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AJC -- Uniclave 88

The vertical sterilizers, of the “UNICLAVE 88” series, are designed for the sterilization of surgical instruments, liquids, rubber, laboratory materials, etc... The sterilizer is top-loaded, using special stainless steel baskets. With its variable controls, it offers a range of cycles with sterilisation temperatures varying between 100°C and 135°C and sterilisation time periods between 0 and 120 minutes. Drying is improved by vacuum produced by thermal shock using the water coil or ...

Grundig -- P 37 – 837 text

Sony -- SLT-A55V
Digital camera

Simpson -- 260-8Xi
Analog multimeter

260-8Xi has all of the circuit protection features and advantages for which the 260 Series is famous... And even more features than its predecessors. The yellow case color for enhanced visibility and user safety awareness is the trademark of the 260-8Xi. The durable ABS plastic case also provides high-impact resistance and increased drop protection in the toughest environments. Instant Trend Information for Quick Positive 'Yes/No" Checks Zero RFI Emission UL Listed Audible Con ...

Dentron -- DTR-1200L

The DenTron DTR-1200L linear amplifier was designed to provide legal power inputs in all modes lor the Amateur Service, with a full compliment of controls and metering functions. The unit is low profile with all-metal construction and forced air cooling. Two ruggged but economical 572-B trlodes are used in grounded grid to deliver a full 1000 Watts DC input on CW, and 1200 Watts PEP input on SSB. A dual primary transformer allows for both 117V AC and 234V AC operation. The DTR-1200L h ...

ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations -- PA-76P