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Sony -- Magellan II

Analogic -- 2030

The 2030 is a versatile 20-MHz Multifunction Waveform Synthesizer capable of generating a wide variety of waveforms with exceptionally low distortion and high accuracy. Here is a summary of its functions and features: Functions O STANDARD WAVES: Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, Ramp Up/Down, DC Level, and Pseudo-Random Noise. □ MODULATED WAVES: Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM), Phase Modulation, External AM, Exponential Decay, Linear and Logarithmic Sweep and s ...

Sansui -- G-5700

Grundig -- T9000

Technical Specification Waveband Coverage VHF/FM 87,5...108 MHz AM (MW) 522... 1620 kHz FM Sensitiflty (75 ft, 40 kHz deviation) FM Mono: £0,6 jaV (narrow bandwidth) FM Stereo: £ 24 jiV FM Limiting £0,5 |iV for -1 dB Stereo Switch-over Threshold Stereo on/off: 4/2,8 ^iV at 98 MHz into 75 ft Muting Threshold Muting on/off: 3,2/2,8 |aV at 98 MHz into 75 ft FM Station Search Threshold Adjustable: 10 fiV min./300 max. (into 75 ft) FM Signal-to-Nolse Ratio ( ...

Philips -- AZ 2055
Audio system

Yaesu -- FT-100D