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Samsung -- Xpress M288 Series

Speed • Up to 28 ppm in A4 (29 ppm in Letter) Printing Resolution • Up to 4,800 x 600 dpi effective output Processor • 600MHz Printer Language Emulation • SPL / PCL5e / PCL6 Memory • 128MB Interface • High speed USB 2.0 • 10/100 BaseTX network connector • 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN • NFC printing support Toner cartridge yield • Initial • M2880FW : 1,500 pages (700 pages for only /XAC model) • M2885FW : 1,200 pages • Standard / ...

ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations -- Alpha PA-76

The ALPHA 76 (model PA-76) is a self-contained high frequency linear power amplifier capable of continuous operation at d-c plate power inputs of 2.5 kilowatts PEP for SSB voice and one kilowatt average or continuous carrier with no time limit (NTL). The ALPHA 76 is tunable over the range 1.8-2.0 MHz plus 3_3° MHz, optimized for convenience in the six amateur bands of 10 through 160 meters.

Iwatsu -- SS-7821

Fluke -- DTX-LT
Network Analyzer

The DTX CableAnalyzer’s powerful features, speed, and superior accuracy make your crews more efficient and productive – and you can see the results on the bottom line. It’s all about time – and no other tester delivers like DTX. • Increase productivity from day one. Intuitive interface means your techs spend less time in training and more time testing. • Zero to certified in 12 seconds. This unheard-of Cat 6 test speed lets you move from link to link three times faster t ...

Epson -- Stylus Photo R350

Singer -- 11w5
Sewing machine