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Faircild Instrumentation -- 766

The Fairchild Types 765, 766, and 767 Family of Oscilloscopes are available in three basic form factors: bench, rack, and portable models. The Portable Models are identified by the Type 765 numerical Series; the Bench Models by the Type 766 numerical Series, and the Rack-mounted Models by the Type 767 numerical Series. In addition, there are alphabetical suffixes appended to the numerical series to identify special electronic circuits. The suffix H denotes the high-voltage oscilloscope ...

Mitsubishi -- WS-55859

Philips -- Elance GC 6004

PRODUCT INFORMATION Feataures : optinox sole plate boiler capacity 1 litre length steam hose 1,9 metre length cord set 1,9 metre maximum steam output 80 gr/min steam ready indicator Voltage : 220-240 Volt Frequency : 50-60 Hz Power consumptium : Boiler : 1200 Watt Pressure : 3,5 bar Iron : 800 Watt

Samsung -- YEPP YP-S2
MP3 player

 Fashionable Second MP3 player - Fashion Necklace Type (5 Color)  Simple UI and Playlist Features - Playlist creation and deletion features using the +/- button’s Long- key - Audio change feature using the Smart button’s Short- key (Normal - Concert Hall - Club) - Replay mode using the Smart button’s Long- key (Normal (Blue) - Shuffle (Green-Blue-Purple) - Playlist (Purple))

Philips -- DVP9000S/00/69
DVD player

Sorensen Company -- DCR-150-3B
Power supply

Designed for either bench or rack use, the typical DCR-B power supply provides a highly regulated, precise d-c output, adjustable over a wide range. It operates from a nominal 115 Vac (208/220/230-Vac inputs are available as options) and exhibits a rapid response to transients, both load and line.