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Philips -- DVD590M /69
DVD player

General Radio Company -- 1110-A
Frequency Standard

The Type 1110-A Interpolating Frequency Standard is designed as a means to improve greatly the accuracy of frequency measurements made with the heterodyne- frequency m eters, such as the Types 720-A and 620-A. The Type 1110-A Interpolating Frequency Standard comprises a standard frequency source having a range of 1 per cent, from 1000 to 1010 kc, and is used with the Type 1110-Pl, a harmonic generator of the multivibrator type which generates multiples of lM c and 100 kc. By adjustment ...

Philips -- Cucina HD7524/60/B
Coffee machine

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Voltage : 100 V, 120 V : 220 - 240 V - Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz - Power consumption : 900 - 1100 W - Contents jug : 1200 cc - Coloursetting : Ivory - Filter size : 1 x 4 - Thermostat switch-off temp : 140 °C - Fuse cut-off temp : 227 °C - SAP coding : HD7524/60/B

Anritsu -- MS4662A
Network Analyzer

The MS4661A/E include a built-in transmission/reflection measurement test set (bridge), making them ideal for measuring antennas and passive devices (filters, attenuators, switches, cables) where the input and output impedances are nearly equal. The MS4662A also has an S-parameter test set. In addition to measuring active devices with different input and output characteristics (such as amplifiers), it measures forward and reverse direction characteristics with a single connection. Yo ...

Grundig -- MF 55-9201/8 DOLBY

Icom -- IC-27E

THE MOST COMPACT 144MHz MOBILE The smallest 144MHz mobile available, the IC-27A/E measures only 38 millimeters high by 140 millimeters wide. As an added bonus, the IC-27A/E, through ICOM engineering, is able to contain an internal speaker to provide ease of mounting and make the unit one small compact complete package. HIGH OUTPUT POWER In such incredibly small package, the IC-27A/E is able to provide 25 watts of output power. And even though the IC-27A/E is the smallest available two-m ...