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Power Designs Inc. -- TW347D
Power supply

This Regulated DC Power Source is suitable for general purpose laboratory and industrial applications. Each unit contains two sources in a single case. Each source may be operated independently or combined in a series of parallel arrangement. In addition each output may be operated in either the constant voltage or constant current mode. Transfer from constant voltage to constant current or visa versa is automatic. A current mode iamp indicates when the constant current mode is in operat ...

LG -- LSC27910SB /01

Kenwood -- MC-50

Keithley -- 7072

The Model 7072 Semiconductor Matrix Card is designed specifically to handle low-level and high- impedance measurements encountered in semiconductor parametric tests on wafers and devices. This unique design provides two lowcurrent circuits with specified 1pA maximum offset current for sensitive subpicoamp measurement resolution, and two C-V paths for measurement of Capacitance Voltage characteristics from DC to 1MHz. Four additional highquality signal paths with <20pA offset curren ...

Tektronix -- 2465

300MHz four channel analog oscilloscope with crt readouts.

Grundig -- M 72-410 Reference/PIP