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Polaroid -- V23D Series

Epson -- LQ-870

The l_Q-870/l 170 is a small, light-weight, low-cost printer that provides advanced paper handling and is compatible with The LQ-5 10/550. The printer’s main features are: REV.-A ● Use of ESC/P 2 control codes The printer can print fonts in various point sizes and receive and print raster graphic images. ● Compatibility with LQ and SQ series printers ● Printing speeds: 300 characters per second (CPS) in high-speed draft mode at 10 characters per inch (cpi) 330 cps (draft, 12 ...

Grundig -- MALAGA SE 1235
DVD player

Candy -- 31000404 CTD105 SY
Washing machine

Tektronix -- TDS 430A

Your Tektronix digitizing oscilloscope is a superb tool for acquiring, displaying, and measuring waveforms. Its performance addresses the needs of both lab and portable applications with the following features: 400 MHz maximum analog bandwidth on the TDS 460A 200 MHz maximum analog bandwidth on the TDS 410A and TDS 420A 100 Megasamples/second maximum digitizing rate Roll mode and triggered roll mode for display of slower waveforms Waveform Math — Invert a single waveform and ...

Boonton Electronic -- 250-A
Level Meter

The RX Meter Type 250-A is a wide frequency range Impedance Meter designed to permit accurate individual determination of the equivalent parallel resistance and parallel reactance of two- terminal networks and components. The instrument is completely self-contained and consists,* fundamentally, of a refined Schering bridge circuit, together with its associated oscillator, detector, amplifier, null detector and power supply. Bridge balance is obtained by means of two calibrated dials whic ...