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Philips -- EXP325
CD player

Daewoo -- DTP-21V1

Tenma Test Instruments -- 72-630
Power supply

Features: 1. Over current protection: Automatically shuts off current flow when maximum output is exceeded. 2. Overload indicator: Illuminates when over-current protection circuit is engaged. 3. Multi-terminal output: Three sets and one of output terminals are provided for convenience. One set of large output current terminals (30 A Max) and two sets of small output current terminals (5 A Max), and one of cigarette lighter socket (10 Max).

Sony -- DVP-S530D
DVD player

Philips -- HD2001/D
Water kettle

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 100; 120; 220-240 V Frequency : 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 1850-2200 W Coloursetting : body green; handgrip red HD2001/C : 200-240 V HD2001/D : 100-120 V

Singer -- 24-71
Sewing machine

Machine 24-71 has two needles and two loopers and makes the single thread chain stitch. It is furnished with a hand attachment and is especially adapted for sewing marking tape or lags on articles to be laundered.