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Rohde & Schwarz -- FSU3 1129.9003.03
Spectrum analyzer

Leader -- LTC-906

The Leader LTC-906 is a transistor tester which is capable of determining good/bad of transistor, FET, UJT, diode, etc. and also performing automatic determination of the proper leads in-circuit and out-of-circuit. This tester is also capable of DC parameter measuring transistor and diode out-of-circuit.

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL122

Samsung -- LN46A530P1FXZA

Fairchild Instrumentation -- 766H

The Fairchild Types 765, 766, and 767 Family of Oscilloscopes are available in three basic form factors: bench, rack, and portable models. The Portable Models are identified by the Type 765 numerical Series; the Bench Models by the Type 766 numerical Series, and the Rack-mounted Models by the Type 767 numerical Series. In addition, there are alphabetical suffixes appended to the numerical series to identify special electronic circuits. The suffix H denotes the high-voltage oscilloscope ...

Aiwa -- 3ZG −5
MD mechanism