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Tektronix -- 7613

Philips -- 18C636 95Z

Tektronix -- 535A

General Information The Tektronix Type 535A Oscilloscope is a wide-range general-purpose laboratory instrument providing accurate measurements in the dc to 15 me range. The Type 535A can be operated with any Tektronix letter-series plug-in to satisfy the requirements for virtually any application. Special circuits incorporated in the Type 535A Oscilloscope permit an accurate, continuously variable delay in the presentation of the sweep from 1 microsecond to 10 seconds after receipt ...

Sony -- DSC-F828
Digital camera

Akai -- PDP4273L

Tektronix -- TU-7

General Description The Type TU-7 Plug-In Test Unit is a versatile single-unit calibration aid for use with all Tektronix 530-, 540-, or 550-Series Oscilloscopes using 1-series or ietter-series vertical plug-in units. The Type TU-7 is the only plug-in unit required for calibrating the oscilloscope.* An input connector on the front panel of the Type TU-7 permits application of various external signals for use in the calibration procedure. The self-contained unit also generates fast-ris ...