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Alinco -- DR-570T

Grundig -- Arcance 72 Flat MF 72-2015 Top

Grundig -- Sevilla / SE 1205 HiFi
Video cassette recorder

Data East -- Secret Service

Brookdeal -- 9503D-C

The 9503 series is a family of Precision Lock-in Amplifiers which incorporate circuitry and system innovations which advance the state of the art and enable low level ac signals to be accurately measured - even in extremely noisy environments. Six models are available. These differ in the response modes available and the digital output facility. There are three basic versions; the standard 9503 with the normal (squarewave) response mode, the 9503C, which adds the analogue correlation ...

Boonton Electronic -- 5232
Digital multimeter

The Model 4230A Series is a DSP (digital signal processor) based family of single or dual channel, solid state RF power meters. They are capable of measuring RF power levels from -70 dBm to +44 dBm. The RF frequency range and power level range are sensor dependent. Boonton 51000 series sensors provide measurement capabilities for frequencies from 10 kHz to 100 GHz. 1-5. FEATURES. 1-6. Power Sensors. A wide range of diode and thermocouple power sensors for both coaxial and waveguide appl ...