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Sanyo -- ECJ-HC100H
Rice Cooker

Whirlpool -- ADP 4540 WH
Dish washer

Technical data Dimension Height 85.0 cm Width 59.7 cm Depth 59.6 cm Weight 56 kg Electronic boards Service boards see spare part list Serial boards see on the boards itself Programmed control board and programing of version , see „Board Service“ and „DATA“ on rating plate of inner door: UCB 706801 Data set 706791 Basic UCB, not programmed see on the board itself 4619 724 74011 Succession of programs Programs see program diagram Succession P1a-P3a-P5a-P6a-P7a Da ...

ARP Instruments Inc. -- Odyssey 2821

Three types of Odyssey models have been produced: I) 2800, 2) 2810-2815 and 3) 2820-2823. The model and serial number are located at the rear or bottom of the Odyssey chassis. Except for 2800, a typical number might read: 2813-0490. For model 2800, the first two digits of the serial number denote the model, such as: 28490. Listed below are the board identification numbers for each model; they will be referenced in the service manual by model number for easy identification. Model Chang ...

Ricoh -- D170

Grundig -- GPS 3
Navigation system

Icom -- IC-F34GT