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Tektronix -- 2430

Rohde & Schwarz -- ASV
Communications Test Set

Panasonic -- CQ-RD105
Car Radio cassette

FEATURES • 20-Stations Preset (15-FM, 5-AM). • Radio Data System (PS, AF, CT, PI). • Electronic Control of Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader. • Detachable Face Plate Security.

JBL -- Studio L8400P

Amplifier Power (RMS) 600 Watts Peak Dynamic Power * 1200 Watts Frequency Response (–3dB) 22Hz – Low-pass crossover frequency Low-Pass Crossover Frequencies 50Hz – 150Hz, Continuously adjustable Low-Frequency Transducer 12" (300mm) PolyPlasTM cone Baffle Low diffraction, IsoPowerTM Enclosure Sealed Inputs Gold-plated 5-way binding-post speaker-level; Left and right line-level, switchable to LFE Outputs 150Hz when using speaker-level connection Gold-plated 5 ...

Wavetek -- 750
Level Meter

PURPOSE OF THE EQUIPMENT The Wavetek Model 750 Phase Meter has been designed to accurately measure the phase angle between any two ac signals {with amplitudes between 1 mV and 300 V) within the 10 Hz to 2 MHz range. A precision wide band bench instrument, the Model 750 uses a unique circuit design which permits accurate phase angle measurements with input signals having high even harmonic distortion. A fourdigit readout is used to display, in degrees and tenths of degrees, the phase a ...

General Radio Company -- 1493-9801 Bench

The Type 1493 Precision Decade Transformer is a highly accurate, adjustabe-ratio transformer. When connected to a suitable ac source, this instrument can be set for any output between -0.1111111 and +1.1111111 times the input voltage. In general, the principal applications of the Type 1493 are the measurement of unknown ratios and the accurate measurement of complex impedances in transformer bridge circuits . Within the se two broad measurement areas , the uses for this precis ion trans ...