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Alpine -- CDA-7990R
Car CD Tuner

Singer -- 17-11
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 17, described in this book, have a long beak shuttle and a cylinder bed and are successfully used in the manufacture of shoes and a large variety of articles made of leather, which are irregularly shaped, such as horse boots, saddles, suit cases, fine leather bags, portfolios, pocket books, music rolls, trusses, etc., all of which are conveniently handled on the cylinder bed.

Philips Medical Systems -- M3
Monitoring System

Valhalla Scientific Inc. -- 2023
Level Meter

Valhalla Scientific^ Dual Channel, Polyphase, Digital Wattmeters are accurate, moderate-cost instruments for power analysis in engineering, production test and quality assurance departments. They provide indication of product power consumption in the 10 Hz to 50 KHz range for devices operating from AC power lines. Voltage, current and power are shown simultaneously on separate digital displays. Two separate voltage and current input channels may be displayed separately or in combined f ...

Xerox -- Phaser 8550

Singer -- 27w1
Sewing machine

MACHINES OF CLASS 27W are designed for plain ruffling. They make the lock stitch with one or two needles, and have vertical rotating hooks. They have a drop feed. Any of these machines may be fitted at an additional charge for a great variety of ruffling on skirts, aprons, curtains, upholstery and other types of ruffling and other combined operations . MACHINE 27W1 has one needle and one hook. MACHINE 27W20 has two needles and two hooks, and is made In gauges from 1/8 to 1 Inch. MACHIN ...