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Grundig -- CUC 1952
TV chassis

Cushman Electronics Inc. -- 301

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Model 301 Oscilloscope is designed for use with the Cushman Models CE-3 and CE-7 FM Communications Monitors. The Oscilloscope enables the user to visually examine the exact modulation delivered by the transmitter. Any abnormal conditions such as unbalanced modulation, pulses from the power supply, unusual clipping, and other problems are immediately apparent so that appropriate repairs can be made. The Model 301 has an automatic sync circuit to lock on and prec ...

Mitsubishi -- CQ-EB0260L
Audio system

FEATUERS • 9-Pro tuner pack. • 18-station preset (12-FM, 6-AM) • FM One-tuner diversity. • 6-Disc CD changer (in dash board) • Electronic control of power and sound. • Emergency ejecting function • Anti-shock memory • Disk direct selection. • CD random, repeat function. • MD control. • MD-CH control. • Infinity amp connection.

LG -- LM50

Mitsubishi -- VK26
TV chassis

Yaesu -- FT-747GX