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Kenwood -- AT-300

Brother -- FAX770

Keithley -- 195A
Digital multimeter

The Model 195A Digital Multimeter is a fully programmable instrument with 5½ digit resolution. In standard configuration, the Model 195A is capable of DC voltage measurements between 100nV and 1000V on six ranges, 2-terminal and 4-terminal resistance measurements between 100µΩ and 20MΩ on seven ranges and temperature measurements in the range of -220°C and +630°C and between -360°F and + 1100°F. The instrument is designed to work with platinum RTD probes, a factor which contribut ...

Pioneer -- SX-950

Epson -- Stylus C40SX

FEATURES High color print quality - 1440 (H) x 720 (V) dpi printing - 4 color printing (YMCK) - Traditional and New Microweave Built-in auto sheet feeder - Holds 100 cut-sheets (65 g/m²) - Holds 10 envelopes - Holds 10 transparency films Built-in 1 I/F Interface specification for each model are as the following. Parallel Interface .EPSON Stylus C40SX .EPSON Stylus C20SX USB Interface .EPSON Stylus C40UX .EPSON Stylus C20UX Windows / Macintosh exclusive

EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. -- 955
Test Set

The Model 955 is a truly advanced, highly dependable in-circuit and out-of-circuit capacitor tester. In addition to providing extraordinarily sensitive short and open tests, the Model 955 includes a Wien Bridge for capacity measurements, with a unique shunt resistance balancing provision* that permits in-circuit measurement even when the shunting resistance is comparatively low. 1-2. FACILITIES Indicator: Electron-ray tube EM84/6FG6 Bright bar pattern gives sharp, unmistakable indicatio ...