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Grundig -- T 51-4201/5 TOP

Philips -- PM 5715

The PM 5715 generates high-quality pulses at a repetition frequency of 1 Hz to 50MHz and rise and falltime being independently and continuously variable between 6ns and 0.5s. All of the other important pulse parameters, such as pulse delay, duration and amplitude, are also variable within a wide range. Normal or inverted pulses with positive or negative polarity, double pulse generation and variable d.c. offset are other versatility parameters provided by the PM 5715. The variable tran ...

Sony -- HCD-GX90D
Audio system

Sencore -- CR70
Test Set

Introduction The Sencore CR70 “Beam Builder”™ Universal CRT Analyzer and Restorer is designed to test and restore any type of CRT (cathode ray tube). The tests analyze each type of possible electron gun failure to provide accurate information about the ability of the gun assembly to produce an electron beam with the correct specifications. This information helps you decide whether the CRT will continue to operate in the circuit, whether you should attempt to improve its condition with the ...

Fluke -- 95

SCOPEMETER FEATURES Your ScopeMeter combines the capabilities of a dual-trace, digital storage oscilloscope with the versatility of a digital multimeter. This combination allows you to analyze and compare complex waveforms, read voltage levels, or simply measure resistances. ScopeMeter features include: • Dual Trace, 50 MHz Bandwidth Scope. • 25 million samples-per-second, 40 ns glitch capture capability. • 3 2/3digit, 3000-Count Digital Multimeter (DMM). • Menu-Dr ...

Superior Instruments -- TV-12
Valve characteristic meter

The Model TV-12 Trans-Conductance Tube Tester was designed to test tubes under dynamic conditions closely resembling the operating conditions of the tube. It performs this function by measuring the plate current of the tube under test while under the direct influence of an in-phase grid voltage applied to the tube. (See Page 9 for a detailed explanation of the unique circuit employed in the Model TV-12) With its simplified controls, fast-acting roll chart, self-cleaning lever switches ...