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Mitsubishi -- WD-52528

Anritsu -- MG3696A

The series MG369XA is a microprocessor-based, synthesized signal source with high resolution phase-lock capability. It generates both discrete CW frequencies and broad (full range) and narrow band step sweeps across the frequency range of 2 GHz to 65 GHz. Options are available to extend the low end of the frequency range to 0.1 Hz. All functions of the CW generator are fully controllable locally from the front panel or remotely (except for power on/standby) via the IEEE-488 General Purpo ...

Hitachi -- VT-F641EUKN
Video cassette recorder

HGL -- FC-1200

Rohde & Schwarz -- UP 300

Professional audio analyzer for production, laboratory and service The UP 300 and UP 350 are favorably priced audio analyzers with a frequency range up to 80 kHz that can handle any of today’s common applications. The instruments feature a broad scope of functions, good technical characteristics and compact design. The UP 300 includes all conventional audio engineering measurements and generates the required test signals. Its analog inputs and outputs are dual-channel in design. The ...

Panasonic -- NV-HS800A
Video cassette recorder