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Hallicrafters Co. -- HT-44

The Hallicrafters Model HT-44 is a seventeen- tube Transmitter/Exciter capable of SSB (Single Sideband with suppressed carrier , AM (DSB), and CW transmission in the 80, 40 20, 15, and 1O meter amateur bands. This unit can represent the complete transmitting complement of a station. The only requirements for immediate ’’on-the-air” operation are a PS-150-120 Power Supply, a 50-ohm terminated antenna system, a key or microphone, and an AC power source. The unit may be utilized as ...

Brother -- MFC970MC

Pioneer -- DV-575A-S
DVD player

Sangean -- ATS-909X

Alliance -- C-225

The Alliance Tenna-Rotor® consists of two units: the rotor unit, which mounts on the mast below the antenna, and the control box, which is placed on or about the TV receiver. These are interconnected by a four- or five-conductor cable. The theory of operation concerns two separate circuits. The first is the power circuit, which in all Tenna-Rotors® transmits the power that actuates the motor and rotates the antenna. The second is the indicator or signal circuit, which reports the roto ...

Wavetek -- 235
Digital multimeter

The digital multimeter 235 is a 3-3/4 digit, autoranging, AC-coupled, average measuring & RMS reading instrument that measures voltage, current, resistance, continuity, diode junctions, temperature, transistor HFE, capacitance and frequency. Menu selection allows Range Lock, Hold, Relative Measurement, Min Max Measurement, AC or DC selection, Centigrade or Fahrenheit selection, RS232 output and backlight on/off. The instrument is completely sealed.