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Hy-Gain Electronics -- TH3JR

The TH-3jr antenna was designed for the Ham with severe space limitations but still wants top performance on 10, 15 and 20 meters. The TH-3jr is constructed of durable, lightweight taper-swaged aluminum tubing offering very low wind resistance and making it possible to be rotated with a heavy duty TV rotator. Since it is light in weight it is ideal for rooftop or lightweight tower installations. The antenna features an all new trap design, hardware that is iridite treated to Mil Specs ...

Analogic -- AN2559
Digital multimeter

The Analogic AN2559 is the first, value-added, 3 3/4-digit, 3999-count DPI featuring builtin versatility and flexibility . It comprises a basic, universally powered digital panel instrument with standardized connectors into which an ever-expanding library of special- and general-purpose plug-in PC cards can be readily field-inserted and interchanged without any DPI modifications. Consequently, a single AN2559 can accomplish custom or standard analog input signal conditioning and digit ...

Grundig -- ST 63-255/8 IDTV / LOG

Sharp -- TQ-GX30D
Mobile phone

Acterna -- SDA-5500

The Stealth Digital Analyzer (SDA) cable network measurement tools test a wide range of critical parameters, helping you prove and maintain your system’s performance. Advanced features include tools to support preventative maintenance programs for improving network quality. Applications include aligning amplifiers such as optical nodes, testing the performance of both forward and reverse path networks, finding and fixing sources of reverse path ingress, measuring signal quality (both c ...

Philips -- PE 1642
Power supply

The PE 1642, PE 1644, PE 1646 and PE 1648 are 400 W stabilized d.c. power supplies, which provide maximum output when convection cooling is used and the ambient temperature is lower than 40°C. The power supplies are intended for 19-inch rack-mounting but can be adapted for use as free-standing versions. Optimum efficiency is obtained by means of a thyristor pre-regulator and the transistor series-regulator gives good control and stability with minimum ripple. The output voltage, curren ...