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Wavetek -- 8500 Series
Level Generator

• Single or Repetitive Pulse and CW Measurements from 30 MHz to 40 GHz • Accurately Reads Pulses to 15 Nanoseconds • Graphics Mode for Plot of Pulse and Reading Point • Automatic Detector Calibration Series 8500 RF Peak Power Meter brings you an unexcelled combination of speed, accuracy, reliability and operator convenience. The versatile Series 8500 sets a new standard for the industry with its ability to accurately read pulses as narrow as 15ns, its exceptionally accurate CW ...

Icom -- IC-r1500

Cornell Dubilier Electronics -- CDE HAM II

The Ham II Rotor System is designed to acmodate amateur antennas with a maximum of 7.5 square feet of wind area. The Ham if provides a full 360° range of rotation and a meter scale read out for accurate position indication. The Ham II Rotator is built along the general lines of the original CDE Bell type rotors. The weight of the upper mast and the antenna is carried directly in line with the lower supporting mast. The motor, radial and thrust bearings, electrically operated wedge bra ...

Samsung -- YP-K3 AB
MP3 player

- Touchpad - Easy & Simple Menu Structure - Longer Play Time and Shorter Downloading! - Supporting Various File Formats! - Convenience

Alpine -- CDA-7876RB
Car CD Tuner

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- COS5100TM