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Tektronix -- 7904

Boonton Electronic -- 92AB
Level Meter

The Model 92 Series RF Mi!IIvoltmeter provides an accurate readout of measurements from the low radio frequencies to the gigahertz region, over a voltage range of 200 jjV to 3 volts. It is a programmable, solid-state instrument of high sensitivity and accuracy, characterized by high input impedance (see Figs. 1 and 2), excellent stability, and low noise. The Model 92 exhibits true rms response for input signals up to 30 millivolts, gradually approaching peak-to-peak above this level „ ...

Panasonic -- CQ-RD243N
Car Radio cassette

Grundig -- P 37 – 9441 FR

Sony -- NAS-E35HD
Audio system

Brüel & Kjær -- 2148

Dual Channel Portable Signal Analyzer Type 2148 and Portable Signal Analyzer Type 2147 are portable FFT analyzers for acoustics, electroacoustics and vibration measurements. Their light weight and water-protected cabinets make them especially well suited for use in the field, yet their measuring capabilities easily match those of a laboratory instrument. The analyzers feature 2048 sample transform size (801 lines), real-time zoom, advanced cursor functions, and a frequency range to 25.6 ...