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Philips -- Maxi Cucina HD7536/54
Coffee machine

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Voltage : 120 V - Frequency : 60 Hz - Power consumption : 1025 W - Contents jug : 1800 cc - Coloursetting : White - Filter size : 1 x 4 - Thermostat switch-off temp : 162 °C - Fuse cut-off temp : 240 °C - SAP coding : HD7536/54

JVC -- HX-Z1
Audio System

Hitachi -- VM-ACV23E
Video camera

Sony -- DSLR-A700
Digital camera

Fluke -- 1722A
Control Unit

The Fluke 1722A is a programmable Instrument Controller designed to manage a multiple instrument system using the IEEE-488-1980 instrumentation bus. It is able to command and communicate with various devices over this industry-standard bus. User programs give the Controller the ability to collect data, process it, make decisions, respond to instrument service requests, and to format the results of these activities to meet the unique needs of the user. The 1722A stores programs and the c ...

Kyocera -- F−1200