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Hameg -- HM1508-2

1 GSa/s Real Time Sampling, 10 GSa/s Random Sampling 1 MPts Speicher pro Kanal, Memory oom bis 50.000:1 Frequenzspektrumanzeige durch FFT 4 Kanäle (2 Analog, 2 Logik) Ablenkkoeffizienten: 1 mV/cm – 20 V/cm, Zeitbasis: 50 s/cm – 5 ns/cm Rauscharme 8-Bit Flash-A/D Wandler Betriebsarten: Single, Refresh, Average, Envelope, Roll, Peak-Detect Front-USB-Stick Anschluss für Screenshots USB/RS-232 Schnittstelle optional: IEEE-488, Ethernet/USB Schnittstelle Signalanzeigen: Yt, XY und ...

Panasonic -- CQ-EA1061L
Car CD Tuner

Philips -- Air styler HP 4641
Hot Air Brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION Heating element : Rope heater Voltage : 220V - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 500 Watts Motor : DC Settings : 4 Cord length : 1.8 meters Colors : Aqua Minerale

Krohn-Hite Corporation -- 526

DC Source/Calibrator • Voltage Range: ±100nV to ±110V, 4 Ranges with Full Carry and Borrow for each Decade • Current Range: ±10nA to ±110mA, 2 Ranges with Full Carry and Borrow for each Decade • Resolution: 1ppm • Accuracy: 1 year, 20ppm. • Stability (24 hrs): 3ppm • Settling Time: 2ms • Compliance Voltage: 100V • Settable Voltage and Current Limits • Pass thru Zero Operation • “Crowbar” Zero Reference • Local and GPIB/Optional LAN ...

Hewlett Packard -- 8672A

Philips Medical Systems -- Avalon FM30
Monitoring System

Introducing the Avalon Family of Fetal Monitors The Avalon family of fetal monitors consists of the Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40 and FM50. While the FM20/FM30 and the FM40/FM50 have different form factors, the method of operation is very similar for all monitors. The Avalon fetal monitors also share the same transducers and accessories, and are compatible with the Avalon CTS Cordless Fetal Transducer System (M2720A). Intended Use The Philips Avalon FM20 (M2702A), FM30 (M2703A), FM40 (M2 ...