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Marconi -- TF 2002AS

FEATURES This all transistorized signal generator gives high quality a.m. outputs from 10 kHz to 72 MHz; f. m. outputs are provided between 100 kHz and 72 MHz. It has very high frequency discrimination which, coupled with the good stability reached soon after switching on, makes it particularly suitable for setting up and adjusting crystal controlled receivers where the channel spacing is small and the i. f. pass band must have an accurate absolute setting. Another feature of not ...

Lowrey -- L60

THE LOWREY DEBUT SPINET (Model E60/L60) The Dubut is a self-contained spinet organ with two 44-note keyboards and a 13-note pedal keyboard. This solid state organ (transistor and integrated circuit) includes a 25-watt amplifier and a 12-inch speaker. UPPER KEYBOARD Trombone 16 Flute 16 Clarinet 16 Flute 8 Cello 16 LOWER KEYBOARD Guitar Piano Magic Genie Chords Magic Genie Chord tab - enables Magic Genie Genie Chord continues to play after key is released. A2 Key s ...

Sony -- ZS-M50
Audio system

Hewlett Packard -- 8559A
Spectrum analyzer

The HP 8559A displays the amplitude and frequency of each component of an input signal on a CRT. This display gives quantitative information often not available from a conventional oscilloscope. The HP 8559A is capable of measuring signals from - 112 dBm to + 30 dBm over a frequency range of 10 MHz to 21 GHz. The complete measuring system includes the HP 8559A Spectrum Analyzer plugged into a compatible Hewlett-Packard display mainframe.

Icom -- IC-125

Hewlett Packard -- OmniBook 4000C