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Panasonic -- CQ-RD110
Car Radio cassette

FEATURES • 20-Stations Preset (15-FM, 5-AM). • Radio Data System (PS, AF, CT, PI). • Electronic Control of Volume, Bass, Treble, Balance and Fader. • Detachable Face Plate Security.

Ricoh -- B098

Sansui -- 1000A

This 1000A has a music power output of 100 watts (5OW -50 W) and features an amazingly low distortion factor of not more than O.8% at 76 watts. A high quality amplifier with many exciting features, it is delivered to you with Sansui’s fullest confidence. And this top quality amplifier has a super-sensitive tuner of RF amplifier consisting of two Nuvistors.

Kyocera -- FS−1500

Kenwood -- TS-430S

The TS-430 is a transceiver and general-coverage receiver featuring double conversion at 48.055 and 8.830MHz intermediate-frequencies. Triple-conversion to 455kHz is used during FM receive operation. A microprocessor based 10 Hz or 100Hz step switchable digital VFO system is employed for frequency control. The PLL system reference is a 36MHz master oscillator. The following features are provided with the TS-430 : dual digital VFOs, 8 memory channels, memory scan, programmable band scan, ...

Toshiba -- SD-1300Y
DVD player