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Samsung -- MAX-C670
Audio system

* MP3-CD/ CD-R/ RW Playback * 3 DISC Changer * Tuner * Tape Deck

Simpson -- 260
Analog multimeter

Icom -- IC-2000

Sencore -- Scope School

Superior Instruments -- TV-12
Valve characteristic meter

The Model TV-12 Trans-Conductance Tube Tester was designed to test tubes under dynamic conditions closely resembling the operating conditions of the tube. It performs this function by measuring the plate current of the tube under test while under the direct influence of an in-phase grid voltage applied to the tube. (See Page 9 for a detailed explanation of the unique circuit employed in the Model TV-12) With its simplified controls, fast-acting roll chart, self-cleaning lever switches ...

Pentax -- MZ-3 Quartz Date 27371