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Philips -- FC 8022
Vacuum cleaner

Canon -- PIXMA MP780

Philips -- PM 3267U

The portable oscilloscope PM3267U combines dual channel and dual time-base facilities with an extensive bandwidth of 100MHz. It enables signals with a sensitivity of 2mV/DfV to be measured. A wide choice of display modes is available, for example: single channel, two channels alternately or chopped, and two channels added. Both channels can be displayed with 'normal' polarity or 'inverted'. An additional feature of the instrument is a third channel, namely, TRIG VIEW ...

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLA 717-C

The models 517-M and 717-C are mantel and console models respectively. The 517-M is housed in an attractively designed moulded cabinet which is produced in four colours—Ivory, Walnut; Green and Burgundy. Features of design include: Tropic- proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers and oscillator coil, spiral trimming capacitors mounted on the tuning capacitor. Feaures of model 717-C are similar to those of model 517-C but uses a straight-line e ...

Ricoh -- Aficio 1055

Sony -- NWZ-A815
MP3 player