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harman kardon -- INVOKE

Compaq Computer Corporation -- 1825

Compaq Presario 1800 Series Portable Computers are a new generation of multimedia portable computers with a thin and light-weight design, outstanding audio and video, advanced core features, and attractive styling. The 1800T Series allows configure-to- order (CTO) accessibility, providing a range of outstanding and innovative features and components.

Sansui -- 5000X

Brother -- LW-810icBL

Fluke -- 2205A
Control Unit

1-1. INTRODUCTION 1-2, The Fluke Model 2205A Switch Controller is an instrument mainframe which accepts plug-in options for multi-function switching of analog signals. The 2205A is designed for automatic test equipment (ATE) and data acquisition system use. The switch modules functionally accomodate the three fundamental requirements for switching in instrumentation systems: signal aquisition, distribution, and control. 1-3. The key feature of the 2205A is its modular configuration whi ...

Grundig -- MF 55-5201/8 DOLBY