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KitchenAid -- K5SS

Sencore -- LC102

Capacitor and inductor usage is extensive, encompassing all facets of industrial and consumer electronics. Very few circuits lack either of these components. As the transistor gave way to the IC, and the IC gave way to the LSIC, so capacitor and inductor usage continues to increase rapidly since neither of these components can be physically incorporated into ICs on a broad basis. Though they have changed some in physical size, capacitors still perform the same basic functions. But in to ...

harman kardon -- EQ8

Grundig -- ST 55-854/8 DOLBY

Philips Medical Systems -- Philips HeartStart FR2+

Design Philosophy for HeartStart AEDs The HeartStart AEDs are designed specifically to be used by the first people responding to an emergency. It is reliable, easy to use, and virtually maintenance free. The design allows HeartStart AEDs to be used by people with no medical training in places where defibrillators have not raditionally been used. In order to accomplish this, consideration was given to the fact that an AED might not be used very often, may be subjected to harsh environme ...

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLA 562-GF

The model 562-GF is a 5 valve, two band, 32 volts D.C. operated Phono/Radio superheterodyne and features of its design include:—Tropic-proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers and broadcast oscillator coil, air-dielectric trimming capacitors, straight-line edge lighted perspex dial scale. The model also incorporates the Garrard RC75A which is designed to play 33£, 45 and 78 r.p.m. records. The record changer features a D.C. motor and simple co ...