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Grundig -- STR 2300
Satellite receiver

JBL -- 5302

Owners Instructions Architectural Specifications The mixer shall be a solid-state unit capable of combining six microphone and two line level inputs, or five microphone, two line level and one pair of phono inputs and shall be capable of delivering +18 dBm with less than 0.2% THD. It shall have a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ±1 dB (unbalanced input), 35 Hz - 20 kHz, +1 dB, -2 dB (balanced input), at +18 dBm or less. Each of the six microphone inputs shall accommodate an u ...

Panoramic Radio Products -- PANADAPTOR MODEL PCA-2 TYPE T-200

1. INTRODUCTION. The PANADAPTOR is a highly versatile piece of equipment. Its usefulness grows continuously as ones experience with it increases. It will make any good receiver better. But what the PANADAPTOR does and how it does it, is of course, determined by the receiver and the operator. The PANADAPTOR needs intelligent handling and careful interpretation of results. The purpose of this handbook is to familiarize the operator with the operation, application and interpretation of Pa ...

Epson -- Stylus C40SX

FEATURES High color print quality - 1440 (H) x 720 (V) dpi printing - 4 color printing (YMCK) - Traditional and New Microweave Built-in auto sheet feeder - Holds 100 cut-sheets (65 g/m²) - Holds 10 envelopes - Holds 10 transparency films Built-in 1 I/F Interface specification for each model are as the following. Parallel Interface .EPSON Stylus C40SX .EPSON Stylus C20SX USB Interface .EPSON Stylus C40UX .EPSON Stylus C20UX Windows / Macintosh exclusive

Mosley Electronics Inc. -- CMS-1

The Mosley model CM-1 communications receiver is the result of two, years: of continuous development. This compact, double conversion receiver offers performance to satisfy the most advanced and discriminating amateur. Whether you prefer to work s.s.b., o.m. or c.w., this compact, new double conversion receiver' with crystal controlled first oscillator will give you excellent performance in selectivity, stability and freedom from image and other objectionable responses. The design i ...

Philips -- HD4194

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 220V Frequency : 50Hz Power consumption : 365W Capacity : 4 Liters