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Icom -- IC-2700A

Drake -- T-4B

Samsung -- AQV09NSDX
Air Conditioner

- High Energy Efficiency BLDC Air Conditioner BLDC Technique arises the efficiency of air conditioner and makes a room cool and warm with high energy saving. - Simple Flat Grille Design With a Smart and fashionable style, the high impressive interior design allow this product to set place in anywhere. - good'sleep Mode good'sleep Mode can help you sleep quickly and soundly and wake up refreshed. - Multi functional cleaning system With Silver Nano Health System and Deodorizing ...

Hewlett Packard -- DesignJet 500

Fluke -- 8024B
Digital multimeter

Your John Fluke Model 8024B is a pocket-size digital multimeter that is ideally suited for application in the field, laboratory, shop, or home. Some of the features of your instrument are: FUNCTIONS: All standard VOM measurement functions — ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance — plus: Conductance: A new multimeter function that allows fast, accurate, noise-free resistance measurements up to 10,000 Mil. Temperature: Used with a K-type thermocouple, this function provides direct d ...

Sony -- HCD-H4800