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JBL -- GTS600
Car amplifier

■ Bridgeable 2 or 1 Channel Operation. ■ Simultaneous Stereo + Mono Operation. ■ Amplifier 18dB/Octave Frequency Selectable High-Pass or Low-Pass Crossovers. ■ Preamp Output with Frequency Selectable High-Pass or Low-Pass Crossover. ■ No Current Limiting. ■ Oversized Floating Rail (OFR) MOSFET Switch-Mode Power Supply ■ Common Sense 2-way Turn-on ■ Switchable Bass Boost ■ Stealth Remote Silent Turn-On Circuitry with Power-On Indicator ■ Continuousl ...

NEC -- VT540

Sony -- XR-1803
Car Radio cassette

Philips -- PM 5326

The RF signal generator PM 5326 is an instrument of high accuracy. The precise specifications and easy to operate controls make this device suitable for service workshops and education as well as development laboratories. The variety of applications includes telecommunication, radio and television problems. Based on the phase-locked-loop (PLL) principle the RF carrier is very stable and easy to be set. The frequency is electronically counted (MOS technique) with X-tal reference and 5-di ...

DVD HD recorder

Daewoo -- DV-F48
Video cassette recorder