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Good Will -- GDS-810

Whirlpool -- ADP 542 WH
Dish washer

Technical data Dimension Height 85.0 cm + 1.5 Width 59.8 cm Depth 57.0 cm Weight 56 kg Succession of programs Programs see program diagram Succession P300 Prewash P304 Eco 50° P303 Normal 50° P301 Intensive 65° Datas Energy Label Energy Performance B Cleaning Performance C Drying Performance D Reference program P304 Eco 50° Specification/ PI-Expression Program Eco 50°C Water consumtion 17 l Energy consumption 1.42-1.34 kWh Program duration ~ 80 min Noise level - witho ...

Tektronix -- DF2

The DF Display Formatter provides data-domain display modes in addition to the existing time-domain display of the 7D01 Logic Analyzer. It adds state table displays with a comparison mode, a map display and other operational modes as assigned to the Menu List. The DF attaches to the left side of the 7D01, forming a three-wide plug in assembly. This assembly operates in a 7000-series oscilloscope mainframe to comprise a complete 16-channel logic timing-state analyzer system. A microp ...

Philips -- HP 4818
Hair dryer

PRODUCT INFORMATION Motor : DC type Voltage : 220 V; 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : 250 Watts Attachment : Styling nozzle Settings : 2 heat speed settings Cord length : 1.80 meter Colour housing : Rubber touch light green and glossy blue Colour attachment : Translucent blue Automatic overheating : If the product is overheated, the automatic overheating protection device protecting device switches off the product automatically. After it has cooled down for a few minutes, the hair dryer ...

Whirlpool -- ADP 941 WH
Dish washer

Dimension Height 85,0 cm Width 59,5 cm Depth 60,0 cm Weight 56,7 kg Decor plate Thicknes max. 4 mm Width 584 mm Height 595 mm Weight max. 1,8 kg Specification (normal program) Capacity 12 standard setting pl. Water consumption 22 l Energy consumption 1,5 kWh Program time ~ 82 min Noise level 52 db (A) Detergent consumption 25 ml Salt consumption by 21° dh <20 g Hot water connect. up to 60 °C Alarms Refill rinse aid Refill salt Program information Start indicator Ne ...

Toshiba -- 2013RE