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Icom -- IC-970E

Icom’s advanced IC-970A/E/H is designed to meet the increasing demand of today’s amateur radio operators for high precision, sophisticated radio communications. Two bands with multi-mode and additional band capability. Moreover, a wideband receiver unit can be installed. Serious satellite operators and V/UHF band enthusiasts will love the multi-function capability of this state-of-the-art rig. FEATURES • Separate receiver on the MAIN and SUB bands • Expansion capability with 120 ...

Pioneer -- CDX-M2096
Car CD changer

Philips -- EXP 411
CD player

Systron Donner -- 1702

The Systron Donner Model 1702 is a frequency synthesizer that generates fundamental (non-harmonic) signals from 100 Hz to 999.9999 MHz in discrete 100 Hz steps. Selection of AM and FM modulation of the output is provided either by an internal 1 kHz source or by an external dc to 20 kHz source. The internal and external modulation features may be used simultaneously as well as the AM and FM inodes. The internal 1 kHz modulation source is available as a Front Panel BNC output. This feature ...

Fluke and Philips -- PM 3580
Logic Analyzer

Daiwa Industry Co. -- CN-460M
Level Meter

The CN-400 series is a high quality instrument with a unique feature which makes tedious measurements of SWR and power during antenna tests, matching and tuning of transmitters a breeze. SWR and power indicators are installed in one meter unit. One scale will indicate Forward Power, another scale Reflected Power and SWR is indicated at the crossing point of the 2 needles. This unique feature makes it possible to read Forward Power. Reflected Power and SWR all at the same time. " ...