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Mitsubishi -- VK26
TV chassis

Panasonic -- DMC-TZ2EF
Digital camera

Yaesu -- YO-101

The model YO-101 Monitorscope' is a measuring instrument designed for use with the Yaesu FT-101 series of amateur SSB equipment. The YO-101 is also compatible with the FT-301, FT-221, and FR-101 series, as well as other types of equipment. The Monitorscope allows monitoring of the transmitted signal, and also functions as an all-purpose oscilloscope. A two-tone generator is built in, to facilitate testing of your SSB transmitter. With an optional receiver adapter, the YO-101 can als ...

JVC -- LT-37E488

Sony -- CDX-F7750S
Car CD Tuner

Brüel & Kjær -- 1613

The Octave Filter Set Type 1613 is a compact, portable unit which contains eleven passive band-pass filters for octave analysis. It is primarily designed for use in conjunction with the Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2203 or the Impulse Precision Sound Level Meter Type 2209. Four screws are used to join the 1613 and the Sound Level Meter together, making a portable noise and vibration analyzer. Filter centre frequencies are 31.5 Hz to 31.5 kHz arranged according to the preferred freq ...