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Sony -- FWD-42PV1A

Okidata -- Okioffice 84

Welcome to the new generation of multifunction printers (MFPs)! The OKIOFFICE 84 MFP combines printing, faxing, scanning, and copying capabilities with Okidata’s highquality 600 dpi-class LED printing technology to handle all of your document processing needs in one easy-to-use package.

PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation -- B-12
Power supply

The Model B-12 Regulated Power Supply is a reliable source of d-c voltage, bias voltage, and filament power. The B-12 is a most valuable device for testing and developing any new circuit you may build. The B-12 is also useful for testing during normal servicing of electronic instruments. The power supply offers regulated d-c voltages from 0 to +400 volts, and from 0 to -150 volts. Each output is variable throughout its range, with a front panel control. The 0 to +400 volt, d-c supply vol ...

Philips -- Provapor Elance GC6057

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features Iron - Optinox soleplate - Max steam output 60 grams/min - Cord length 1.9 m Boiler - Inox boiler - Capacity 1 litre - Stainless steel tray assy

Marconi -- TF 2950
Communications Test Set

INTRODUCTION The Mobile Radio Test Set, TF 2950 has been designed as a fully transistorised, multipurpose unit capable of being driven from its own rechargeable batteries. The main application is for the testing, adjustment and servicing of mobile radio communications equipment operating in the VHF and UHF frequency bands. 1) An AM/FM signal generator covering the appropriate mobile radio VHF and UHF communications bands. 2) A modulation monitor for the measurement of amplitude mod ...

Sony -- CCD-TRV300E
Video camera