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Panasonic -- TX-36PF10

Wavetek -- SSI-3000B
Test Set

The Wavetek Model SSI-3000B is a compact, lightweight Service Monitor for testing FM and AM transceivers. Its low (25 lb) weight and optional inverter permit use in the field, powered by a vehicle battery. The frequency range is 400 kHz to 1000 MHz in 100 Hz steps. An audio synthesizer permits generation of subaudible tones and timed tone bursts. In receive mode, an internal counter displays frequency error, modulation frequency, or received sub-audible tone frequency. RF voltage level I ...

Electro Scientific Industries -- 707B
Level Meter

The ESI MODEL 707B CAPACITANCE BRIDGE is designed to measure two-terminal or three-terminal capacitors in the range from 0 to 1.2 microfarads with a resolution of 0, 0001 picofarad on the lowest range. The use of a ratio transformer circuit and a hermetically sealed standard capacitor having a very low temperature coefficient of capacitance and exceptional stability assures a minimum effect from changes in room temperature, voltage, and frequency. Accuracy of the measured capacitance is ...

Philips -- FR999

Brother -- DP-525CJ

Pfaff -- 1118
Sewing machine