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Kenwood -- DCS-7040

With the storage menu and triggering function concentrated to assure safe use by anyone engaged in the production and a clear panel layout showing operations at a glance, the DCS-7000 Series of oscilloscopes are easy-to-use models even for beginners in spite of the many, versatile functions packed in each unit. The maximum sampling rate of 40 MS/s (DCS-7040) enables advanced waveform observations, and an analog function (50 MHz) is also incorporated so that each model can play two roles ...

the hallicrafters co. -- HT-18

Velleman -- HHPS5

Samsung -- ProXpress M4030 series

Speed • Up to 40 ppm in A4 (42 ppm in Letter) Processor • Dual Core 1GHz Memory (Std / Max) • 256 MB / 2 GB Interfaces • High-Speed USB 2.0 • 10/100/1000 Base TX Ethernet • 4 Line LCD Toner cartridge yield • Initial : 6,000 pages • Standard : 10,000 pages

Angelantoni Industrie -- POLAR 370 SH

Grundig -- ELEGANCE 63 ST 63-300/8 DOLBY