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Grundig -- GV 900 SV/1
Video cassette recorder

Blaupunkt -- TravelPilot E1
Car CD Tuner

Sanyo -- MDF-U333

■ HFC refrigerant Refrigerant circuit contains HFC refrigerant that effect to environment little. Latest cooling system reduces negative factor to global environment. With ambient temperature at 35°C, while temperature of inside chamber maintains -30°C. ■ PCM structure PCM structure reduces amount of organic solvent. ■ Temperature control function Unified temperature control range for same categories realized to set -20°C, which is suitable for reagent preservation. ■ Spe ...

Maytag -- MAH8700AW*
Washing machine

Grundig -- ST 63-2103 DOLBY

Grundig -- T 55 - 731 text