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Sony -- KV-32FS200

Introducing the FD Trinitron WEGA ® Features Some of the features you will enjoy include: FD Trinitron Flat CRT — Technologically advanced tube delivers a picture with uncompromising accuracy and outstanding image detail. Y, PB , P R Inputs — A component video input connection for a superior picture quality (480i only). Surround — Simulates theater quality sound for stereo programs. Parental Control (V-Chip) — A tool to help parents monitor what their children watch on TV by ...

Revox -- D36
Tape recorder

Mit dem vorliegenden ModellD36 hat der RE VOX-Hersteller seinen bewährten 3 Motoren-Geräten einein mancher Beziehung wieder verfeinerte und dem neuesten Stand der Entwicklung der Heim-Tonbandgeräte angepasste Ausführung angefügt. Er hat aber gleichzeitig auch den Schritt in die nun Wirklichkeit gewordene Stereophonie getan und offeriert mit dem Modell D 36 gleich jedem Tonbandfreund die Möglichkeit, in diesem wirklichen Fortschritt ver- heissenden Neuland selbst zu experimentieren. ...

Fluke -- 8012 A
Digital multimeter

The Multimeters are portable bench-type digital multimeters (DMMs) with 3-1/2 digit liquid crystal displays (LCDs). The Multimeters have the following industry-standard features: • Voltage measurements from 100 μV to 1000V dc and 10 mV to 750V true-rms ac. • Current measurements from 100 nA to 2 A dc and 10 μΑ to 2A true-rms ac (up to 10A for the 8012A). • Resistance measurements from 100 mH (1 mH for the 8012A) to 20 ΜΩ. The Multimeters also have the following special measur ...

Grundig -- MFW 82-5310/8 DOLBY

Protek -- 3015B
Power supply

30V / 1.5A Dual Independent Output

Maquet -- Servo-i

The Servo-i is available in different main configurations: • Infant • Adult • Universal These main configurations are as standard equipped with a number of ventilation modes suitable for each patient category. Further ventilation modes can be installed via software Option Upgrades. The Servo-i can be divided into the following main units: • User Interface. The User Interface contains all controls used to set the ventilation and monitoring parameters. Ventilation param ...