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Tektronix -- 7D13
Digital multimeter

Introduction The 7D13 Digital Multimeter plug in unit is designed for use with Tektronix 7000-series Oscilloscopes equipped with a readout system. The 7D13 can be used to measure DC voltage. DC current, resistance, and temperature. Temperature measurements are made with the P6058 probe or a temperature-sensing device connected to the front-panel PROBE connector. An analog temperature signal output is available at the front-panel TEMP OUT connectors regardless of the setting of the MOD ...

Pioneer -- DEH-P390MP
Car CD Tuner

Sony -- Playstation 2 SCPH-30002
Game console

Panasonic -- CQ-RD243N
Car Radio cassette

Wiltron -- 6659A

The 6600A Series (Figure 1-1) is a family of microprocessor-based, pushbutton-controlled, GPIB-capable, broadband signal sources that generate swept and CW frequencies from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. This ever-expanding family of sweepers presently consists of 29 models. These 29 models are divided into single-band and multiband sweep generators, depending upon the number of internal bands used for frequency-range coverage. Singleband models use one YIG oscillator to span their range, whereas mul ...

Grundig -- T 55-1201/5 TOP