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Sony -- MDS-JE530
Minidisc player

Grundig -- P 37 – 830 / 12 text Globetrotter

Philips -- psa cd12
CD player

Grundig -- CUC 2080 F
TV chassis

Grundig -- S 55-806 TOP/TR

Tektronix -- Type Z

The Type Z Plug-In Unit is a calibrated differential comparator preamplifier designed for use in all Tektronix Type 530-, 540-, 550-, or 580-Series Oscilloscopes. The unit may be used for three different modes of operation: (1) as a conventional plug-in preamplifier, (2) as a differential input preamplifier, or (3) as a calibrated differential com-pa rator. As a conventional preamplifier, the Z Unit alone has a risetime of 24 nanoseconds and a maximum sensitivity of 0.05 volt per ce ...