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Kenwood -- TS-130V

Johnson -- Vikink Thunderbolt

Introducing the Viking "Thunderbolt" — the hottest linear amplifier on the market today! Here's solid communication power — 2,000 watts P.E.P,* input; 1,000 watts CW; 750 watts AM linear; in a completely self-contained desk-top package. The ''Thunderbolt'' may be driven by the Viking ''Navigator/' "Ranger/' "Pacemaker" or other unit of comparable output, Continuous coverage 3.5 to 30 megacycles (bandswitched. — wi ...

Tektronix -- 7633

Philips -- Provapor GC 6020

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage : 220 - 240 V Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : Iron : 800 W Boiler : 1200 W Pressure : 2.5 bar Water advice : Suitable for tap water use. However if the tap water in your area is very hard, we advise you to mix it with a equal portion of distilled water or to use distilled water only. Soleplate Careeza is a multi layer chemical substance that gives an excellent gliding over various fabrics and better care for the garments.

Wiltron -- 360
Network Analyzer

The 360 network analyzer is the control and display unit for all versions of the system. Its control (front) panel controls provide menu selections for test functions, test parameters, measurement enhancements, and frequencies. Frequency information is sent to the signal (frequency) source Over a dedicated system GPIB. Test parameters, system status, and measurement data are displayed on the large color screen and hard copied on a printer or plotter. Test sets are available that all ...

Sony -- PRS-505
Book Reader

Power source Built-in rechargeable battery: DC 3.7 V AC power adapter: DC 5.2 V Battery life (continuous playback) Approx. 7500 pages (when the battery is fully charged) User available capacity Approx. 192MB Available storage capacity of the Reader may vary. Operating temperature 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F) Dimensions (w/h/d) Approx. 6.9 × 4.8 × 0.3 inches (maximum, without soft cover) Mass Approx. 9 oz (without soft cover) Package Contents The Reader comes installed with a built ...