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Philips -- FW-V595
Audio system

SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL: Mains voltage Mains frequency Power consumption : : : : Clock accuracy : Dimension centre unit : 110-127V / 220-240V Switchable 50/60Hz 15W at Standby 120W at Active < 4 seconds per day 265 x 310 x 390mm TUNER: FM Tuning range : 87.5-108MHz Grid : 50kHz IF frequency : 10.7MHz ( 25kHz Aerial input : 751 coaxial Sensitivity at 26dB S/N : < 7+V Selectivity at 600kHz bandwidth : > 25dB Image rejection : > 25dB Distortion at RF=1mV ...

Marconi -- TF 2169

INTRODUCTION Pulse Modulator TF 2169 is designed to be used in conjunction with a signal generator to produce high quality pulsed r.f. signals. The modulator requires two inputs : the r.f. carrier from a signal generator and a pulse waveform from an external pulse generator. The pulsed r.f. output is taken via a built-in step attenuator. The modulator is primarily designed for use with Signal Generator TF 2015 so it is dimensioned and constructed to be easily fitted to the underside ...

Grundig -- SE 8260/8 DOLBY

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- PLZ 1003W

The PLZ-3W Series Electronic Loads are featured by performance reliability and safety. Each Electronic Load incorporates a current control circuit and renders highly stable operation and rapid response. It is a microprocessor-based instrument and provides advanced functions and ease of operation. The Electronic Load can be remote-controlled via a GPIB, RS-232C, or MCB (Multi-channel Bus) interface (optional), thereby making them applicable to various purposes. Typical applications are f ...

Sony -- DCR-VX2000E

Philips -- Senseo HD 7827
Coffee machine