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Philips -- HP 4641/PB
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Heating element : Rope heater Voltage : 220V - 240 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 600 Watts Motor : DC Settings : 4 Cord length : 1.8 meters Colour Housing : Aqua Minerale Colour water tank : Translucent green

Bose -- 614810
Audio system

Acer -- Aspire 6530

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Operating System • Genuine Windows® VistaTM Platform • AMD Better By Design program, featuring: • AMD TurionTM X2 Ultra dual-core mobile processor* • AMD TurionTM X2 dual-core mobile processor* • AMD AthlonTM X2 dual-core mobile processor* • AMD M780G Chipset* • Acer InviLinkTM NplifyTM 802.11b/g/Draft-N*

Tektronix -- 7M13
Control Unit

7M13 FEATURES The 7M13 Readout Unit provides front panel keyboard operation of any Tektronix 7000 series oscilloscope readout system. A built-in camera counter displays a presettable camera count in channel 2. The camera count can be advanced manually by pushbutton or automatically through the operation of a camera shutter.

Icom -- IC_281H

Dual -- Dust Cover