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Philips -- Elixir GC 4030

Autek Systems Corporation -- 505

The Model 505 Automatic Waveform Analyzer provides great flexibility in automatic testing of repetitive waveform requiring high resolution. Features such as the auto delay, .2, .5,1 time base multipliers, 10 sweeps averaging and short sweep mode provide state-of-the-art accuracy in an instrument that automatically seeks out the signal and positions it with the proper time reference to the trigger* This is a tremendous asset to valid software preparation. Both the 50 ohm P20 sampling pr ...

Pioneer -- QL-600A

Alpine -- AL61
Cassette deck

Yaesu -- FT-7B

The all-solid-state FT-7B mobile transceiver provides high performance on the 80 through 10 meter bands. The operator may select upper or lower sideband (USB, LSB), AM, or CW operation, and the compact package contains many features engineered for maximum convenience during mobile operation. The TUNE control provides single-knob peaking of all transceiver circuits, thus eliminating inconvenient plate and load controls. Transmitter final amplifier input power is adjustable, up to a leve ...

Haier -- L1510A