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Tektronix -- TM506
Power supply

Description The TEKTRONIX 506 Power Module is a mainframe for the TM 500 Series of Modular Instrumentation. It accepts up to six independently functional plug-in modules to form a versatile and compact instrumentation system. The TM 506 provides the basic power source and an interconnecting scheme for the other members of the TM 500 Series family. Factory options allow customer modification using signal access at the plug-in module/power module interface to provide rear panel inputs and ...

Bionaire -- BCM646

Philips -- HD6122

PRODUCT INFORMATION - This product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. - After the product has been repaired, it should function properly and has to meet the safety requirements as offi cially laid down at this moment. TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Voltage : 110 - 120 V; 220 - 240 V - Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz - Power consumption : 1500 W; 1800 W - Coloursetting : white with orange parts - Basket (mesh) : 8 x 8 mm - Contents of oil : 2300 cc - Thermal f ...

Wiltron -- 5407A
Test Set

The 54XXA is a microprocessor controlled scalar measurement system. This system is used to make scalar (magnitude) transmission, reflection, and absolute power measurements. A typical model is shown in Figure 1-1 (facing page). All measurement functions are selectable by using the front panel keys and controls together with the display screen menus. Section III describes this mode of operation. All 54XXA front panel control functions (except POWER on/off) are programmable via the IEEE ...

Fluke -- 8100A
Digital multimeter

The Fluke Model 8100A Digital Multimeter is a versatile, accurate instrument, which measures ac and dc voltage in four ranges to 1000 volts and ohms in five ranges to 10 megohms. Standard features of the Model 8100A include full guarding, a switched two-pole active filter, autopolarity, pushbutton function and range selection, and full four-digit readout plus “1” for overranging. Fluke’s unique Recirculating-Remainder (R^)A/D conversion technique enables multiple use of discrete an ...

Tektronix -- P6117

FEATURES & BENEFITS 1 MΩ Inputs P6101B 1X, 15 MHz, 300 V, CAT I P6109B 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6111B 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6112 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6114B 10X, 400 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6117 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P3010 10X, 100 MHz (P3010) Molded Passive Voltage Probes Single Piece, Molded Rubber Body Lightweight Ergonomic Design 10 Times Improvement in Durability HYBRID/SMT Circuitry on Multi-layer Circuit Board for Improved Pe ...