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Philips -- AZ 2558
Audio system

Keithley -- 3720

The Series 3700 instruments offer scalable, instrument grade switching and multi-channel measurement solutions that are optimized for automated testing of electronic products and components. The Series 3700 includes four versions of the Model 3706 system switch mainframe along with a growing family of plug-in switch and control cards. When the Model 3706 mainframe is ordered with the high performance multimeter, you receive a tightly integrated switch and measurement system that can me ...

LG -- LMHM2017ST
Microwave oven

Panasonic -- TC-22LR30

Boonton Electronic -- 72AD
Level Meter

The Model 72AD Capacitance Meter provides instant, direct-reading, three-terminal and differential capacitance measurements from 0.05 pF to 2000 pF. This capacitance coverage is divided into four ranges, selected by panel push-buttons or remotely. These are arranged in a 2, 20, 200 and 2000 pF full-scale sequence. (1) The digital display provides 3 digits plus one readout, decimal point, and + or - Indications. The solid-state design and the low-level crystal-controlled signal source con ...

Samsung -- SGH-C230
Mobile phone