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Dentron -- DTR-1200L

The DenTron DTR-1200L linear amplifier was designed to provide legal power inputs in all modes lor the Amateur Service, with a full compliment of controls and metering functions. The unit is low profile with all-metal construction and forced air cooling. Two ruggged but economical 572-B trlodes are used in grounded grid to deliver a full 1000 Watts DC input on CW, and 1200 Watts PEP input on SSB. A dual primary transformer allows for both 117V AC and 234V AC operation. The DTR-1200L h ...

Mitsubishi -- WD-73C10

SPECIFICATIONS • Power Input : AC 120V, 60Hz • Light Engine : DLP™ (1080p) • Light Source : 156W • Antenna Input : RF 75Ω unbalanced • Tuning : NTSC/ATSC/QAM : Analog Cable - 1~125 Digital Cable - 1~135 • Speakers : 10W x 2 (V43C, V43, V43+) : 2W x 16 (V43++) • Analog Input : Composite/Component Level (RCA Type) Y/Video: 1.0 Vp-p, Cr, Cb: 700mVp-p 75Ω unbalanced : AUDIO IN JACK (RCA Type) -4.7dBm 43kΩ unbalanced • Analog Output : AUDIO / SUBWOOFER OUT JACK L ...

Hafler -- Pro2400

The Hafler PR02400 is a two channel medium power audio amplifier which has been engineered to meet high performance and reliability standards while maintaining affordability. The amplifier employs a sonically proven circuit topology driving MOSFET output devices. These devices provide exceptional reliability as a result of their inherent ruggedness and resistance to abusive operating conditions. Consequently, the PR02400 is capable of delivering high current into low impedance loads, a ...

Maytag -- MAH8700AW*
Washing machine

Fluke -- 1900A
Frequency counter

The Fluke Model 1900A is a 5 Hz to 80 MHz mul- tiple-function counter capable of making frequency, period, period averaging and totalize measurements. In the frequency mode, resolution is manually selectable at 0.1 Hz, 1.0 Hz, 10 Hz and 100 Hz. in the period averaging mode, the number of periods averaged is manually-selectable at 10°, 101, 102 and 103 periods. Automatic selection of resolution and number of periods averaged (autoranging) is also provided to automatically select the opti ...

Philips -- PM3295A

This compact V.H.F. oscilloscope features an extensive bandwidth of 400 MHz and good ergonomic design for its numerous measurement capabilities. A unique feature is the AUTO SET pushbutton facility, which automatically sets various controls of the instrument to suit the input signal value. In this way, optimum ease of operation is obtained as the input signal immediately presents a correct, stable display on the bright c.r.t. screen. The microprocessor-controlled front panel gives a w ...