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Acer -- Aspire 4920

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many feature: Platform

Grundig -- DENVER SE 8250/8 PIP/DOLBY

Samsung -- 943NWX

Brüel & Kjær -- BZ 7110
Level Meter

With Application Module BZ 7110, the Type 2231 is an Integrating Sound Level Meter. Potential uses of the BZ 7110/Type 2231 combination are given below: ■ Measuring the Sound Pressure Level (SPL). ■ Determining the Leq, helping to assess hearing loss risk or noise annoyance. H Measuring cyclical machine noise. ■ Determining the Sound Exposure Level SEL ( = LEA, in accordance with IEC 804). ■ Measuring the Max. and Min. noise levels. ■ Assessing machine noise and i ...

Kenwood -- TS-530S

INTRODUCTION The TS-530 is a single conversion transceiver with an intermediate frequency of 8.83 MHz. In transmission, an SSB signal generated at 8.83 MHz is mixed with the PLL local oscillator output to produce the final transmission frequency. The circuitry is hybrid with vacuum tubes used only in the driver (12BY7A) and final-stage power amplifier (6146B's). The PLL circuit generates a heterodyne frequency for each band and a counter reference signal from a single crystal ...

Hickok Electrical Instrument Company -- 3310
Digital multimeter

The Model 3310 Universal Digital Multimeter has 32 ranges covering ac volts and ac current, dc volts and dc current, resistance, and direct reading true rms dBm at lmW/600 n or 1 mW/900i2 reference. The multimeter may be operated from a 115 or 230 volt * ac line or from an internal rechargeable battery pack (The rechargeable nickel cadmium battery pack is optional). The batteries permit measurement with complete isolation from power line interference (infinite common mode rejection). Bat ...