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WRL Electronics -- Globe Champion 300-A

1-1. C-EWERAL 1-2. The Globe Champion transmitter, model 300-A is made by Globe Electronics, Inc. of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The transmitter is rated at 35^ watts DC plate input power to the RF power amplifier CW operation; 275 watts radio telephony (AM) operation; or 50° watts PEP single sideband operation (with external SSB exciter that will deliver 8 to 10 watts power at the final grid). I-3. DESCRIPTION 1-⅛. The Model 30^-A transmitter.is completely self-contained in a me ...

Epson -- EPL-5200

FEATURES The EPL-5000/5200 and the ActionLaser 1000/1500 are non-impact page printers that combine a semi-conductor laser with electro-photographic technology. These printers are small and light, and feature high-speed, high-resolution printing. Also, maintenance is very easy, as a result of various built-in diagnostic functions. The main features are: □ No ozone □ Printing speed —6 PPM □ Resolution —3W DPI □ Light weight — about 10 kg (22 lb.) □ Small foo ...

Grundig -- DAVIO 55 ST 55 – 852 NIC/DOLBY

Kenwood -- TH-79 A

Moog Music -- OPUS 339BX

SPECIFICATIONS 1.2.1 POWER REQUIREMENTS Operating Voltage Range: Domestic (Model 339A) - 95 to 130 Volts 60Hz. Export (Model 339BX) - 190 to 260 Volts 50Hz. Power Consumption: 20 Watts. 1.2.2 TONE GENERATOR Reference Frequency: High A, 16’ = 440Hz. Stability (Drift): Less Than .02% per °C. 1.2.3 CONTROLLERS Keyboard: 49 Note, C to C, Polyphonic. Master Tune Control Range: +/-3 Semitones. Pitch Wheel Range: Greater Than +/- Perfect Fourth. Modulation Os ...

Samsung -- 943NWX