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Wavetek -- 3002

INTRODUCTION The Wavetek Models 3001/3002 are rugged, completely solid-state Signal Generators covering the frequency range of .001 or 1 to 520 MHz. The output can be amplitude or frequency modulated, and the level can be set between + 13 and -137 dBm. 1.1.1 FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS The frequency of the instrument is set via 6 front-panel Lever/indicator switches which yield a resolution of 1 kHz. in addition, remote frequency programmability is standard. Series 3900 programmers ...

GE Medical Systems -- Logiq™ α100
Ultrasound Equipment

Grundig -- ST 72-860 FR / TOP

Agilent -- 81134A

Introduction to the Agilent 81133A/81134A Pulse Generator The Agilent 81133A and 81134A Pulse/Pattern Generators are high- end, easy-to-use tools for generating pulses, patterns and data at speeds up to 3.35 GHz. They are ideal instruments for testing logic devices (for example, ECL, LVDS, LVPECL) and other digital devices with clock rates from 15 MHz to 3.35 GHz. You can use the Pulse Generators for applications where timing and performance are critical and full control over signal jitt ...

Fluke -- 8050A
Digital multimeter

1-2. Your John Fluke Model 8050A is a portable bench- type digital multimeter (DMM) with a 4-1 /2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD). The 8050A has all the following industry-standard features: » Voltage measurements from 10 μ to 1000V dcand 10 mV to 750V true-rms ac. • Current measurements from 10 nA to 2A dc and 10 μΑ to 2A true-rms ac. ® Resistance measurements from 10 mH to 20ΜΏ. The 8050A also has several special measurement features. These special features include the fo ...

Bionics Corp. -- IFM500
Monitoring System

IFM-500 has been designed for the users’ best convenience. Exact and stable FHR(Fetal HeartRate), UC(Uterine Contraction) and FM(Fetal movement) extracted automatically by using Doppler Shift Frequency are displayed and recorded for monitoring up to fetal status.