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Philips -- LX3900SA 05
DVD player

Grundig -- CDM 900
Audio system

B & K Manufacturing Company -- 666
Valve characteristic meter

MODEL 666/606 TUBE TESTER What It Will Do 1. The Dyna Jet Model 666/606 Tube Tester will test all of the commonly used tubes in general use in radio and television sets. 2. In addition it will test many voltage regulator tubes, thyratron tubes, industrial types of tubes and many of the European types found in modern hi fi equipment. 3. Each tube is automatically checked for shorts and leakage to approximately one megohm. These tests are made from each element to every other eleme ...

Grundig -- Chassis G 1000 Stereo (ST 03)

Panasonic -- CQ-YH1070L
Car Radio cassette

Kenmore -- 795.78542.805