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Leica -- DMI6000B

The Leica DMI Series microscopes covered in this manual are designed for biological, routine, and research applications. This includes the examination of samples taken from the human body in order to provide information on physiological or pathological states or congenital abnormalities; to determine the safety and compatibility with potential recipients; or to monitor therapeutic measures. The Leica DMI Series is an additional development of Leica’s proven inverted research microscope ...

Icom -- IC-F12

Rohde & Schwarz -- ESVP 354.3000.56

Hewlett Packard -- 13OB

The Hewlett-Packard Model 130B Oscilloscope is a general purpose oscilloscope, it can be used with either internal or external sweeps which can be either internally or externally synchronized and it can be obtained in either the cabinet or rack type mounting. Because of its high sensitivity and balanced input, the Model 130B may often be used directly with transducers, enabling you to see a direct presentation of phenomena desired without having to resort to preamplifiers. Some of the sp ...

Keithley -- 6514
Digital multimeter

Model 6514 is a 6½-digit high-performance system electrometer. It can measure voltage, current, resistance and charge. Details on its measurement capabilities are explained in Section 2 of this manual (see “Measurement Overview”). Features of Model 6514 System Electrometer include: • Setup storage — Five instrument setups (three user, GPIB defaults and factory defaults) can be saved and recalled. • mX+b and percent — These calculations provide mathematical manipulatio ...

Hewlett Packard -- 8750A

The Model 8750A Storage-Normalizer is used with various Hewlett-Packard network and spectrum analyzers to furnish digitally-stored and normalized X and Y CRT displays. In network analyzer applications, the 8750A provides two channels, each with 256 points of horizontal resolution, for simultaneous displays of insertion loss and return loss, magnitude and phase, etc.