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Advantest Corporation -- R3767CG
Network Analyzer

R3765/67G series is the 3.8GHz/8GHz vector network analyzer, which has newly been designed based on a concept “an optimum tool for each application”. We have fully pursued high throughput such as 0.15ms/points high-speed measurement at a resolution bandwidth (RBW) of 20kHz, 10OdB wide dynamic-range measurement, and two-device simultaneous measurement with four-channel/eight-trace display. Also, we have added the program sweeping function that can freely change the resolution bandwi ...

Keithley -- 238

The 236, 237, and 238 Source-Measure Units (SMU) are fully programmable instruments, capable of sourcing and measuring voltage or current simulta- neously. These systems are really four instruments in one: voltage source, current source, voltage mea- sure and current measure. QQZQ QZQQ QZZQ The 236 will source voltage from 100μV to 110V, and current from 100fA to 100mA. It can also measure voltage from 10μV to 110V and current from 10fA to 100mA. The 237 offers the same capabilitie ...

Grundig -- Satellit 700

Yamaha -- P2500S

Mitsubishi -- V21++
TV chassis

Singer Instrumentation -- NM-27
Level Meter

PURPOSE AND USE OF EQUIPMENT The Model NM-17/27 is a programmable, precision electromagnetic interference/field intensity (F.MI/FI) meter for the measurement of conducted or radiated RF interference, within the frequency range of 10 kHz to 32 MHz in accordance with standard military and commcrical EMI test specifications. The instrument performs automatic and semiautomatic testing when supplied with appropriate command signals and provides outputs of signal amplitude and frequency that are suita ...