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ADi Communications -- AT-600

The AT-600 has the following great features: • Dual Band Operation—Capable of simultaneous transmit and receive on both 2-meter VHF and 70-cm UHF bands and receives in the ranges 130.0-172.0MHz, 350.0- 399.995MHz, 400.0-470.0MHz, and 900.0-985.0MHz. • Low battery alert -To alert the AT-600's user to recharge the battery pack when battery icon appears on the display. If the user continues to use the battery after some time, the AT-600 will automatically shut down 80 secon ...

Canon -- PIXUS i6500

Ricoh -- Aficio 3506

Philips -- Elixir GC 4038

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Colour white/grey - Careeza soleplate - Tank capacity (350 ml) - Steam rate (40 g/min) - Shot of steam (80 g) - Vertical steam - Permanent Anti-Calc - Automatic shut off - Soft touch hand grip - Integrated cord winder with clip

Icom -- IC-R2

Grundig -- ST 63-300/8 DOLBY