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Kenwood -- VFO-520

The VFO-52C) is a solid state remote VFO which matches the Kenwood TS- 520. It is designed for use with the TS-520 on the amateur bands between 3.5 and 29.7 MHz. When connected to the transceiver, the VFO-520 allows VFO controlled cross-channel operation (the use of separate frequencies for transmission and reception). All VFO power, signals, and switching are supplied through a single interconnecting cable. A built-in RIT circuit, with a light-emitting-diode indicator, allows receiver i ...

Leader -- LT443D-HD

The LT443D-HD (HD-SDI Module) can generate 14 formats HD-SDI when used with the mainframe. Available functions include, Logo and ID Character display, embedded audio, simple motion of sixteen test patterns or natural picture. Natural picture display is available as Option70.

Angelantoni Industrie -- BBR 700/5

Kenwood -- TM-231A

Epson -- EPL-N2050 Option Mulibin Unit

Hitachi -- VT-F641 ENA
Video cassette recorder