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Allied Radio -- A-2516

The ALLIED A-2516 is a high performance communications receiver made especially to cover the amateur bands. It utilizes a crystal controlled dual conversion circuitry and provides high sensitivity and good stability. 1.This receiver covers the amateur bands between 3.5 and 29.7 MHz. It will also receive the 10 MHz frequency standard signal. (WWV) 2. The dial features an anti-backlash double gear construction. It is direct reading down to 1 kHz. Precise tuning of all signals in ...

Korg -- D16

Icom -- IC-F21GM

Sony -- CDX-GT200E
Car CD Tuner

Grundig -- ST 72-261/8 IDTV / LOG

General Radio Company -- 1205-B
Power supply

The Type 1205-B Adjustable Regulated Power Supply (Figure 1) is a compact, high-efficiency, fast-response source of regulated power from 0 to 300 volts, up to 200 ma. The Type 1205-B also includes two 5-amp 6.3-volt supplies and a regulated -150-volt 5-ma bias supply. 1.2 DESCRIPTION. 1.2.1 CONTROLS. Three controls are mounted on the front panel: A POWER toggle switch with a standby (B + OFF) position, a METER toggle switch to select either a voltage or a current meter indication, ...