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Hughes Products -- 105A

2-1. The Hughes MEMO »SCOPE Oscilloscope, Model 105 A, is an advanced laboratory-type instrument designed to test any type of equipment where performance can be translated into an electrical signal. The instrument is built around the MEMOTRON storage tube, which permits use of the oscilloscope as a storage-type instrument of long persistence, or as a conventional high-speed oscilloscope. In the storage mode, the MEMO-SCOPE Oscilloscope affords a visual presentation of all pertinent ...

BWD Electronics -- 246A
Power supply

Model BWD 246A dual high stability, all Silicon Solid State DC Power Supply provides both Constant Voltage and Constant Current operation over the full operating range. Front pane] switching enables the supply to be used up to the following ratings. 1. INDEPENDENT 2 x 0 - 3&V at 0 - 5 Amp. 2. SERIES 0 - 72V at 0 - 5 Amp. 3. PARALLEL 0 - 3^V at 0 - 10 Amp. Integrated Circuit control and reliable silicon semi-conductors coupled with the advanced circuit design provide very hi ...

Kenwood -- TM-D700A

Outline This device is a dual-band 144/430MHz FM car transceiver planned and designed for amateur radio communications and has the following features. 1. Has a built-in TNC which conforms to the AX.25 protocol. With a portable computer, allows you to enjoy Packet operation quite easily. 2. Includes a program for dealing with data formats supported by Automatic Packet/ Position Reporting System (APRSJ. 3. Is capable of receiving packet data on one band while receiving audio ...

Samsung -- SGH-X200
Mobile phone

Hewlett Packard -- 6218B
Power supply

DESCRIPTION 1 -2 This power supply is completely transistorized and suitable for either bench or relay rack operation. It is a compact, well-regulated, Constant Voltage/Constant Current supply that will furnish full rated output voltage at the maximum rated output current or can be continuously adjusted throughout the output range. The front panel CURRENT control can be used to establish the output current limit (overload or short circuit) when the supply is used as a constant voltage ...

Philips -- Essence HR2752/C
Kitchen helper

PRODUCT INFORMATION - This product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. - After the product has been repaired, it should function properly and has to meet the safety requirements as officially laid down at this moment. TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Voltage : 230 V - Frequency : 50 Hz - Power consumption : 85 W - Cord length : 120 cm - Noise level : 60 dbA - Sieve : Stainless steel - Colour : White - Dimensions Product : 220 x 220 x 235 mm F - box : ...