 766, and 767 Family of Oscilloscopes are available in three basic form factors: bench, rack, and portable models. The Portable Models are identified by the Type 765 numerical Series; the Bench Models by the Type 766 numerical Series, and the Rack-mounted Models by the Type 767 numerical Series. In addition, there are alphabetical suffixes appended to the numerical series to identify special electronic circuits. The suffix H denotes the high-voltage oscilloscope ...

Wavetek -- 3003

INTRODUCTION The Wavetek Modeis 3003 through 3006 are rugged, completely solid-state Signal Generators covering the frequency range of .001 or 1 to 520 MHz. Models 3004 and 3006 cover the range of .001 to 520 MHz while Modeis 3003 and 3005 cover the 1 to 520 MHz range. Modeis 3005 and 3006 offer 100 Hz resolution while on Models 3003 and 3004 the resolution is 1 kHz. The output can be amplitude or frequency modulated and the level can be set between +13 and -137 dBm. 1.1.1 FREQUENCY ...

Kyocera -- FS-680

Mitsubishi -- MR587250
Car Radio

FEATUERS • PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. • 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) • FM One-tuner diversity. • Electronic control of power and sound. • 4ch × 3 points Fix-Equalizer. • CD random, repeat function. • CD-CH, MD-CH control.

Grundig -- ST 55-839 DOLBY

Becker -- 1560
Car Radio