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Philips -- HD 3810
Water Purifier

Alliance -- T-45

The Alliance Tenna-Rotor® consists of two units: the rotor unit, which mounts on the mast below the antenna, and the control box, which is placed on or about the TV receiver. These are interconnected by a four- or five-conductor cable. The theory of operation concerns two separate circuits. The first is the power circuit, which in all Tenna-Rotors® transmits the power that actuates the motor and rotates the antenna. The second is the indicator or signal circuit, which reports the roto ...

Hameg -- HM8018
LCR Meter

Measurement functions: L, C, R 3 12 -digit display with 2,000 counts, basic accuracy 0.5 % 4-wire measurement Max. resolution: 0.1 pF, 0.1 μH, 10 mΩ, 0.01 μS Internal bias for electrolytic capacitors selectable Offset adjustment of cable capacity for the “Kelvin test lead“ AC voltage signal at rear-panel BNC connector proportional to value shown in the display (with Option HO801 only) Mainframe HM8001-2 required for operation

Daiwa Industry Co. -- CN-412M
Level Meter

The CN-400 series is a high quality instrument with a unique feature which makes tedious measurements of SWR and power during antenna tests, matching and tuning of transmitters a breeze. SWR and power indicators are installed in one meter unit. One scale will indicate Forward Power, another scale Reflected Power and SWR is indicated at the crossing point of the 2 needles. This unique feature makes it possible to read Forward Power. Reflected Power and SWR all at the same time. " ...

Ricoh -- D160

Alpine -- DVA-7996R
Car DVD Player