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Philips -- FC8041
Vacuum cleaner

Sony -- DSC-F707

Acer -- Aspire 5738G

Features Below is a brief summary of the computer’s many features: Platform For Aspire 5738G/5738ZG/5738Z/5738/5338 Series • Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology, featuring: • Intel® CoreTM2 Duo processor • Mobile Intel® PM45/GM45 Express Chipset* • Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5100/5300* • Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5150/5350* • Intel® Pentium® mobile processor* • Intel® Celeron® mobile processor* • Mobile Intel ® GM45/GL40 Express Ch ...

Fluke -- 430 Series

The Fluke 434 and 435 three-phase power quality analyzers help you locate, predict, prevent and troubleshoot problems in three- and single-phase power distribution systems. Troubleshooting is faster with on-screen display of trends and captured events, even while background recording continues. The new IEC standards for flicker, harmonics and power quality are built right in to take the guess work out of power quality • Troubleshoot real-time: Analyze the trends using the cursors a ...

Telefunken -- A 1147

Verwendungszweck Die logarithmisch-periodische Vertikalantenne A 1147 dient zum Empfang von Kurzwellensendern im Frequenzbereich von 4 MHz bis 30 MHz, Sie liefert bei durchschnittlichem Gewinn von etwa 11 dB und guter Anpassung s S2 eine fast gleichbleibende Halbwertsbreite der Azimutdiagramme um 85 Grad . Infolge des Aufbaus der A 1147 als Monopolantenne ergibt sich eine geringe Masthöhe von etwa 26 m.

Philips -- HX6992 FlexCare+ ProDispense with Sanitizer
Tooth brush

PRODUCT INFORMATION Easy-start This Sonicare model comes with the Easy-start feature activated. The Easy-start feature gently increases power over the first 14 brushings to ease into the Sonicare experience.. Easy-start can also be switched off. To deactivate Easy-start: Press and hold the power on/off button for 2 seconds. You hear 1 beep to indicate that the Easy-start feature has been deactivated. To activate Easy-start: Press and hold the power on/off button for 2 seconds. You hear ...