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Panasonic -- EB-CA600
Mobile phone

AC Adaptor for the EB-G600 Cellular Telephone.

Panasonic -- DMC-G1KGC
Digital camera

Takeda Riken -- TR5821

The TR5821/5822/5823 are compact, inexpensive universal counters with the capabilities comparable to medium-scale counters. These are the first counters in this class to incorporate a microprocessor, enabling self-diagnostics and data manipulation (by the TR1644) by various arithmetic operations. The TR5822 (standard) and TR5823 (optional) incorporate a GPIB interface, enabling low-cost system configurations. BCD (TTL) output and analog output (D/A converter) interfaces are also availabl ...

NEC -- VT440

Grundig -- CUC 2059 N
TV chassis

Sony -- KDL-46SL140