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Hewlett Packard -- 618C

DESCRIPTION. 1-2. The Hewlett-Packard Models 618C/620B SHF Signal Generators (Figure 1-1) provide RF signal output in the frequency ranges of 3800 to 7600 MHz, and 7000 to 11,000 MHz respectively. At least 1-mW power output is available over the entire frequency range. The output frequency is indicated on a direct-reading dial. The RF output power is adjustable by an attenuator that is calibrated in ┬ÁV and dB. 1-3. Five types of modulation are available: internal pulse modulation, ...

Kantronics -- KAM

AVO -- VCM 163
Valve characteristic meter

Grundig -- Palermo / SE 1300 SV
Video cassette recorder

Weinmann -- SOMNOset WM 23200

SOMNOset is a device for efficient adjustment to CPAP patients. The device can work on a standalone basis or in conjunction with the remote control SOMNOadjust or an extended user interface of the SOMNOsupport software. The recorded data can also be visualized and evaluated with the aid of SOMNOsupport. SOMNOset permits titration without the patient coming to a sleep laboratory. Titration can be carried out in the patient's familiar surroundings. SOMNOset generates positive airway p ...

Fisher & Paykel -- MW070
Washing machine