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Crown -- HT-88

Philips -- HX6160 Sanitizer
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION Easy-start This Sonicare model comes with the Easy-start feature activated. The Easy-start feature gently increases power over the first 14 brushings to ease into the Sonicare experience.. Easy-start can also be switched off. To deactivate Easy-start: Press and hold the power on/off button for 2 seconds. You hear 1 beep to indicate that the Easy-start feature has been deactivated. To activate Easy-start: Press and hold the power on/off button for 2 seconds. You hear ...

Singer -- 17-30
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 17, described in this book, have a long beak shuttle and a cylinder bed and are successfully used in the manufacture of shoes and a large variety of articles made of leather, which are irregularly shaped, such as horse boots, saddles, suit cases, fine leather bags, portfolios, pocket books, music rolls, trusses, etc., all of which are conveniently handled on the cylinder bed.

General Radio Company -- 1630-A

The Type 1633-A Incremental Inductance Bridge (Figure 1-1) is designed to measure inductors and resistors, both linear and nonlinear, over a wide range of ac and dc signal levels. Direct-reading measurements can be made over a broad frequency range. 1.2 DESCRIPTION. 1.2.1 GENERAL. The Type 1633-A Incremental Inductance Bridge includes a unique bridge circuit and a highly selective detector. It is direct reading in series inductance (Ls) and either series resistance (Rs) or storage facto ...

Keithley -- 3740

The Series 3700 instruments offer scalable, instrument grade switching and multi-channel measurement solutions that are optimized for automated testing of electronic products and components. The Series 3700 includes four versions of the Model 3706 system switch mainframe along with a growing family of plug-in switch and control cards. When the Model 3706 mainframe is ordered with the high performance multimeter, you receive a tightly integrated switch and measurement system that can me ...

Icom -- IC-820H