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Valhalla Scientific Inc. -- 2023
Level Meter

Valhalla Scientific^ Dual Channel, Polyphase, Digital Wattmeters are accurate, moderate-cost instruments for power analysis in engineering, production test and quality assurance departments. They provide indication of product power consumption in the 10 Hz to 50 KHz range for devices operating from AC power lines. Voltage, current and power are shown simultaneously on separate digital displays. Two separate voltage and current input channels may be displayed separately or in combined f ...

Sorensen Company -- DCR-150-12B
Power supply

General Designed for either bench or rack use, the typical DCR-B power supply provides a highly regulated, precise dc output, adjustable over a wide range. It operates from a nominal 115 Vat (208/220/230 Vat inputs are available as options) and exhibits a rapid response to transients, both load and line. DCR-B series supplies are phase controlled type with SCR’s (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) or Triacs at the input to the transformer, followed by a passive LC filter. This design a ...

Wandel & Goltermann -- PSM-8
Level Meter

Der Pegelmeßplatz PSM-8, der aus dem Steueroszillator OD-8, dem Pegelsender PS-8 und dem Pegelmesser PM-8 besteht, erlaubt Dämpfungs- und Verstärkungsmes-sungen im Frequenzbereich 200 Hz bis 2 MHz an symmetrischen und unsymmetrischen Meßobjekten. Neben selektiven und breitbandigen Messungen an TF-Systemen mit bis zu 300 Sprechkanälen, der Überwachung von Pilotsignalen, lassen sich Untersuchungen in der NF-Lage sowie eine Vielzahl weiterer Meßaufgaben durchführen, wie z.B. die Bes ...

Tektronix -- P6109B

FEATURES & BENEFITS 1 MΩ Inputs P6101B 1X, 15 MHz, 300 V, CAT I P6109B 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6111B 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6112 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6114B 10X, 400 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6117 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P3010 10X, 100 MHz (P3010) Molded Passive Voltage Probes Single Piece, Molded Rubber Body Lightweight Ergonomic Design 10 Times Improvement in Durability HYBRID/SMT Circuitry on Multi-layer Circuit Board for Improved Pe ...

Sansui -- AU-9900

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL390