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Kenwood -- TM-641A

Philips -- PM3200

10MHz one channel oscilloscope.

Kern & Sohn GmbH -- KBxxN(M)

Amp Supply -- LK 500

Product Description The Amp Supply LK 400/500 series linear power amplifiers are compact 160-15 meter MF/HF amplifiers of modern design. The series provides the amateur operator with a choice of power output levels and features consistent with their specific operating requirements. Each LK 400/500 series amplifier uses the powerful 3-500Z triode tube(s) in a grounded grid configuration Class AB2. The LK 400/500 series amplifiers are high performance pieces of equipment and are enginee ...

Iwatsu -- SS-7804

Hitachi -- CP-X255

Features • High Brightness • Low Noise • Rich Connectivity • Compact Body