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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. -- 324

The EICO Model 324 RF Signal Generator is intended for general radio and television servicing and for other applications requiring a modulated or unmodulated r-f signal of sine waveform from 175kc to 420me. The r-f output from the Model 324 may be modulated internally by a 400 cps audio oscillator or may be modulated externally by an audio signal fed into a connector on the front panel. The internal 400cps modulating signal is also available separately at a front-panel connector. Selecti ...

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL125

Icom -- IC-4SE

Wandel & Goltermann -- MU-30

In der Meßtechnik für Fernsprechübertragungseinrichtungen ist der Trend zum automatischen Messsytem unverkennbar. Ein wichtiger Baustein derartiger Prüfeinrichtungen ist ein Meßstel1enumschalter, der die automatische Anschaltung einer kompletten Grundeinheit eines Übertragungssystems an den Meßautomaten (z.B. PCM-4) ermöglicht. Als Grundeinheit wird dabei ein 30-Kanal-PCM- System betrachtet. Für den Meßstellenumschalter besteht dabei die Aufgabe, bis zu 30 Fernsprechkanäle in Sende- u ...

Fluke -- 887A
Analog multimeter

The 887A/AB series instruments are capable of being used as conventional voltmeters for rapid determination of voltages from 0 to 1100 volts dc and from 0.00:1 to 1100 volts ac to within ±3% of range setting; as differential voltmeters for precise measurement of dc voltages from 0 to ±1100 volts to within ±(0.0025% of input + 0.0001% of range + 5juv); as accurate ac voltmeters for measurement of ac voltages from 0.001 to 500 volts to within ±(0.05%of input + 0.0025% of range) from 30 ...

Fluke -- 337
Digital multimeter

• Auto shut-off maximizes battery life so the meter works when you need it • Small body and jaws fit perfectly in your hand and into tight places • Large, backlit display (on most models) is easy to see • In-rush current function (on most models) for measuring starting current for motors, lighting, etc. • Improved low current measurement accuracy from new microprocessor technology • Meter controls are positioned so current measurements can be done with one hand (index fi ...