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Sony -- MDR-V6

Anritsu -- MS4661E
Network Analyzer

The MS4661A/E include a built-in transmission/reflection measurement test set (bridge), making them ideal for measuring antennas and passive devices (filters, attenuators, switches, cables) where the input and output impedances are nearly equal. The MS4662A also has an S-parameter test set. In addition to measuring active devices with different input and output characteristics (such as amplifiers), it measures forward and reverse direction characteristics with a single connection. Yo ...

Samsung -- AQV09NSBN
Air Conditioner

- High Energy Efficiency BLDC Air Conditioner BLDC Technique arises the efficiency of air conditioner and makes a room cool and warm with high energy saving. - Simple Flat Grille Design With a Smart and fashionable style, the high impressive interior design allow this product to set place in anywhere. - good'sleep Mode good'sleep Mode can help you sleep quickly and soundly and wake up refreshed. - Multi functional cleaning system With Silver Nano Health System and Deodorizing ...

Data Precision -- 2480R
Digital multimeter

Data Precision Mode! 2480/2480R Digital Multimeter is a AVi digit, laboratory quality, portable as well as bench-useful, multimeter, incorporating 25 Measuring Function/Range capabilities. These include: DCV, ACV, DCmA, ACmA, and KOhms, Resolutions of 10 microvolts, 0.1 ohms, and 10 nanoamperes are obtained at the lowest selectable full scale range, whiie voltages up to 1200VDC or 1400 peak AC and currents up to 2 amperes may be measured by Model 2480/2480R with 4V2 digit resolution ...

Kepco -- BOP 500M
Power supply

The Kepco Model BOP 500M and BOP 1000M are high voltage power sources, which combine the capabilities of fast programmable power supplies with a Class A output stage, which can respond bidirectionally from zero. The "BOP" can be operated in a “Voltage Stabilizing'' or "Current Stabilizing'' operating mode (selectable by a front pane! switch). The BOP incorporates two separate control channels, for local (front panel) or remote control of the output cu ...

Akai -- CT-2158