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Grundig -- ST 70-5109/8 DOLBY

Honeywell -- DH90
Air Cleaner

The Honeywell DH90 Whole House Dehumidifier is designed to provide ultimate indoor air quality. The DH90 provides the three key components of healthy indoor air: fresh air ventilation, particulate filtration and humidity control. At the heart of the DH90 is a high capacity, energy efficient dehumidifier capable of removing over 90 pints (11.2 gallons) of water per day (at 80°F, 60% relative humidity), while using only 6.2 amps of electricity (120V). This allows the unit to maintain indoor humid ...

Kepco -- JQE 55-20
Power supply

Kepco Series JQE Power Supplies are general purpose, precision regulated voltage sources in the "FULL-RACK" configuration. JQE Power Supplies feature full range voltage control and current limit adjustment by means of multi-turn front pane! controls. Dual range meters monitor output voltage and load current JQE Power Supplies have linear, full-dissipation series-regulators (NPN) driven by an integrated circuit operational amplifier. A sharp current-!innit circuit renders the po ...

Grundig -- Melbourne SE 7210 A NIC/TOP

Icom -- IC-W2A

Wavetek -- 275

MODEL 275 The Wavetek 275 Programmable Arbitrary/Function Generator produces sine, triangle and square waveforms as well as user-defined arbitrary waveshapes. Any of the waveforms can be generated in the continuous, triggered, gated or burst modes. External width and dc functions are also provided. Data entry is from the front panel or GPIB (IEEE 488-1978). Numeric input is entered in free format: fixed, floating, or exponential notation. Parameters may be entered in any order, inte ...