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Collins Telecommunications -- 30L-1

3.1 GENERAL. The 30L-1 is a portable r-f linear power amplifier, including plate power and bias supplies. It is capable of 1000 watts PEP input power in SSB or 1000 watts d-c input in CW service with any exciter (such as the KWM-1, KWM-2/2A, or 32S-1) capable of 70 watts PEP output. It covers the amateur bands between 3.5 and 29.7 me. In addition, the amplifier may be operated outside the amateur bands over certain ranges of frequency. These ranges are specified in table 4-1. The power ...

Brother -- HL-2460

Hartmann und Braun -- Elohmi 7
Analog multimeter

Wavetek -- 145 S 872

20 MHz Pulse/Function Generator

Technics -- RS-M226
Cassette deck

General Radio Company -- 715-A

The Type 715-A Direct-Current Amplifier is designed to be used as a calibrated d-c millivolt meter or microammeter in the measurement of small d-c voltages and currents. It is also designed for use with a 5-milliampere d-c recorder for the recording of variations of any electrical quantity which may be translated into variations in small d-c currents. The amplifier is completely a-c operated from 115/230-volt, 60-cycle supply. No batteries of any Kind are used.