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Oltronix Electronics -- RACPAC 1000
Power supply

Oltronix RACPAC 150, 300, 600 and 1000 is a line of low voltage, high power, regulated DC power supplies. There is no derating in any part of their voltage or current ranges. They are fully protected against overload and overvoltage. The model number, e, g. B32-20R is a code for the performance of the power supply. The first letter indicates the approximate stability for + 10 % line voltage fluctuation. A < 0, 01 % B = 0,01 - 0,03 % C = 0, 03 - 0, 1 % D > 0, 1 % The firs ...

Dual -- C844
Cassette deck

Blaupunkt -- VW Gamma Nokia + RP (rot/red)
Car Radio cassette

Roadstar -- DVD-2506X
DVD player

Superslim PAL/NTSC Home DivX player, DVD / MPEG4 / SVCD / Audio CD / MP3 / WMA and Picture CD (JPEG) compatible, down-mixed two channel Stereo Audio Output, S-Video + SCART Output, Audio Digital & Progressive Scan output.

Yamaha -- PM5000-52C

Sony -- CDP-CX200
CD player