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Rohde & Schwarz -- ESVP 354.3000.56

Philips -- HD6111/10

Sony -- DCR-HC43
Video camera

Fluke -- 80T-150U

The Model 80T-150U Universal Temperature Probe is a self- contained tem peratu re-to-voltage converter. The probe is designed to provide a direct temperature reading when it is connected to any high impedance DMM that is capable of 1 mV resolution and at least a 300-count full scale readout capability. Output is I mV per degree (Celsius or Fahrenheit). Two switch-selected temperature output scalings are provided: -50 to +150°C or -58 to +302° F. The probe will stand off 350V dc or peak ...

Datron Instruments -- 4700

The Datron 4700 Autocai Multifunction. Calibrator is a high-precision calibrator which features exceptionally high stability and full systems capability. It is characterized by a wide-range coverage of DC Voltage, AC Voltage. DC Current, AC Current and Resistance functions in a single unit, VThe basic Instrument includes both DC Voltage and AQ.Voltage calibration sources up to the 100У range (200V maximum output). " Option 10 (factory-fitted) extends both DC Voltage and AC Volt ...

Kenwood -- KA-5011