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Philips -- FW-V787
Audio system

Sanyo -- ECJ-S35S
Rice Cooker

Angelantoni Industrie -- EKO BASIC 1500/2 TN-GL

Samsung -- SL-X7400LX

Printing Speed (Mono/Color) • X7600 series - Up to 60 / 60 ppm in A4/Letter (Up to 31 ppm in A3) • X7500 series - Up to 50 / 50 ppm in A4/Letter (Up to 26 ppm in A3) • X7400 series - Up to 40 / 40 ppm in A4/Letter (Up to 21 ppm in A3) Processor • Quad Core 1.5GHz Memory • 6GB (2GB for Android OS) Document Feeder • DSDF (Dual Scan Document Feeder) - DSDF-H Model : X7600GX / X7500GX / X7400GX - DSDF-L Model : X7600LX / X7500LX / X7400LX LCD • ...

Leader -- LAG-26

The LAG-26 is a handy generator of signals in the audio and' supersonic frequency ranges. It generates two types of waveforms, sine for general testing and square for transient response testing. Solid state circuitry, synchronizing with an external frequency source, 600i2 output impedance and compact construction are featured in this instrument.

Hewlett Packard -- 5370B

The Hewlett-Packard Model 5370B Universal Time Interval (T.l.) Counter is capable of making single-shot T.l. measurements with ±20 ps resolution. It uses a phase-locked vernier interpolating technique in which the interpolating oscillators are locked to the time base thus retaining its basic accuracy at all times. The technique also allows positive, zero, and negative time interval measurements, and a resident microprocessor extends the usefulness of the instrument by offering statistic ...