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Akai -- VS-F560
Video cassette recorder

KitchenAid -- KSMC50

Astor -- P12L

Yamaha -- PM-1000

INTRODUCTION The PM-1000 is a 4-bus mixing console with 16, 24 or 32 input channels. Yamaha engineers, in cooperation with soundmen, mixers and performers, designed this board to meet with widely varied demands of professional sound reinforcement, as well as studio applications. Modular construction and all solid state circuitry assure reliability and ease of maintenance. To enhance its appearance, the console is finished with durable, black-anodized aluminum panels and housed in ...

Epson -- Stylus C 60

The major features of EPSON color inkjet dot matrix printer EPSON Stylus C60 are: High color print quality 2880 (H) X 720 (V) dpi printing Four Color Printing (YMCK) Traditional and New Microweave Built-in auto sheet feeder Holds 100 cut-sheets (65g/m2) Holds 10 envelopes Holds 10 transparency films Two built-in interfaces Bi-directional parallel I/F (IEEE-1284 level 1 device) USB Windows/Macintosh exclusive

Singer -- 12K224
Sewing machine

Machine 12 K 224 (οι tacking coat pads, shoulder pads and basting coats. Cylinder bed.