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Grundig -- ST 70 – 822/4 DOLBY

Blaupunkt -- VW Beta Lupo 7 648 224 060
Car Radio cassette

Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario XL191

Whirlpool -- ADG 993/1 IX
Dish washer

Telecommunications Techniques Corporation -- Fireberd 4000
Network Analyzer

The FIREBERD 4000 (Figure 1-1) is an instrument that uses internal and modular interfaces to test the quality of digital communications networks and equipment. It provides the analysis capabilities to isolate circuit malfunctions and report the results on the front panel or on a printout. Highly versatile, the FIREBERD 4000 is used in locations such as central offices, technical control centers, end-user sites, engineering laboratories, and earth stations. 1.2.1 Features The FIREBERD 40 ...

Grundig -- VIVANCE GV 3200 VPS