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Angelantoni Industrie -- BBR 850/8

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- TOS9000
Test Set

Model TOS9000 Automatic W/I Tester has been designed for automatic evaluation of withstanding voltages and insulation resistances of electrical and electronic devices. As used with Model TOS6IOO AC low ohm tester, the TOS9000 allows also to measure low resistances of devices. As a W Teter (withstanding voltage tester), the T0S9000 has a rated output power of 200VA (5kV, 40mA) and a rated transformer power of 500VA, and can be used for withstanding voltage tests (dielectric strength tes ...

Keithley -- 7072

The Model 7072 Semiconductor Matrix Card is designed specifically to handle low-level and high- impedance measurements encountered in semiconductor parametric tests on wafers and devices. This unique design provides two lowcurrent circuits with specified 1pA maximum offset current for sensitive subpicoamp measurement resolution, and two C-V paths for measurement of Capacitance Voltage characteristics from DC to 1MHz. Four additional highquality signal paths with <20pA offset curren ...

Panasonic -- DMC-TZ2GD
Digital camera

Keithley -- 7708

The Model 7708 plug-in module offers 40 channels of 2-pole or 20 channels of 4-pole multiplexer switching that can be configured as two independent banks of multiplexers. The built-in CJC sensors automatically linearize thermocouples, making the Model 7708 ideal for RTD, thermistor, and thermocouple temperature applications. It is also well suited for mixed-signal measurement applications that require multipoint monitoring, such as environmental stress screening.

Schaffner -- NSG 435

Electrostatic discharge (ESD*) Under appropriate ambient conditions, both material objects and even the human body itself can become charged with electrical energy. This effect is due to "electrostatics*, a phenomenon that has been known since the earliest times. Thales von Milet (600 BC) noticed how amber attracted very light particles when it was rubbed. Touching a charged item against a conductive object leads to a charge equalisation through a spark discharge which produces a ...