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Fluke -- 341A

1-2. The Fluke Model 341Ä and Model 343A' DC Voltage Calibrators provide dc voltages of 0 to 1100 volts in three ranges. Voltages are selected by eleven-position decade switches, which provide in-line, digital readout of the instrument output voltage. The Model 341A employs six-dial readout» with 1 ppm resolution, and the Model 343A employs seven-dial readout, with 0.1 ppm resolution. 1-3. A controlled current limiter, a fixed current limiter, and an electronic crowbar circuit pro ...

Roland -- BC-60

Metermann -- 15XP

Simpson -- 260-6XLM
Analog multimeter

Based on the famous 260, the 260-6XLPM has extra features and extra ranges. The large viewing area with color-coded scales minimizes measurement mistakes and visual confusion. The 260-6XLPM allows accurate in-circuit tests without risk to components or without causing digital circuits to switch states. The durable ABS plastic case provides high-impact resistance and increased drop protection in the toughest environments. Instant Trend Information for Quick Positive ’Yes/No" Checks ...

Sony -- DSC-P92
Digital camera

Fluke and Philips -- PM3392

The family consists of four digital general purpose oscilloscopes with model numbers PM3382, PM3384, PM3392 and PM3394. All instruments have four vertical channels. Differences between these models are the vertical bandwidth, the features of the vertical channels 3 and 4 and the presence of switchable 50Ω input impedance. Vertical bandwidth is 100 or 200 MHz. The ’true 4 channel’ oscilloscopes have four channels with a wide range of input sensitivities. Channel 3 and 4 in the ’4 ...