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Daewoo -- 21Q2

JVC -- RC-838LB
Radio cassette recorder

Angelantoni Industrie -- POLAR 550 H

Grundig -- XERIA GV 6062 NIC
Video cassette recorder

Yaesu -- FT-7B

The all-solid-state FT-7B mobile transceiver provides high performance on the 80 through 10 meter bands. The operator may select upper or lower sideband (USB, LSB), AM, or CW operation, and the compact package contains many features engineered for maximum convenience during mobile operation. The TUNE control provides single-knob peaking of all transceiver circuits, thus eliminating inconvenient plate and load controls. Transmitter final amplifier input power is adjustable, up to a leve ...

Leader -- LT443D-DA

The LT443D-DA Digital Audio Module fits into the LT443D main frame and generates digital audio test signals. 4 pairs of AES/EBU audio signals are provided for a total of 8 channels; each pair is output onto a 75 Ohm BNC. Output level, frequency and audio click can be independently set for each output. Digital audio level can be swung from -60 to 0 dBFS and it is settable in 1dB steps. Test tones can be set from 50Hz to 20KHz (30 fixed steps) and silence. Sampling frequency is fixed at 48 ...