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Rohde & Schwarz -- EK 085

AVO -- VCM 163
Valve characteristic meter

Sanyo -- RP 8880UM

Mitsubishi -- CQ-JB3160A
Car Radio

FEATUERS ∙ PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. ∙ 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) ∙ FM One-tuner diversity. ∙ Electronic control of power and sound. ∙ 4ch × 3 points Fix-Equalizer. ∙ CD random, repeat function. ∙ CD-CH, MD-CH control.

Icom -- IC-T7H

Anritsu -- ML422C
Level Meter

The ML422B is designed for use with the Bell System FDM hierarchy, while the ML422C is for use with CCITT systems. Both of these instruments cover a wide freguency range from 50 Hz to 30 MHz, providing highly accurate measurement of signal levels, with the stability of freguency needed to manufacture, install, and maintain FDM systems. The ML422B/C can also function as a wideband level meter, psophometer, or voice band analyzer. The ML422B/C has the ability to make both voice channel measu ...