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Philips -- HI 228

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Colour white/green. - Cerelon soleplate - Self clean function - Extra steam (25 ± 2 g/min) This product meets the requirement regarding interference suppression on radio and television. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage/frequency : 100 V, 110 V-127 V, 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 1200 W Soleplate Ceralon, the name indicates the strong combination of a non-stick coating (“lon”). Blended with ceramic (“Cera”) particles. The soleplat ...

Mitsubishi -- CQ-EB6260L
Audio system

FEATUERS • PLL (Phase Locked Loop) synthesized tuning. • 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) • FM One-tuner diversity. • 6-Disc CD changer (in dash board) • Electronic control of power and sound. • Emergency ejecting function • Anti-shock memory • CD random, repeat function. • MD-CH control.

Sony -- XM-222MK2
Car amplifier

Fluke -- 2280B

Grundig -- P 37 – 9443 FR

Mosley Electronics Inc. -- RV-4C