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Tapetone -- 345 Sky Sweep

Grundig -- ELEGANCE 63 ST 63-300 DOLBY

Protek -- 6506

This compact, light weight model 6500 series oscilloscope has a frequency range of DC-60MHz, [DC-40MHz] or (DC-20MHz), and offers the following features: (1) Wide frequency range: Frequencies up to DC-60MHz, [DC-40MHz] or (DC-20MHz). (2) High sensitivity: 1mV/div (3) Large size CRT : Waveforms are easy to read, on the large 6-inch CRT with an internal graticule scale. (4) Scale: Waveforms are parallax-free with the CRT’s internal graticule scale (5) Alt Mag· The normal( · 1) and the · 10( ...

Polaroid -- FLM-323B

Kenwood -- FM-430

The TS-430 is a transceiver and general-coverage receiver featuring double conversion at 48.055 and 8.830MHz intermediate-frequencies. Triple-conversion to 455kHz is used during FM receive operation. A microprocessor based 10 Hz or 100Hz step switchable digital VFO system is employed for frequency control. The PLL system reference is a 36MHz master oscillator. The following features are provided with the TS-430 : dual digital VFOs, 8 memory channels, memory scan, programmable band scan, ...

Fluke -- 867B
Digital multimeter

The Graphical" Multimeter combines the industry's most advanced multimeter capabilities with the visual power of trend graphing and waveform display, component testing, and logic checking together in one easy-to-use, handheld instrument. The Fluke 867B Graphical Multimeter features: • Extraordinary 0.025% dc accuracy for critical measurements • Familiar Fluke multimeter functions like True-rms ac volts and resistance, joined by capacitance, conductance, frequency, duty-cycl ...