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Ricoh -- FT5740

Kyocera -- FS−7000+

Philips -- Elance GC3035

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Colour pearl blue - Careeza soleplate - Tank capacity (300 ml) - Steam rate (35 g/min) - Shot of steam (85 g/min) - Vertical steam - Permanent Anti-Calc - Automatic shut off - Soft touch hand grip - Drip stop - Anti slip - Integrated cord winder - Cord length : 2 m. Safety Information - This product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. - After the product has been repaired, it should function properly and has ...

Sony -- CCD-TR425E
Video camera

Video camera recorder System Video recording system 2 Rotary heads Helical scanning FM system Audio recording system Rotary heads, FM system Video signal PAL color, CCIR standards Usable cassette 8mm video format cassette CCD-TR315E/TR415E/TR425E CCD-TRV16E/TRV26E/TRV27E/ TRV27EP : standard 8 CCD-TR515E/TR516E/TR713E CCD-TRV36E/TRV46E : Hi8 Recording / Playback time (using 90 min. cassette) SP mode: 1 hour and 30 minutes LP mode: 3 hours Fastforward/rewind time (using 90 min ...

Angelantoni Industrie -- MINI 250/5

Top Band Systems -- TBL 2000X

The TBL-2000 and TBL-2000X are uniquely designed linear amplifiers operating in class AB passive grid-driven service. The TBL-2000 has a built-in power supply for 240VAC 50/60Hz operation. The TBL-2000X has a built-in 120VAC/240VAC 50/60Hz power supply. Two plug-in AC power cords are supplied with the TBL-2000X to make switching from 120VAC to 240VAC a snap. Both amplifiers have a tube compliment of five hefty 6LF6 power pentodes. Each tube has its own side-panel bias-potentiomete ...