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Amalgamated Wireless -- Radiola 453-P

The portable models 452-P/CDD6 are broadcast and the models 453-P/CDD7, two-band receivers housed in cabinets attractively finished in leatherette. They embody a hinged front cover which effectively protects the dial and controls from damage, dust and weather. Features of their design include: Tropic-proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers, broadcast oscillator coils and loop coupling coils, air-dielectric trimming capacitors, straight-line tuni ...

Sencore -- SG165

INTRODUCTION The AM/FM/FM MPX receiver represents the fastest growing segment of the home entertainment electronics market. Many consumers consider the sound system, whether component or console, their first purchase after the essentials of food and shelter. These consumers demand, and are willing to pay relatively large sums for, quality reproduction of their favorite music. When this equipment requires service they expect the repaired unit to meet the same exacting specifications it ...

Icom -- IC-R7100

Hewlett Packard -- 428A
Analog multimeter

For a long time the design engineer in the laboratory or the technician in the iield has been in need of an instrument that would measure dc currents without breaking the leads. Since the introduction of the transistor, which is a current device, the need for a fast, convenient method for measuring dc currents became even more apparent. The Model 428A Clip-On Milliammeter realizes the above stated objectives in a unique way. The instrument measures the magnetic field, which exists around the ...

Grundig -- SEDANCE 70 ST 70-284/8 DOLBY

Brother -- MFC-890