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Dish washer

Philips -- PM5190

The LF synthesizer PM 5190 is a versatile high performance signal generator. It produces three wave forms, namely sine wave, square wave or triangular wave form in the frequency range from 1mHz to 2MHz. The instrument is designed for most professional applications, where a stable signal source is asked for, for development laboratories, including calibration purposes and advanced educational programs. The frequency settings of the synthesizer are highly accurate due to X-tal controlled ...

Panasonic -- CQ-RD115
Car Radio cassette

FEATURES • 20-Stations Preset (15-FM, 5-AM). • Radio Data System (PS, AF, CT, PI). • Electronic Control of Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader. • Detachable Face Plate Security.

ILX Lightwave -- LDT-5900 Series

The LDT-5900 Series Temperature Controllers consists of two family members, the LDT-5948 60W Precision Temperature Controller and the LDT-5980 120W High Power Temperature Controller. These instruments are bi-directional current sources with precision measurement circuits to monitor and control the temperature of the device under test. They have the following operating characteristics: • PWM (pulse width modulated) output power of 60 W for the LDT-5948;(5A @ 12V DC) and 120 W for t ...

WRL Electronics -- Globe Chief 90

1-1. GENERAL. 1-2. The WRL Globe Chief Transmitter, Model 90, is made by WRL Electronics, Inc., of Council Bluffs, Iowa for World Radio Laboratories, Inc., of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The transmitter is rated at 75 watts input power for operatic« by the holder of a Novice Class amateur radio license, or may be operated at 90 watts input by the holder of a General Class, or higher class license. The WRL Globe Chief has been designed to provide the amateur radio operator with a complete C ...

Hewlett Packard -- 1630A
Logic Analyzer

Logic analyzers perform trace measurements . The HP 1630A/D/G models are interactive state and timing analyzers for use in the design and troubleshooting of microprocessor based systems . An analyzer traces activity from several points during a period of system operating time. Theanalyzer may perform both state and timing measurements together and interactively control the capture of information in each of these two functions. General Information Model 1630A/D/G The analyzer can perfor ...