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Wavetek -- 154

The Model 154 Programmable Waveform Generator is a precision source of sine, square and triangle waveforms covering a frequency range from 0.001 Hz to 10 MHz. In addition, a calibrated, programmable dc voltage output is provided. Amplitude, frequency and dc level may be digitally programmed with three digit resolution. Amplitude, frequency and dc level may also be modulated by an analog control voltage. The generator may be operated in continuous, triggered or gated modes. All controls m ...

JVC -- CX-60ME

Akai -- PDP-5006H

Philips -- MC-122
Audio system

Tektronix -- 7B87

7B87 FEATURES The 7B87 Time-Base unit Pretrigger Acquire Clock provides calibrated sweep rates from 5 seconds lo 10 nanoseconds and triggering to 400 megahertz (or 7000 Series Oscilloscopes A X10 Magnifier increases each sweep rate by a factor of 10 and a VARIABLE TIME/ DIV control provides continuously-variable sweep rates between calibrated steps Variable holdoff and alphanumeric readout are provided Also, when operating in the AUTO TRIGGERING MODE, a bright baseline trace is displa ...

Wavetek -- 159