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Polaroid -- FLM-3201

Kenwood -- KA-8100

A DC amplifier that provides amplification down to zero frequency without any phase shift, independent power supplies for low transient crosstalk distortion, and outstanding signal to noise ratio of 85dB for 2.5mV input should make the K A 8100 the best performing integrated amplifier available today at any standard. The DC power amplifier, first to be incorporated in an integrated amplifier by Kenwood engineers, has now been accepted as the ultimate in amplification of the audio signal ...

Samsung -- SL-M4560FX

Printing Speed (Mono) • Up to 45 ppm in A4 (47 ppm in Letter) Processor • Quad core CPU 1.5 GHz Memory • 3GB 7 inch IR Touch Screen Panel 320 GB HDD ADF Unit • SL-M4560FX : A4 DSDF • SL-M4562FX : Legal DSDF

Datron Instruments -- 4708
Voltage Source

The Datron 4708 Autocal Multifunction Standard is a high-precision calibrator which features exceptionally high stability and full systems capability. It is characterized by a wide-range coverage of DC Voltage, AC Voltage, DC Current, AC Current and Resistance functions in a single unit. The basic instrument consists of a mainframe to which the various output options may be added. Option 10 (factory-fitted) provides a DC Voltage function. Option 20 (factory-fitted) provides an AC V ...

Ricoh -- FT3813

Configuration: Desk Top Copy Process: Dry electrostatic transfer system Originals: Sheet/Book Original Size: Maximum: A3/11" x 17" Copy Paper Size: Maximum: A3/11" x 17" Minimum: A5/51/2" x 81/2" sideways (Paper tray feed) A6/51/2" x 81/2" lengthwise (By-pass feed) Non-standard sizes: Vertical 45 mm ~ 308 mm, 1.8" ~ 12" Horizontal 148 mm ~ 432 mm, 5.8" ~ 17" Copy Paper Weight: Paper tray feed: 64 to 90 g/m², 17 t ...

Grundig -- ELEGANCE 72 FLAT