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IFR -- COM-120B
Communications Service Monitor

Tektronix -- TM515
Power supply

Instrument Description The TM 515 is a five-wide power module compatible with most TM 500 plug-ins. It provides unregulated ac and dc supplies and nondedicated power transistors for use by the plug-ins. This mainframe does not have a high-power compartment but does feature forced-air cooling. Available options allow the rear interface to be customized (Option 5), operation from power sources with a line frequency of up to 400 Hz (Option 6), and specific interconnections for specialize ...

Karl Kaps -- SOM 52

Vishay Instruments -- BAM-1
Level Meter

The BAM-1 Bridge Amplifier and Meter is a battery- operated instrument used primarily to measure the -output of resistance-type strain gages or transducers. Static outputs can be read directly on the self-contained deflection meter or an external recorder; dynamic outputs up to 20 kHz can be read on an oscilloscope. . Briefly, the BAM-1 consists of: a) A battery to supply bridge excitation up to 12 Vdc; b) Bridge completion and circuits to achieve initial bridge b ...

Philips -- FW-V330
Audio system

Brother -- MFC970MC