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Sony -- KDL-32SL130

Philips -- PM 6668
Frequency counter

The PM 6667 and PM 6668 are microcomputer based frequency counters, spanning a frequency range of 10 Hz ... 120 MHz (PM 6667) and 10 Hz ... 1 GHz (PM 6668). The use of the microcomputer allows a new approach in frequency measurements, that eliminates the traditional ±1 cycle error. By making a multiple period measurement and computing the reciprocal value, these counters perform high resolution frequency measurements on low frequency signals. Another microcomputer feature in these count ...

Marantz -- 18

BUILT-IN OSCILLOSCOPE This displays incoming signals for precise tuning, strength of signal, correct antenna orientation and station bandwidth modulation. It may also be used for observing the degree of stereo separation, stereo phasing of all stations and other components connected through the Model 18 Receiver. PASSIVE FRONT END Inspired by the techniques used in radar reception, this revolutionary tuning section design eliminates “RF overload” from strong stations and lets weak s ...

Philips -- EXP213
CD player

Weinmann -- MEDUMAT Transport WM28300

The MEDUMAT Transport is an automatic oxygen emergency ventilator with additional preoxygenation and monitoring functions (pressure, flow and CO2). MEDUMAT Transport is used for controlled and assisted, as well as for invasive and noninvasive, ventilation of persons with a respiratory volume of 50 ml upwards. MEDUMAT Transport must only be operated when installed permanently or on approved portable systems. MEDUMAT Transport is used to treat apnea and to provide respiratory support. B ...

Brother -- P-touch HOME&HOBBY