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Sony -- KV-42DRC800

Lowrey -- L60

THE LOWREY DEBUT SPINET (Model E60/L60) The Dubut is a self-contained spinet organ with two 44-note keyboards and a 13-note pedal keyboard. This solid state organ (transistor and integrated circuit) includes a 25-watt amplifier and a 12-inch speaker. UPPER KEYBOARD Trombone 16 Flute 16 Clarinet 16 Flute 8 Cello 16 LOWER KEYBOARD Guitar Piano Magic Genie Chords Magic Genie Chord tab - enables Magic Genie Genie Chord continues to play after key is released. A2 Key s ...

ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations -- PA-76C

Philips -- HD 2570/B

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 220-240V Frequency : 50-60Hz Power consumption : 1200W

Schaffner -- NSG 435

Electrostatic discharge (ESD*) Under appropriate ambient conditions, both material objects and even the human body itself can become charged with electrical energy. This effect is due to "electrostatics*, a phenomenon that has been known since the earliest times. Thales von Milet (600 BC) noticed how amber attracted very light particles when it was rubbed. Touching a charged item against a conductive object leads to a charge equalisation through a spark discharge which produces a ...

Philips -- PM 3220

Die grosstenteils transistorisierten PHILIPS-Elektronenstrahloszillografen PM 3220 und PM 3221 sind, mit Ausnahme eines Verzögerungskabels fur den PM 3221, gleich.