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Keithley -- 7001

Some important Model 7001 features include: High Density Switching Up to 80 channels per mainframe using two switching cards. Switching Cards In addition to the switching cards designed specifically for the Model 7001 (i.e. Models 7011, 7012 and 7013), you can use the switching cards that were originally designed for the Keithley Models 705 and 706 scanners. Analog Backplane Can be used to internally connect the rows or banks of a Model 701X series card installed in one slot to t ...

Philips -- EXP211
CD player

Grundig -- CUC 1934
TV chassis

Canon -- PIXMA IP5200R

Teac -- AN-300
Tape recorder

Your AN-300, the newest noise reduction unit designed by TEAC, can be used with most of the tape decks on the market except for a few types not suited for use with a Dolby system. Also note that performance of the AN-300 will be brought into fuller play especially when it is used with a high-performance tape deck.

Marconi -- 2305
Level Meter

1. 2305 is a high performance, microprocessor controlled, modulation meter with a comprehensive specification covering the carrier frequency range 50 kHz to 2.3 GHz. 2. Operation may be either local or remote. Local control is obtained via functionally grouped key switches which form the front panel controls and which direct all the instrument functions except those of SUPPLY ON and LF LEVEL. 3. Indication of measured quantities is provided by two l.c.d. 7-segment digital displays : fr ...