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Samsung -- ProXpress M458x series

Printing Speed (Mono) • Up to 45 ppm in A4 (47 ppm in Letter) Processor • Dual core CPU 1GHz Memory • 4GB (2GB for Android OS) 320 GB HDD

Ateliers de Montages Electriques -- 7G-1680 MA

Goldstar -- CKT-2191

Drake -- 2-C

BWD Electronics -- 246A
Power supply

Model BWD 246A dual high stability, all Silicon Solid State DC Power Supply provides both Constant Voltage and Constant Current operation over the full operating range. Front pane] switching enables the supply to be used up to the following ratings. 1. INDEPENDENT 2 x 0 - 3&V at 0 - 5 Amp. 2. SERIES 0 - 72V at 0 - 5 Amp. 3. PARALLEL 0 - 3^V at 0 - 10 Amp. Integrated Circuit control and reliable silicon semi-conductors coupled with the advanced circuit design provide very hi ...

Aeroflex -- 6210

6210 enhances the capability of 6200B series by providing precision reflection coefficient and time domain measurements • Excellent directivity and test port match for precise measurements of reflection coefficient • Time domain software for pinpointing impedance discontinuities in devices or systems • Polar and Smith Chart displays to facilitate matching of devices in circuits • Fast sweep rate to speed up alignment of components in production test • Wide range of calib ...