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Grundig -- ELEGANCE 82 MW 82-150/8 DOLBY

MIR Medical International Research -- Spirolab II

The spirometers series MIR 010 are sold with the Spirolab and Spirolab II names. The difference between the two models Spirolab and Spirolab II is that the Spirolab II model includes an LCD colour display and a full International Alphabet Keyboard with 29 characters. In the Spirolab model the display is in Black/White and the keyboard does not include the 29 International Alphabet characters.

Mitsubishi -- Trium Mars
Mobile phone

KitchenAid -- KSM90

Philips -- Mistral Gc2115

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Color : Greyish Lilac - Ceralon soleplate - Steam output (25 grams/min) - Shot of Steam (45 grams/min) - Vertical Shot of Steam - 2 steam level - Spray feature - Tank capacity (250 ml) - Cord length (1.8 m) - 180 degrees swivel - Integrated calc-clean feature - Integrated cord winder feature Safety Information - This product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. - After the product has been repaired, it should f ...

Grundig -- SEDANCE 72