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Mitsubishi -- WD-73927

Boonton Electronic -- 5231
Digital multimeter

The Model 4230A Series is a DSP (digital signal processor) based family of single or dual channel, solid state RF power meters. They are capable of measuring RF power levels from -70 dBm to +44 dBm. The RF frequency range and power level range are sensor dependent. Boonton 51000 series sensors provide measurement capabilities for frequencies from 10 kHz to 100 GHz. 1-5. FEATURES. 1-6. Power Sensors. A wide range of diode and thermocouple power sensors for both coaxial and waveguide appl ...

Panasonic -- NV-MV40LB-S
Video cassette recorder

Panasonic -- NV-HS800EE
Video cassette recorder

Cushcraft Corporation -- DX-420

Sony -- KV-29FS100

Introducing the FD Trinitron WEGA ® Features Some of the features you will enjoy include: FD Trinitron Flat CRT — Technologically advanced tube delivers a picture with uncompromising accuracy and outstanding image detail. Y, PB , P R Inputs — A component video input connection for a superior picture quality (480i only). Surround — Simulates theater quality sound for stereo programs. Parental Control (V-Chip) — A tool to help parents monitor what their children watch on TV by ...