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Whirlpool -- ADG 4540
Dish washer

Leader -- LAG-26

The LAG-26 is a handy generator of signals in the audio and' supersonic frequency ranges. It generates two types of waveforms, sine for general testing and square for transient response testing. Solid state circuitry, synchronizing with an external frequency source, 600i2 output impedance and compact construction are featured in this instrument.

Blaupunkt -- VW Beta Lupo 7 648 224 060
Car Radio cassette

Acer -- TravelMate 2410 Series

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Platform and memroy Intel® Pentium® M 725A Processor (2 MB L2 cache, 1.6GHz, 400MHz FSB) Intel® Celeron M 360/370/380 Processor (1 MB L2 cache, 1.40/1.50/1.60GHz, 400MHz FSB) Intel® 910GML+ICH6M Two DIMM slots support 128MB to 2GB system memory

Grundig -- MF 72-3101/8 DOLBY

Philips -- PM3305

Dual channel, 35MHz digital storage oscilloscope.