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Philips -- HX 2545
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION - Gum Protection System : The brush automatically fl exes back when too much pressure is applied. Because of this signal, the user will develop a safe and effi cient brushing technique. - Active tip : Removes plaque between the teeth - Number of brush heads included in fancy box : 2 - Colours : White/ grey - Timer / charging light : The pilot light blinks green during charging. When the brush time of two minutes has passed, the pilot light blinks red. - Waterpr ...

Tensai -- TVR-14 VP
Video cassette recorder

Grundig -- CUC 2103/M
TV chassis

Grundig -- XENTIA 55 ST 55-405/8 DOLBY

Sanyo -- M7900K
Radio cassette recorder

AOC -- M600