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Geloso -- 4/105

Designed to drive a 6146 (or 807) type tube, both in AM and CW operation, under any working condition, continuous (CCS) or intermittent (ICAS). The principal feature of this driving unit is a very high frequency stability, such as to allow a perfect CW transmission.

Daewoo -- 21Q4

Wavetek -- 101

The WAVETEK Models 101/102/103 Function Generators and the 104/105 Voltage Controlled Generators are semi-precision sources of waveforms from servo to video frequencies. These units are extremely rugged, completely transistorized portable packages. Extremely clean and stable waveform signals from .008 cps to lMc in the 101/102/103 and from .0015 cps to lMc in the 104/105 make all 5 generators versatile, general purpose pieces of equipment for the laboratory or the field. The Model 101 o ...

Grundig -- P 37 - 071

Wavetek -- 750
Level Meter

PURPOSE OF THE EQUIPMENT The Wavetek Model 750 Phase Meter has been designed to accurately measure the phase angle between any two ac signals {with amplitudes between 1 mV and 300 V) within the 10 Hz to 2 MHz range. A precision wide band bench instrument, the Model 750 uses a unique circuit design which permits accurate phase angle measurements with input signals having high even harmonic distortion. A fourdigit readout is used to display, in degrees and tenths of degrees, the phase a ...

Grundig -- CUC 7303 F
TV chassis