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Wavetek -- 275

MODEL 275 The Wavetek 275 Programmable Arbitrary/Function Generator produces sine, triangle and square waveforms as well as user-defined arbitrary waveshapes. Any of the waveforms can be generated in the continuous, triggered, gated or burst modes. External width and dc functions are also provided. Data entry is from the front panel or GPIB (IEEE 488-1978). Numeric input is entered in free format: fixed, floating, or exponential notation. Parameters may be entered in any order, inte ...

JBL -- 5231

The 5231 and 5232 Electronic Frequency Dividing Networks are designed for use with studio monitor or sound reinforcement loudspeaker systems where bi-amplification or triamplification is desirable. The use of electronic frequency dividing networks and multiple amplifiers results in a cleaner signal being fed from the power source directly to the individual loudspeakers of the system. By dividing the audio spectrum before power amplification, treble tones are separated from, and unaffecte ...

Grundig -- CUC 2058 N
TV chassis

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- TOS5051
Test Set

The features common to Models TOS5101, TOS5051, and TOS5050 Testers can be summarized as follows: 1. For tests complying with major industrial standards Each of the Tester allows you to conduct withstanding voltage tests (dielectric strength tests) of electrical and electronic devices and components, complying with major industrial standards including UL, CSA, BS, and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and Electrical Equipment Control Ordinances of Japan. 2. A Transformer's ...

Philips -- HD 4627
Water kettle

Fluke -- 5442A

The 5440B and 5442A are equipped with bright vacuum-fluorescent displays for clear visibility at any viewing angle. Even inexperienced operators find the 5440B and 5442A easy to use because the 40-character, alphanumeric display provided in addition to the numeric output display, makes operating instructions and error messages clear and readable in engineering units and English language messages instead of coded numerics. For semi-automated testing, the 5440B allows a complete test seque ...