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Icom -- IC-1271A

The IC-1271A/E is a complete, full-featured 1240 to 1300MHz base station transceiver developed by ICOM utilizing the latest computer and UHF technologies.

Fluke -- PM 5139

PM5139 as PM5138A, incl: • Frequency from 0.1 mHz to 20 MHz. (20Vpp) • 10 Standard waveforms including sine and trainle pulses, haversine • Programmable modulation frequencies • Low output impedance ZO. PM 5136 • High performance at a budget price • Frequency range from 0.1mHz to 5MHz (20Vpp) • High accurate signals, low distortion • In practice proved mechanical and electronic design • Large backlit display and easy menu controlled operation • Continu ...

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLA 534-MB

The model 534-MB is a mantel model designed for dry-cell battery operation. Battery connections are shown in the accompanying diagram. Features of design include: Tropic-proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers and broadcast oscillator coil, air-dielectric trimming capacitors, straight-line edge-lighted plastic dial scale. Chassis Removal. First remove the control knobs by pulling them straight off their spindles. Then remove the cabinet back. ...

Sanyo -- NVM-4370
Navigation system

The SANYO NVM-4370 Portable Navigation System is a powerful multifunction GPS navigation and entertainment device. Compact size and lightweight Integrated GPS receiver for GPS navigation USA/Canada/Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico map preloaded into Internal 4GB Flash Embedded SD/MMC card slot ensuring ample data storage Incorporates high-performance GPS antenna High-resolution color LCD 4.3" wide touch screen with 16:9 scale Bluetooth v1.2 supported with various profiles Multimedia f ...

Alpine -- DHA-S680
Car DVD Player

Rigol Technologies Inc. -- DS1102E

RIGOL DS1000E, DS1000D Series Digital Oscilloscopes provide exceptional waveform viewing and measurements in a compact, lightweight package. The DS1000E, DS1000D series is ideal for production test, field service, research, design, education and training applications involving analog/digital circuits test and troubleshooting, as well as education and training. Features of DS1000E, DS1000D Series: Dual Channel, Bandwidth: 100MHz (DS1102E, DS1102D) 50MHz (DS1052E, DS1052D) Optiona ...