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Wavetek -- Stabilock 4040
Communications Test Set

Application Claiming the title of the optimal Radio Measurement Technology for Development, Production and Quality Assurance, highlights the reputation of the STABILOCK 4040 High Accuracy Radio Test Set. Its worldwide use in renowned radio equipment manufacturers as well as its excellent data sheet characteristics speak for themselves. The STABILOCK 4040 checks reliably, precisely and quickly complete systems, radio sets and radio components. You have the choice between manual, half a ...

Samsung -- L3S27HS

Mosley Electronics Inc. -- MP-33

AEG -- MDS 252
Nostalgically Computer

Kenwood -- PF-810
Level Meter

The Function Power Meter Model PF-810 is a passing type power/SWR meter covering a wide frequency range of 1.8MHz to 200MHz. It is a laboratory quality, professional instrument for observing and measuring forward power from transmitter to load (antenna) and reflection power from load to transmitter. It is also capable of measuring power actually consumed in load (forward power minus reflection power) for convenience of checking the conditions of transmitter and load, in addition to mea ...

Hammond -- C-2