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Annecke -- 1000W Antennen Koppler
Antenna Coupler

Mitsubishi -- CQ-JB0160A
Car Radio

FEATUERS ∙ PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. ∙ 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) ∙ FM One-tuner diversity. ∙ Electronic control of power and sound. ∙ 4ch × 3 points Fix-Equalizer. ∙ CD random, repeat function. ∙ CD-CH, MD-CH control.

Clark Hess Communication Research Corp -- 258
Digital multimeter

The V-A-W Meter is a electronically sophisticated but easy to use solid state instrument. The meter is specified for POWER measurements from 50 Hz to 1000 kHz and for VOLTAGE and CURRENT from 50 Hz up to 1500 kHz. Within its frequency limitations the readings should be INDEPENDENT of WAVESHAPE or DISTORTION or POWER FACTOR.

Hammond -- BA

Acer -- Aspire 5050

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Platform and memroy AMD TurionTM 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-52/TL-56/TL-60 (1.6/1.8/2 GHz, 2x 512 KB L2 cache), or TL-50 (1.6 GHz, 2x 256 KB L2 cache) processor, featuring Dual-core processing, supporting AMD PowerNow!TM, technology and AMD HyperTransportTM technology, 64bit OS support AMD TurionTM 64 Mobile Technology MK-36 (2.0 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache), supporting AMD PowerNow!TM, technology and AMD HyperTrans ...

Tektronix -- P7380SMA

The P7380SMA is an 8 GHz, active differential probe designed for Serial Data Analysis (SDA) compliance testing and other applications that use differential serial busses in a 50 Ω signaling environment. The SMA input connectors each terminate with an internal 50 Ω resistor. The internal 50 Ω resistors are not directly grounded, but are driven by a buffer amplifier to a common-mode DC termination voltage. The termination voltage range allows the termination voltage to be set to any value with ...