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Philips -- HR 8005
Vacuum cleaner

Hafler -- Pro2400

The Hafler PR02400 is a two channel medium power audio amplifier which has been engineered to meet high performance and reliability standards while maintaining affordability. The amplifier employs a sonically proven circuit topology driving MOSFET output devices. These devices provide exceptional reliability as a result of their inherent ruggedness and resistance to abusive operating conditions. Consequently, the PR02400 is capable of delivering high current into low impedance loads, a ...

B & K Manufacturing Company -- 501A

The semiconductor curve tracer displays a family of dynamic characteristic curves for transistors, FET's, diodes, Zener diodes, triacs, tunnel diodes and all other semiconductor devices on the screen of an oscilloscope. Most authorities agree that a dynamic curve tracer is the best instrument for testing semiconductors, since it simulates actual operating conditions of changing voltage and current. Some of the characterististics which may be measured are gain (beta), leakage, breakd ...

Marantz -- 2325

Samsung -- ML-2550

Tektronix -- DPO4054