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Philips Medical Systems -- M3046A
Monitoring System

Marantz -- 2110

Keithley -- 246
Power supply

GENERAL The Keithley Model 246 is a high voltage supply which provides accurate, stable outputs from 0 to 3100 volts dc. Accuracy is ±1% of the dial setting for all outputs. Stability is ±0.01% ±2 millivolts the first hour or in subsequent 8-hour periods, after a 1-hour warm-up. Line regulation is 0.001% plus 2 millivolts for a 10% change in line voltage, and load regulation is 0.002% plus 2 millivolts from no load to full load. FEATURES. a. Three in-line calibrated dials set ...

Tektronix -- DC 505

The DC 505 Universal Counter/Timer has seven measurement functions: frequency counting, finding frequency ratios, period timing, interval timing, width timing, electronic event counting, and manual event counting. The DC 505 has two input channels (A & B), each having bnc inputs and separate triggering level, attenuators, and coupling mode controls. Both input channels have the same 225 MHz capability. Seven-segment light-emitting diode arrays (しED.s) provide a seven-digit visual ...

Icom -- IC-25E

Singer -- 12w216
Sewing machine

Machine 12W216 is the same as the 12W212 Machine except the clearance under the needle bar stripper is 5 8"; for basting vests, tacking coat pads, stair pads and other light and medium weight materials without compressing the padding.