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Mitsubishi -- WD-65C10

SPECIFICATIONS • Power Input : AC 120V, 60Hz • Light Engine : DLP™ (1080p) • Light Source : 156W • Antenna Input : RF 75Ω unbalanced • Tuning : NTSC/ATSC/QAM : Analog Cable - 1~125 Digital Cable - 1~135 • Speakers : 10W x 2 (V43C, V43, V43+) : 2W x 16 (V43++) • Analog Input : Composite/Component Level (RCA Type) Y/Video: 1.0 Vp-p, Cr, Cb: 700mVp-p 75Ω unbalanced : AUDIO IN JACK (RCA Type) -4.7dBm 43kΩ unbalanced • Analog Output : AUDIO / SUBWOOFER OUT JACK L ...

Ferisol -- 5702
Analog multimeter

Le Millivoltmetre type 5702 est un appareil permettant la mesure directe des tensions alternatives de 3 mV ä 10 volts pleine echelle, entre 10 kHz et 900 MHz. Des mesures relatives sont encore possibles depuis 1 kHz et jusque vers 1 500 1Hz. Le principal avantage de ce Millivoltmetre reside dans le fait que la lecture s'effectue sur des echelles lineaires avec recoupement de 10 dB en 10 dB, m&ne pour les tensions les plus faibles. De plus, tin grand galvanometre facilite la le ...

Boonton Electronic -- 9200A
Digital multimeter

The instrument is microprocessor-based with unique features that make it useful for systems requirements as well as for manual operation. The basic instrument can measure RF voltage levels from 200 microvolts to 3 volts over a frequency range from 10 kHz to 1.2 GHz. An optional Model 952005 100:1 Voltage Divider extends the voltage range to 300 V up to 700 MHz. A 50-ohm terminated RF sensor, Model 952009, is also available to measure RF voltage levels from 200 microvolts to 3 volts over ...

Philips -- HD 4850/B

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 220-240V Frequency : 50-60Hz Power consumption : 1050W Color setting : Ivory with orange parts White with green parts Cover Bunwarmer Max. timer setting HD4850/A - - 180 sec. ±15% HD4850/B - - 160 sec. ±15% HD4851/A - - 180 sec. ±15% HD4851/B - - 160 sec. ±15% HD4852/B - x 160 sec. ±15% HD4854/B - x 160 sec. ±15% HD4855/B x x 160 sec. ±15%

Tektronix -- 7A15AN

Knight-Kit -- RF-Probe

The KNIGHT RF Probe extends the working range of a VTVM to 250 megacycles. A multiple purpose head permits the probe to be used for both RF and DC measurements by merely rotating the head of the probe. The probe is shielded and the connecting cable is flexible and shielded.