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Sony -- KV-40XBR700

Icom -- IC-756PRO

•General •Frequency coverage : Receive 00.030–60.000 MHz*1, *2 Transmit 01.800–01.999*2 03.500–03.999*2 07.000–07.300*2 10.100–10.150*2 14.000–14.350*2 18.068–18.168*2 21.000–21.450*2 24.890–24.990*2 28.000–29.700*2 50.000–54.000*2 *1 Some frequency bands are not guaranteed. *2 Depending on version •Mode : USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM •Number of memory : 101 (99 regular, 2 scan edges) channels • Antenna connector : SO-239×2 and phono (RCA; 50 Ω ...

GE Healthcare -- B30
Monitoring System

The B30 monitor is a modular multiparameter patient monitor. The monitor is especially designed for monitoring in PACU, ED, Wards, Step down units, ICU, CCU and OR in regions where anesthesia gas monitoring is not required. It can also be used during transportation within the hospital. The modular design makes the system flexible and easy to upgrade.

Technics -- SL-PS50
CD player

Yaesu -- FR-DX-400

The model FR-DX-400 Communication Reciver together with its accessories is designed to be used for SSB, CW, AM or FM reception on amateur bands in the frequency range from 1.6 Mc to 148 Mc. A citizen band (27 Mc) may also be covered as well as WWV. Basically, it is a double conversion superheterodyne (triple conversion for VHF bands) receiver employing crystal controlled high frequency oscillators, highly stable variable oscillator tuning the same range linearly on all bands and for s ...

Brother -- FAX-910