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Grundig -- Boston ST 270 IDTV / LOG

Icom -- IC-2GA

Philips -- Infraphil HP 1540
infrared lamp

Neutrik Cortex Instruments -- A1
Test Set

Brief Overview on the A1 The NEUTRIK A1 is a flexible, powerful, accurate and easy-to-use audio measurement system. It measures • Level (absolute) in μV, mV, V, dBV and dBu or dBm • Level relative in *1, % and dBr • Total harmonic distortion & noise (THD+N) in % and dB • Wow and Flutter in % • Noise (absolute) in μVq, mVq, Vq and dBq • Noise relative in *1, % and dBr • Crosstalk (absolute) in μV, mV, V, dBV and dBu or dBm • Crosstalk (relative) in *1, % and dBr ...

Sony -- HDR-XR550V
Video camera

Leica -- MZ75