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Sony -- NWZ-A829
MP3 player

Racal -- 1774

1 . The RA. 1771 and RA. 1772 are fully synthesized solid state communications receivers providing reception facilities for LSB/USB (A3A, A3H, A3J), AM(A3) and CW(A1). ISB (A3B), FSK(F1) and AFC facilities are provided by optional, internally fitted, modules. In addition, a manual RF tuning unit may be fitted. 2. The built-in synthesizer is phase-locked to the output of a frequency standard, which may be either internal or external, and covers the frequency range 15kHz to 30MHz in switc ...

Icom -- IC-R5

O Covers 0.150-1309.995 MHz* wide frequency range ‘Some frequency bands are inhibited according to version O External power supply operation O 1250 memory channels* with 18 banks available *200 auto write and 50 scan edge channels are included. O Built-in bar-antenna O New DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) System

Dräger Medical -- Caleo

Tektronix -- 7A15A

Tektronix -- R485