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Yamaha -- CA-600

Olympus -- BX52

Ricoh -- Aficio 1022

Aspect Medical Systems Inc. -- BIS VISTA
Monitoring System

The BIS VISTA Monitoring System is intended for use under the direct supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner or by personnel trained in its proper use. The BIS VISTA Monitor is intended for use on adult and pediatric patients within a hospital or medical facility providing patient care to monitor the state of the brain by data acquisition of EEG signals. The BIS may be used as an aid in monitoring the effects of certain anesthetic agents. Use of BIS monitoring to help guide an ...

Metex -- M4650B
Digital multimeter

Metermann -- AC75
Digital multimeter

The AC75 digital clamp-on multimeter, is a fully featured meter that also measures temperature using a Type K probe (included). The AC75 has full Category safety ratings and is CAT III, 600 V.