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Sony -- RMT-831
Video camera

Kyocera -- FS−5800c

Singer -- 22W72
Sewing machine

Machine 22w71 Γwith blower) has two needles and two sew ing hooks and is designed for stitching and perforating leather shoe tips, vamps, etc., at one operation. It Mimiltaneouslv makes two parallel lines of lock stitching and perforates a continuous design centrally between the two lines of stitch 11114'. I 111 ess otherwise ordered. Machine 22w71 will be fitted for perforating with a single round punch, for other perforating designs see I'orni 2026w. Ί he distance between ...

Grundig -- VIVANCE GV 3242 NIC/2

Wavetek -- AC68

General Specifications Display: 3 3/4 Digit LCD, max. reading of 3999. Function and unit indication. Overrange indication : “OL” indicated. Polarity indication: automatic; positive implied; negative indicated. Zero adjustment: automatic for all functions and ranges except DC current (Zero adjustment button). Ranging: manual function and range selection with rotary selector switch. Autoranging for frequency measurement. Special functions: Data Hold, Peak Hold Operating principle: ...

QSC Audio -- USA 900