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JBL -- S412P

Icom -- IC-4SRA

The IC-4SRA/E is a state-of-the-art handheld consisting of a 430 (440) MHz transceiver and 50-900 MHz wideband receiver, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand and combining ease of use with multi-operational capability.

Grundig -- Sydney SE 7230 DOLBY

Brother -- MFC4600
All in one printer

Telequipment -- D65

The D65 and D66 are 15 MHz and 25 MHz, respectively, all solid-state dual-trace oscilloscopes, in most respects their features are similar, where there are differences the text in ITALICS relates to the D65. An 8 x 10 cm CRT provides a bright and clear display. The dual-trace vertical system displays either channel separately, adds channels algebraically, alternates between channels or chops between channels at approximately 150 kHz rate. Channel 2 can also be switched to become the hori ...

Sony -- RB2FK
TV chassis