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Kenwood -- TS-120V

Electro-Voice -- RME 6900

Panasonic -- TX-32PF10

Hewlett Packard -- 3336C

The Hewlett-Packard Model 3336 Synthesizer/Level Generator is an accurate, stable and spectrally pure sine wave source, producing synthesized frequencies with 11 digits of resolution from 10 Hz to 20.999 999 999 MHz and precise output levels from - 72.99 to + 7.00 dBm (75 ohm output) in .01 dBm steps. A general purpose model and two communications models are available, each having a different combination of balanced and unbalanced outputs, output impedances and output connectors.

Telewave Inc. -- 44L1
Level Meter

This manual provides the physical and functional description and operating theory necessary for effective use of the Telewave Model 44L1/L1P Broadband Radio Frequency (RF) Wattmeter. Its features include: • Displays five power ranges • Measures 1 to 500 watts • Does not require inserts • Does not require band switching • Fully operable in freezing conditions • Provides 5 watts full scale range • Interchangeable connectors (QC) • Lighweight, rugged and easy to carry ...

Kyocera -- UF-1