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AVO -- Multiminor Mark 4
Analog multimeter

Tektronix -- TDS2022

TDS1000 and TDS2000 Series Oscilloscopes. Colorful Performance at a Black and White Price. The TDS1000 Series and TDS2000 Series digital storage oscilloscopes deliver an unbeatable combination of superior performance, unmatched ease-of-use and affordability in an ultra lightweight, portable package. These new products extend the performance and ease-of-use features in the former TDS200 Series, the benchmark for low-cost oscilloscopes. Affordable Digital Performance With up to 200 MH ...

Sony -- AA-2W
TV chassis

Fluke -- 343A

1-2. The Fluke Model 341Ä and Model 343A' DC Voltage Calibrators provide dc voltages of 0 to 1100 volts in three ranges. Voltages are selected by eleven-position decade switches, which provide in-line, digital readout of the instrument output voltage. The Model 341A employs six-dial readout» with 1 ppm resolution, and the Model 343A employs seven-dial readout, with 0.1 ppm resolution. 1-3. A controlled current limiter, a fixed current limiter, and an electronic crowbar circuit pro ...

Ferisol -- M 803 A

Le Q -Metre type M 803 A est un appareil destine ä exprimer directement le facteur de qua- lite " Q " d'une bobine de self induction ou d’un condensateur. II permet egalement d!effectuer un grand nombre de mesures en haute et basse frequence : mesures d’impedances, etude des dielectriques, mesures sur les antennes, sur les blindages, sur les lignes, etc ...

Philips -- EXP7361
MP3 player