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Kenwood -- SP-120

Grundig -- STR 1300
Satellite receiver

Ampex -- Concerto Series 5200
Audio system

The Ampex Stereo Center provides a convenient grouping, on a single panel, of all the controls necessary to maximum stereo listening enjoyment from any source. Whether the stereo source selected is from magnetic tape, stereo phono, or the Stereo Center's own integral Stereo radio tuner, the control functions which are provided automatically assure the proper matching, equalization, and balance of the input signals. As shown in the functional diagram, the desired signal source is ...

Jura -- Impressa S95
Coffee machine

Fluke -- 1920A
Frequency counter

The Fluke Model 1920A Digital Counter is a 5 Hz to 520 MHz (to 1 GHz or 1.25 GHz, optional) counter de- signe d primarily for tele communications applications. The unit is compact and lightweight making it fully portable and suitable for field use. An optional battery-operated version of the counter permits use at remote or mobile installations where AC line power is unavailable. 1-3. The display is nine digits, light-emitting-diode (LED) type with leading-zero suppression and automatic ...

Allen & Heath -- XONE VF-1