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Hewlett Packard -- LaserJet 1010

Brüel & Kjær -- 2143

Dual Channel Portable Signal Analyzer Type 2148 and Portable Signal Analyzer Type 2147 are portable FFT analyzers for acoustics, electroacoustics and vibration measurements. Their light weight and water-protected cabinets make them especially well suited for use in the field, yet their measuring capabilities easily match those of a laboratory instrument. The analyzers feature 2048 sample transform size (801 lines), real-time zoom, advanced cursor functions, and a frequency range to 25.6 ...

Philips -- Chassis LC13E
TV chassis

Panasonic -- SA-AK27
Audio system

Philips -- HX 2535
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Gum Protection System : The brush automatically fl exes back when too much pressure is applied. Because of this signal, the user will develop a safe and effi cient brushing technique. - Active tip : Removes plaque between the teeth - Number of brush heads included in fancy box : 1 - Colours : White/ grey - Waterproof : Yes - Anti rolling strip : To prevent the appliance from rolling away TECHNICAL DATA Voltage : 110-127 V; 200-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power consumptio ...

Grundig -- CUC 2058 F
TV chassis