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Sennheiser Electronic -- SK 2012 TV

The Mikroport pocket transmitter SK 2012 TV is designed as a single-channel transmitter and intended for the frequency range 450 to 960 MHz. Together with a connected microphone the transmitter creates a wireless microphone of the highest quality, its flat construction and minimal dimensions mean this unit is particularly well suited for occasions when it must be worn as unobstrusively as possible, as is the case in film and TV productions, for example. The SK 2012 TV is equipped with ...

Yaesu -- VX-170

Features • 2m Band/ 5W FM Transceiver • Wide coverage receiver • IPX7 Submersible 30 minutes @ 3 feet (1m) • 700 mW Internal Speaker • Long Life Battery FNB-83 (7.2 V/1400 mAh) included • Huge Display (LCD) • Enhanced Paging and Code Squelch (EPCS) • CTCSS/DCS included • Security Password Feature • Direct Keypad Frequency Entry (VX-170) • Transmit Time-Out Timer (TOT) • Automatic Power-OFF (APO) • Automatic Repeater Shift (ARS) • YAESU’s exclusive ART ...

Samsung -- GSM27SE
TV chassis

- Luxurious Slim Design - Supreme Picture Quality - Supreme Sound Quality - Supreme Convenience Quality - Convenience for Users

Panasonic -- DMC-TZ2EF
Digital camera

Philips -- HR 8323
Vacuum cleaner

CBS Laboratories -- Audimax III

The new solid-state Audimax III, Model 444, like its companion piece, Volumax is a tool to help the broadcaster achieve maximum program power within appropriate modulation limits. Incorporating all of the features of its famous predecessor, the Audimax III also provides additional gain and versatility. Designed for use wherever high quality automatic gain riding is required Audimax ITT offers a unique method of audio control for AM, FM, and 'IV Broadcasting, recording, motion pictur ...