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Roland -- PA-400

Olympus -- FLUOVIEW FV1000

OLYMPUS FV1000 is a confocal laser scanning biological microscope system featuring improved basic performances (sensor system, scanning system and illumination system performances) by considering the “live cell observations”, with which long hours of stable measurement of weak fluorescence is required. This microscope is equipped with 3 fluorescence channels, 3 lasers and AOTF to meet various applications in a wide range of advanced research fields. 1. The photon counting mode i ...

Telefunken -- V122 Uk/2
Antenna Coupler

Der elektronische Antennenverteiler V 122 Uk/2 wird in kommerziellen Empfangsanlagen zum Anschluß mehrerer Empfänger an eine gemeinsame Antenne oder als Antennenverstärker zum Ausgleich der Dämpfung des Antennenkabels verwendet.

Philips -- HD 4852/B

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 220-240V Frequency : 50-60Hz Power consumption : 1050W Color setting : Ivory with orange parts White with green parts Cover Bunwarmer Max. timer setting HD4850/A - - 180 sec. ±15% HD4850/B - - 160 sec. ±15% HD4851/A - - 180 sec. ±15% HD4851/B - - 160 sec. ±15% HD4852/B - x 160 sec. ±15% HD4854/B - x 160 sec. ±15% HD4855/B x x 160 sec. ±15%

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLETTE 516-M

The Radiolette 516-M is a compact mantel receiver housed in an attractively designed moulded plastic cabinet which is produced in three colours—Ivory, Jade and Walnut. Features of its design include: Tropic-proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers and oscillator coil,1 spiral-wound trimmers mounted on the tuning capacitor.

Tektronix -- 106

The Tektronix Type 106 Square-Wave Generator is a compact, general-purpose square-wave generator. This instrument provides three square-wave outputs; a high-amplitude output (120 volts unterminated), and positive-going and negative-going fast-rise outputs (one nanosecond or less risetime into 50 ohms). Repetition rate of the output square waves is variable from 10 Hz to 1 MHz. A sync input feature is provided to synchronize the Type 106 with an external signal source. A trigger output al ...