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IFR -- FM/AM-1600S
Communications Service Monitor

The FM/AM-1600S is a microprocessor controlled, digitally synthesized communication service monitor which combines the operations of many different test instruments into a single, compact unit. Functions the FM/AM-1600S is capable of performing include: RF Generator Duplex Spectrum Analyzer DMM Distortion Meter Audio Frequency Meter RF Power Meter Signal Strength Meter Phase Meter Tracking Generator Digital Radio Paging Encode and Decode Receiver AF Generator Oscilloscope Deviati ...

Mitsubishi -- WS-65615

Quadtech Inc. -- Sentry 10 Plus

The Sentry Plus Series is available in three models, the 10, 20 and 30, all of which provide AC Hipot testing capability. Additionally, the Sentry 20 & 30 Plus instruments provide DC Hipot testing. The Sentry 30 Plus unit provides Insulation Resistance testing. The hipot test can be programmed over a voltage range of 0.05 to 5kV AC and 0.05 to 6kV DC with a min/max leakage current detection range of 0.001 to 20mA AC and 0.0001 to 5mA DC. Insulation resistance measurements are possi ...

Zeiss -- OPMI MDO XY

Description of instrument The OPMI MDO operation microscope and the S5 Floor Stand were developed together for the special demands of ophthalmology. The surgeon can choose betv/een two illumination systems: Coaxial illumination. This unit also contains a module for retro-illumination Inclined illumination. The inclined illumination does not strain the retina of the patient’s eye and it creates a better impression of depth in the image of the surgical field. The system is cont ...

Loewe -- alphaTel 3000 DE

Fluke and Philips -- PM3392

The family consists of four digital general purpose oscilloscopes with model numbers PM3382, PM3384, PM3392 and PM3394. All instruments have four vertical channels. Differences between these models are the vertical bandwidth, the features of the vertical channels 3 and 4 and the presence of switchable 50Ω input impedance. Vertical bandwidth is 100 or 200 MHz. The ’true 4 channel’ oscilloscopes have four channels with a wide range of input sensitivities. Channel 3 and 4 in the ’4 ...