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LG -- WM3885H*CA
Washing machine

Fluke -- PM3380B

There are five models in this family of FLUKE oscilloscopes. Each of these models is a combination of an analog real-time oscilloscope and a fully featured digital storage oscilloscope. By pressing a single key, you can switch the instrument from the analog mode to the digital mode and back. This allows each of the units to be used in an optimum operating mode for all kinds of signal conditions. Complex data streams, modulated waveforms, and video signals can often best be seen in the anal ...

Tektronix -- 7A13

Amalgamated Wireless -- -MARadiola

Singer -- 31-20
Sewing machine

Machine 31-20 has one needle and an oscillating shuttle on a horizontal axis and makes the lock stitch. It is designed for general stitching in cloth such as suits, cloaks, overalls, bathing suits, uni- forms, blankets, lap robes, hunting goods, canvas goods, etc. There is a clear working space of 10.25 inches at the right of the needle.

Fisher & Paykel -- GW700
Washing machine