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Marconi -- TF 2300B
Level Meter

The TF 230OB Modulation Meter measures f.m. deviation and a.m. depth. With its wide range of deviation frequency, modulation bandwidth and carrier frequency, the instrument is suitable for application to fixed and mobile point-to-point communications, broadcasting, telemetry and multi-channel link equipment in the h.f.s v.h.f. and u.h.f. bands. Distortion and channel separation tests on f.m. stereo transmitters can also be made. Positive and negative f.m. deviation can be measured in ra ...

Rohde & Schwarz -- URV 5
Digital multimeter

The Millivoltmeter URV 5 is a broadband, sensitive voltage, level and power meter featuring high accuracy and suitable both for manual operation and for use in systems. A great variety of measuring heads and accessories allows the URV 5 to be used for all kinds of measurement: • With RF probe and DC probe for no-load AC and DC voltage measurements in electronic circuits. • Voltage (and power) measurements in coaxial 50 Ω and 75 Ω systems using the low-reflection and low-loss insertio ...

Pioneer -- QL-600A

Amstrad -- GT65

Wavetek -- TPP1-F

The Wavetek Meterman models TPP1 and TPP2 are mini-thermometers with a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) sensor allowing for simple and quick temperature measurement. Both models are available in Fahrenheit and Celcius versions. Model TPP1 Immersion thermometer for measuring the temperature in air, liquid, or powdery materials. Model TPP2 Thermometer with flat surface probe.

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