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Tapetone -- 201

The Model 201 converter converts signal frequencies in the 50 to 54 megacycle range to an intermediate frequency range of 14 to 18 megacycles. Power requirements are 150 volt£ DC at 40 MA and 6.3 volts at 1 ampere. R. P. input and intermediate frequency output are a nominal fifty ohms and employ type BNC connectors.

Fluke -- 5200A

1-2. The Model 5200A is a guarded, precision AC Calibrator designed for use in calibration laboratories and in manufacturing environments. The Calibrator provides accurate ac voltages from 100 μν to 120V rms, at currents up to 50 mA, and at frequenceis from 10 Hz to 1.2 MHz. 1-3. The amplitude of the output voltage is controlled by a range selector switch and six decade switches. Any of seven amplitude ranges (lmV, 10 mV, 100 mV, IV, 10V, 100V, and 1000V) may be selected. (The 1000V ra ...

Sony -- KDL-40Z4100/S

Philips -- 190WV7

Sony -- CCD-TRV16
Video camera

Video camera recorder System Video recording system 2 Rotary heads Helical scanning FM system Audio recording system Rotary heads, FM system Video signal NTSC color, EIA standards Usable cassette 8mm video format cassette CCD-TR315/TR416/TR416PK CCD-TRV16/TRV16PK : standard 8 CCD-TR516/TR516PK/TR716 CCD-TRV36/TRV36PK/TRV43/TRV46/ TRV46PK : Hi8 Recording / Playback time (using 120 min. cassette) SP mode: 2 hours LP mode: 4 hours Fastforward/rewind time (using 120 min. casset ...

Intermec -- EasyCoder E4 Linerless