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Sanyo -- MDF-U54VC

Marantz -- 2252B

The Marantz Model 2252B is an all solid state receiver incorporating the innovative design and unparalleled technology that have made Marantz famous in the audio component industry. The Model 2252B features a sensitive stereo FM tuner, a highly selective AM tuner, and a low distortion preamplifier and amplifier on a single chassis. The FM tuner features a front end which employs a dual gate MOSFET and FM IF unit, a phase locked loop multiplex decoder and an AM tuner, all of which utiliz ...

Grundig -- CDM 900
Audio system

Hitachi -- VT-MX730E(UK)
Video cassette recorder

Solartron -- 7054
Digital multimeter

INTRODUCTION The 7054/7144 BCD Output Module is used on the 7054 and 7144 DMM, the difference in their scale lengths being catered for by a set of links on the Module pcb. A common pcb is used for both types of instrument, Solartron Part Number 70509004. The BCD Output Module provides an isolated parallel BCD output from the 7054/7 144 DMM, consisting of the magnitude, and the range (in BCD code). The DMM mode is manually selected and is therefore not programmable. The BCD Output ...

GW Instek -- GPC-6030
Power supply

The regulated DC power supply of C-SERIES is designed to be used in applications such as powering operational amplifier, pushpull stages, logic circuit and definition systems where plus and minus voltages are required to track with an insignificant error, and in any application where three independent power supplies housed in a single package represent an oprating convenience. The instruments consist of two identical, independdently adjustable DC power supplies. A front panel switch se ...