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Whirlpool -- ADG 9999 M
Dish washer

Associated Research Incorporated -- 3030D
Test Set

KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS OF HYAMP in 1. All parameters for the setups can be adjusted through a simple menu driven program by using front panel keys. The easy to follow setup screens ensure that the operator correctly sets up all test parameters. 2. Tamper proof front panel controls. This makes it possible to limit user access to the setup screens. 3. MilJiohm offset capability. rThe milliohm off set function allows the use of longer test leads and test fixtures without ...

LeCroy -- 7242A

Singer -- 11W2
Sewing machine

Machine No. 11 w 2 is designed for sewing light and medium weight fabrics by foot power and is distinguished for absolute cleanliness of operation, a feature especially desirable in stitching while goods. Ίhis machine is of the rotary motion type, lock stitch, quiet, light running and durable and is provided with knee lifter for lifting the presser loot. The teed motion is positive and has the reverse stitch feature for making fastening off stitches at the end of a seam (o 11 w 2 I he ...

Boss -- Flanger BF-3(T)
Effect Processor

Yaesu -- FT-101B

The model FT-I01B/277B SSB Transceiver is a precision built, compact high performance transceiver of advanced design providing SSB (USB, LSB selectable), CW and AM modes of operation. The transceiver operates at an input of 260 watts SSB, 180 watts CW and 80 watts AM on all bands 160 to 10 meters. All circuits, except the transmitter driver and linear amplifier, are transistorized and composed of standard computer type plug-in modules, permiting easy maintenance. The transceiver is ...