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Marconi -- CT 596
Level Meter

Powermeter System 6460S, Wattmeter Absorption CT596 and Wattmeter Set 6625-99-541-6389 comprise three specific collections of instruments and accessories, as detailed below, selected and tested for military applications. These equipments measure power in the range 300 nW to 1 W in a frequency range of 10 MHz to 18 GHz and meet the environmental requirements of Joint-Services Specification REMC/20/FR (Iss. 6) Cat. I I I . 2. They are based on the tft Powermeter ή460/ 1 which, in conj ...

Philips -- DVD Module SD-4
DVD mechanism

Samsung -- CLX-9301NA

Printing Speed (Mono/Color) • CLX-9301 series - Up to 30 ppm in A4 (30 ppm in Letter) - Up to 15 ppm in A3 (15 ppm in 11x17) • CLX-9251 series - Up to 25ppm in A4 (25 ppm in Letter) - Up to 13 ppm in A3 (13 ppm in 11x17) • CLX-9201 series - Up to 20 ppm in A4 (20 ppm in Letter) - Up to 10 ppm in A3 (10 ppm in 11x17) Processor • Dual Core 1GHz Memory • 1GB DDR3 SDRAM

Wavetek -- 175

THE MODEL 175 The Model 175, Arbitrary Waveform Generator (Arb), generates any waveform that can be expressed as a function of time. The working Random Access Memory (RAM) has four sets of 256 addresses and each address accepts an 8 bit word. This corresponds to a 1024 (time) by 255 (amplitude) matrix in which to draw waveforms. These storage addresses can be manually loaded by front panel controls or remotely loaded via the GPIB interface. The stored waveform, or any portion thereof, ...

Sanyo -- DP52449

Viewsonic -- VS13154-1M