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Sony -- MDS-JE520
Minidisc player

IFR -- IFR-1900 CSA
Communications Service Monitor

Brother -- P-touch BB4

Grundig -- XENTIA 55 FLAT

Anritsu -- MS610J1
Spectrum analyzer

The MS61 OB/J Spectrum Analyzer has a wide frequency range of 10 kHz to 2 GHz, and covers a broad range from the video to the UHF/VHF bands. The MS610B/J also has a high harmonic dynamic range of 80 dB or more, so the time required for higher harmonic and spurious measurements is significantly reduced. The coupled functions are provided to simplify operation. In the coupled mode, the only required operation is to set frequency, frequency span, and reference level. The GP-IB and QP (Qua ...

Philips -- MX5800SA/ 78