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Compaq Computer Corporation -- Presario 1265

Presario Portable Computers are a continuation of new generation multimedia portable computers with innovative integrated designs, outstanding audio and video, advanced core features, and attractive styling. This full function, AMD-K6 portable computer allows full desktop functionality.

Grundig -- ST 55-839 DOLBY

Akai -- PDP4295ED

EZ Digital -- OS-3060D

1-1. Introduction This product CS-3000DSRS is the 2 channel digital storage oscilloscope which is equipped with A/D converter. It combines the benefits of digital scope to measure, store, interpret and communicate the rapid trace, with the benefits of analog scope to measure the wide band width, 2 time axis generator, delay sweep and separated TV trigger signal. It reduces the measurement error, and' uses 6% squared type CRT with internal flourescent scale which enables to tak ...

Henry Radio -- 3K-A

The 3K-A is a one stage amplifier designed for SSB, CW, FSK, and AM operation on the frequencies between 3.5 and 30.0 MHz. The amplifier is a one piece floor console consisting of a complete RF deck and a power supply. The amplifier is supplied for operation from a 230 VAC, 2 or 3 wire, 30 amp, 50/60 Hz circuit.

Rohde & Schwarz -- FSU8 1129.9003.08
Spectrum analyzer