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Samsung -- ProXpress M453x series

Printing Speed (Mono) • Up to 45 ppm in A4 (47 ppm in Letter) Processor • Dual core CPU 1GHz Memory (Std. / Max) • M4530ND : 512 MB / 2 GB • M4530NX : 1GB / 2 GB 320 GB HDD • M4530ND : Optional • M4530NX : Standard OPE Display • M4530ND : 4–line LCD • M4530NX : 4.3 inch Touch Screen Panel

Advanced Electronics Applications -- PK-88

Your AEA PK-88 Packet Controller is the connection between your computer and radio. The PK-88 performs all the 'magic' of establishing data and text communications between your station, as well as many other communication facilities equipped for digital communications. With packet radio you'll have a 'private channel' while sharing a frequency with other packet stations; you'll be able to 'read the mail' from other packet stations, log on to computer-ba ...

Philips -- SW968

Powered Subwoofer

Whirlpool -- ADG 9540/3 WH
Dish washer

Sansui -- R-30

Sony -- KP-51WS500