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White-Rodgers -- 16C28S-010
Air Cleaner

Daewoo -- SL-500T

Weinmann -- MEDUMAT Basic p WM 22650

MEDUMAT Basic / Basic p is an automatic (short-term) ventilator. You can use MEDUMAT Basic / Basic p: • to revive patients at the site of an emergency • on a longer term basis in more protracted emergencies, e.g. fires. You can use MEDUMAT Basic / Basic p whilst transporting patients: • between the various rooms and departments of a hospital; • between the hospital and other premises; • in emergencies; • when transport over a considerable distance is planned. ...

General Radio Company -- 1556-B

The Type 1556-B Impact-Noise Analyzer (Figure l)is an amplifier-voltmeter system designed to measure peak value, maximum instantaneous level, and time duration of impact sound or vibration. By means of an electrical storage system in the instrument, all three characteristics of a single impact can be measured with only one indicating meter. The Impact- Noise Analyzer is usually used to measure the output of a Type 1551 Sound-Level Meter, a Type 1550-A Octave-Band Noise Analyzer, a Type 1 ...

Hewlett Packard -- 8654B

The HP 8654B Signal Generator is a portable, solid-state RF source providing calibrated and leveled signals from 10 to 520 MHz, and from +10 to —130 dBm. An internal oscillator provides calibrated amplitude and frequency modulation at 400 and 1000 Hz. Calibrated modulation from an external source is also possible. A front-panel meter indicates output level, percent AM, or FM peak frequency deviation.

Philips -- Elance GC 6000

PRODUCT INFORMATION Feataures : optinox sole plate boiler capacity 1 litre length steam hose 1,9 metre length cord set 1,9 metre maximum steam output 60 gr/min Voltage : 220-240 Volt Frequency : 50-60 Hz Power consumptium : Boiler : 1200 Watt Pressure : 2,5 bar Iron : 800 Watt