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Keithley -- 614
Digital multimeter

INTRODUCTION The Model 614 is an electrometer with 10⁻¹⁴ A sensitivity, and an input current less than 60fA at 23°C. Voltage sensitivity is 10µV to 20V with an input impedance of greater than 50TΩ. Resistance sensitivity of the Model 614 is from 1q to 2x10¹¹Ω using the constant current technique. Charge sensitivity (nC) is from 10fC to 20nC. FEATURES The Model 614 includes the following features: • 4 1/2-digit display with appropriate decimal point. • 2V Analo ...

Philips -- HD4219/A

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 220-240 V Frequency : 50-60 Hz Coloursetting : ivory with orange parts Basket (mesh) : 6 x 6 mm HD4219 Power consumption : 1550 W Contents of oil : 2500 cc HD4220 Power consumption : 2200 W Contents of oil : 3500 cc SERVICE INFORMATION Thermal fuse cut-off temp. : 270 °C Oil temperature : 185 - 210 °C

Sony -- CDX-600
Car CD changer

Sony -- WAX2
TV chassis

Ricoh -- AP3800CMF

Grundig -- ST 55-4105 DOLBY