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Icom -- IC-M87

«s’ 22 free channels for PMR use The IC-M87 has 22 free channels reserved for PMR use (146-174MHz). Wide/narrow channel spacing is programmable for each channel, and CTCSS and DTCS signaling is included. ‘Appropriate license may be required. Tough waterproof construction The IC-M87 is built tough to withstand hazardous and un- hospitable environments at sea and on land. Even if the IC-M87 is dropped into water, it’s waterproofing* will protect it from harm. The compact and durabl ...

Philips -- City Line Geneva FC8426/02
Vacuum cleaner

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Maximum air displacement : 34 l/sec. - Maximum vacuum water column : 260 cm - Power consumption (IEC) 225V : 1500 W - Dust storage capacity : 2 l - Cord length (depends on version) : 6 m - Filter system : 5 filters - Dimensions of cleaner : 382 x 292 x 218 mm - Dimensions of packaging : 510 x 305 x 330 mm - Net weight : 4.5 Kg - Gross weight : 8,0 Kg - Noise : 79 dB

Radiomarine Corporation of America -- CRM-46092

The model RAZ-1 radio receiving equipment comprises the following major units: CRM-46092 - Radio Receiver CRM-50092 - Pre-Selector CRM-20096 - Rectifier Power Supply Unit The CRM-4.6092 radio receiver and the CRM-50092 preselector cover a continuous frequency range of 15 to 600 K.C., divided into four bands. Two selector switches are used on the radio receiver and a similar switch is employed on the pre-selector to obtain the following frequency ranges: Range 1 - 15 to 40 K.C ...

Marconi -- TF 144H/4R

1.1 FEATURES The TF 144H series of signal generators give c.w. and a.m. outputs suitable for the standard measurements and tests on equipment operating in the m. f. , h. f. , and lower v. h. f. bands. Their good frequency stability and high- discrimination tuning are of particular advantage in testing narrowband communication receivers. Each generator covers 10 kc/s to 72 Me/ s in twelve ranges. Eight of these ranges follow a straight-line frequency law and have a frequency cover ...

Schlumberger -- 4700

KURZBESCHREIBUNG Der voll fernsteuerbare RAUSCHARME SIGNALGENERATOR TYPE 4700 ist ein hochwertiger Meßsender im Frequenzbereich 65. . . 520MHz. Sein Anwendungsgebiet liegt im VHF- und UHF-Bereich überall da, wo extrem hohe Anforderungen an die Störfreiheit des Meßsignals gestellt werden (Seitenbandrauschen besser 140dB/Hz in 20kHz Abstand vom Träger). Hierzu gehören unter anderem die Messung der Nachbarkanalselektion, Blocking-Messungen an Empfängern und Intermodulationsmessungen. Eben ...

Philips -- PE1512
Power supply

The stabiliser PE 1512/00 is intended for supplying electric and electronic circuits. The apparatus supplies: - as voltage stabiliser, a regulated d.c. voltage continuously adjustable between 0 and 35 V. - as current stabiliser, a regulated d.c. current continuously adjustable between 0. 01 and 3 A. By means of extra connections on the rear side of the apparatus, the following circuits are possible: - series - or parallel connection according to "Master and slave" system - r ...