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Yamaha -- 02R

Digital Recording Console 02R From the company that pioneered digital mixing consoles and leads the industry with its acclaimed DSP technology comes the Digital Recording Console 02R – the most advanced digital mixing console in the world. All of YAMAHA’s experience and innovation has been applied to the 02R, to create a perfect mixer for use with the current generation of modular digital multitrack tape and disk recorders. Inputs and Outputs – I/O Cards and Digital Cascade With t ...

Racal -- 1774

1 . The RA. 1771 and RA. 1772 are fully synthesized solid state communications receivers providing reception facilities for LSB/USB (A3A, A3H, A3J), AM(A3) and CW(A1). ISB (A3B), FSK(F1) and AFC facilities are provided by optional, internally fitted, modules. In addition, a manual RF tuning unit may be fitted. 2. The built-in synthesizer is phase-locked to the output of a frequency standard, which may be either internal or external, and covers the frequency range 15kHz to 30MHz in switc ...

Hameg -- HM203-6

Elenco Precision -- F-1000

INTRODUCTION The Elenco model F-1000 is a 10Hz to 1000MHz multiple-function counter that features a temperature control crystal oven for high accurate readings. Other features are eight high brightness seven segment LED display, low power consumption circuit design and full input signal conditioning. The F-1000 is also small in size and light weight for easy portability. The model F-1000 has four functions in one. It is a 1000MHz frequency counter with accuracy of ,3Hz/million per mont ...

ETO Ehrhorn Technological Operations -- Alpha 374A

Tektronix -- R7603

7603 Features The TEKTRONIX 7603 Oscilloscope is a solid state, light weight instrument designed for general-purpose measuring applications. This instrument has three plug-in compartments that accept TEKTRONIX 7-series plug-in units to form a complete measurement system. The two plug-in compartments on the left are connected to the vertical deflection system. The right plug-in compartment is connected to the horizontal deflection system. Electronic switching between the vertical plug- ...