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Philips -- SA 230
MP3 player

Toshiba -- Tecra A1 Series

Philips -- FM 1300

INTRODUCTION Transceiver Types FM 1200 and FM 1300 are digital signalling radios designed for use in trunked mobile networks. The equipment differs from the FM1100 analogue transceiver in that it is fitted with a Digital Signalling version (FFSK) of the Control PWB assembly. Apart from operational differences and descriptions of ancillaries normally found only on FM1200 and FM1300 radios, this Service Supplement provides information on the FFSK Control PWB assembly only. Although all stand ...

Samsung -- GX10
Digital camera

Stancor Standard Transformer Corporation -- ST-202A

Stancor Model ST-202-A fulfills the demand for a compact, desk type, high frequency, radio transmitter having substantial power output- Internal circuits for radiotelephony were purposely omitted to satisfy the “strictly CW1' operator as well as to offer the "phone man11 a choice of either amplitude or frequency modulation. Hence, either type of modulation may be ultimately applied. Such important features as six band coverage (10, 11, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters), inter- ...

Realistic -- STA-120B

General Description Your STA-120B is a solid state stereophonic receiver with an output of 140 watts, full controls for radio and tape and records, a number of truly unique features, and comes to you mounted at the factory in a walnut cabinet for which you do NOT have to pay the usual $29.95 or so extra. The AM radio is wideband in design, meaning the STA-120B reproduces the maximum fidelity of which the medium is capable. The FM radio section has a superb FET-transistor front end a ...