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Metermann -- 30XR
Digital multimeter

Professional Digital Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Tester

Aiwa -- CT-X418
Car Radio cassette

Samsung -- 76E

Sony -- HVR-Z1E

The rapid transition to HD programming in broadcasting and postproduction has created tremendous demand for an entry-level path into the HD world. Sony have responded to this demand with the introduction of two exciting new Digital HD products: the HVR-Z1E Video Camera Recorder and the HVR-M10E Videocassette Recorder. They adopt the all-new, 1⁄4 -inch HD format – the HDV 1080i specification of the HDV format – while maintaining the DVCAM/DV recording and playback capabilities pro ...

ARP Instruments Inc. -- 2603

Grundig -- GBA5800 / VNM