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Ferisol -- A 404
Analog multimeter

Le voltmetre amplificateur type A 404 Ferisol est destine ä la mesure des tensions alternatives de valeur comprise entre 0,1 mV et 300 V dans une plage de frequence s'etendant de 5 Hz ä 10 MHz. Cet appareil trouve son utilisation dans de nombreux cas de mesures parmi lesquels on peut citer : - MESURES DE GAIN ET RELEVES DE COURBES DE REPONSE DES AMPLIFICATEURS - MESURES SUR LES FILTRES, LES ATTENUATEURS, etc... - MESURE DES TENSIONS RESIDUELLES DE RONFLEMENT (apres filtrage par ...

Sony -- CDX-GT494U
Car CD Tuner

ILX Lightwave -- LDT-5948

The LDT-5900 Series Temperature Controllers consists of two family members, the LDT-5948 60W Precision Temperature Controller and the LDT-5980 120W High Power Temperature Controller. These instruments are bi-directional current sources with precision measurement circuits to monitor and control the temperature of the device under test. They have the following operating characteristics: • PWM (pulse width modulated) output power of 60 W for the LDT-5948;(5A @ 12V DC) and 120 W for t ...

Keithley -- 1788
Digital multimeter

INTRODUCTION The Keithley Mode! 177 Microvolt DMM is a versatile, highly sensitive digital multimeter which is used for measurement of DC and AC voltages, DC and AC currents, as well as resistance. For a complete summary of ranges for each of these five functions, refer to the specifications at the front of this manual. Ranges and functions are easily selected with front panel pushbuttons, while connections for ail functions are easily made with a single set of front panel input termi ...

Haier -- DE65EJ

B & K Manufacturing Company -- 667
Valve characteristic meter

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF MODEL 667 SOLID STATE TUBE TESTER The B&K Model 667 is a versatile, up-to-date, completely solid state, portable tube tester that will test all tubes commonly used in today’s electronic industry, including many foreign tube types. The following tests are made on each tube: 1.) Shorts and leakage between any element and all other elements, with a sensitivity of I megohm. Because of exclusive “multiple lockout switch” all modern tubes which have more tha ...