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Grundig -- TVR 5540/2 TOP

Weinmann -- MODUL CapnoVol WM 22440

MODUL CapnoVol is a device for measuring respiratory parameters on exhalation. The following are shown as figures: • tidal volume (TVe) • minute volume (MVe) • respiratory frequency (AF) • ratio of inspiration to exhalation (I:E) • carbon dioxide concentration at the end of exhalation (etCO2) The following is shown in the form of a graph: • current carbon dioxide concentration (capnogram). MODUL CapnoVol can be used in a permanent location or on a mobile basi ...

GE Healthcare -- Vivid 7 Pro
Ultrasound Equipment

Overview of the Vivid 7 Ultrasound Scanner • Vivid 7 is a phased and linear array ultrasound imaging scanner. It also has provisions for analog input sources like ECG and phono, and a Doppler probe may be connected and used too. • Real Time 3D (RT 3D) was introduced as an option to VIVID 7 Dimension in 2004 (BT’04). • The unit can be used for: - 2D Black and White imaging - 2D Color Flow - M-Mode Black and White imaging - Color M-Mode - Doppler - a number o ...

Hewlett Packard -- 3582A
Spectrum analyzer

The -hp- Model 3582A is a dual-channel spectrum analyzer covering the frequency range of 0.02 Hz to 25.6 kHz. By combining advanced digital processing techniques and a powerful micro-computer, it can provide measurement capability previously found only in complicated computer systems. The performance features of the instrument provide optimal solutions to the problems of low frequency spectrum analysis. Frequency spans from 1 Hz to 25 kHz full scale allow great flexibility in selectin ...

Radiomarine Corporation of America -- CRM-50092

The model RAZ-1 radio receiving equipment comprises the following major units: CRM-46092 - Radio Receiver CRM-50092 - Pre-Selector CRM-20096 - Rectifier Power Supply Unit The CRM-4.6092 radio receiver and the CRM-50092 preselector cover a continuous frequency range of 15 to 600 K.C., divided into four bands. Two selector switches are used on the radio receiver and a similar switch is employed on the pre-selector to obtain the following frequency ranges: Range 1 - 15 to 40 K.C ...

Whirlpool -- ADG 955/3 IXM
Dish washer