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Philips -- City Line Berlin FC8421/02
Vacuum cleaner

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Maximum air displacement : 34 l/sec. - Maximum vacuum water column : 260 cm - Power consumption (IEC) 225V : 1500 W - Dust storage capacity : 2 l - Cord length (depends on version) : 6 m - Filter system : 5 filters - Dimensions of cleaner : 382 x 292 x 218 mm - Dimensions of packaging : 510 x 305 x 330 mm - Net weight : 4.5 Kg - Gross weight : 8,0 Kg - Noise : 79 dB OPTIONAL

Kenwood -- TR-751E

Grundig -- CUC 1984
TV chassis

Philips -- HR 2746/BA
Kitchen helper

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : Synchronus Power : 25 W Cone speed 50 Hz : 54 r.p.m. 60 Hz 65 r.p.m. Cord Length : 1.2 m Continuous running time : 6 min. Bowl capacity : 1000 ml Colour HR 2746/A : Ivory / Blue HR 2746/B : White / Blue

Fluke -- 8810A
Digital multimeter

The Model 8810A is a 5]/2-digit, fully guarded digital multimeter designed for use in bench-top or rack mounted applications. It features five dc voltage ranges, autoranging, dual-slope a/d conversion, auto polarity, overload protection, and an automatic display-overload indication. DC voltage measurement capabilities include five ranges from 200 mV to 1200V with a maximum sensitivity of 1 /zV. Circuit loading is virtually eliminated on the 200 mV, 2V and 20V ranges by an input resist ...

Weinmann -- MEDUMAT Transport WM28400

The MEDUMAT Transport is an automatic oxygen emergency ventilator with additional preoxygenation and monitoring functions (pressure, flow and CO2). MEDUMAT Transport is used for controlled and assisted, as well as for invasive and noninvasive, ventilation of persons with a respiratory volume of 50 ml upwards. MEDUMAT Transport must only be operated when installed permanently or on approved portable systems. MEDUMAT Transport is used to treat apnea and to provide respiratory support. B ...