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Drake -- T-4B

Philips -- MC-M570
Audio system

Keithley -- 1788
Digital multimeter

INTRODUCTION The Keithley Mode! 177 Microvolt DMM is a versatile, highly sensitive digital multimeter which is used for measurement of DC and AC voltages, DC and AC currents, as well as resistance. For a complete summary of ranges for each of these five functions, refer to the specifications at the front of this manual. Ranges and functions are easily selected with front panel pushbuttons, while connections for ail functions are easily made with a single set of front panel input termi ...

Superior Instruments -- TV-12
Valve characteristic meter

The Model TV-12 Trans-Conductance Tube Tester was designed to test tubes under dynamic conditions closely resembling the operating conditions of the tube. It performs this function by measuring the plate current of the tube under test while under the direct influence of an in-phase grid voltage applied to the tube. (See Page 9 for a detailed explanation of the unique circuit employed in the Model TV-12) With its simplified controls, fast-acting roll chart, self-cleaning lever switches ...

Panasonic -- CY-BG2911ZC
Car amplifier

• 4 channels of amplification: LF, RF, LR and RR. • 3 bands of fixed equalization for each front channel. 2 bands of fixed equalization for each rear channel. • The amplifier shall untilize AMP CONTROL to invoke amplifier function as follows: For AMP CONTROL signal from 0 Vdc to 1.0 Vdc, amplifier shall be off. For AMP CONTROL signal from 2.5 Vdc to voltage BATT12V terminal, amplifier shall be on.

Kyocera -- FS−6700