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Sony -- FWD-42PV1

Thermo Electron Corporation -- ETS-15

General Resistance Thermocouple Simulators (ETS/TSC) are versatile laboratory instruments that provide high precision and stability in compact portable units. They are designed and constructed as to be essentially independent of the ambient temperature and loading within their ratings. Each has the following basic functional modules: 1. A chopper-stability operational amplifier. 2. A highly stable reference source. 3. A Kelvin-Varley potential divider. 4. A cold junction compensa ...

Wavetek -- 4200S Series
Test Set

The new Wavetek 4200S Series is especially designed for the requirements of GSM service and repair sites as it is very accurate, easy to handle and affordable. The Wavetek 4200S Series provides very precise and fast measurements for all GSM bands (GSM 900/1800/1900, including E-GSM and GSM-R). The latest dual-band mobiles can also be tested, which means that add-on boxes, extra options and additional costs can be avoided. Software updates, which are available free of charge on the Inter ...

Boonton Electronic -- 4531
Level Meter

The 4530 Series RF Power Meter is a new generation of instruments. It allows high-resolution power measurement ofa wide range of CW and modulated RF signals over a dynamic range of up to 90dB depending on sensor. The powermeter is available configured as the single-channel Model 4531, or as the dual-channel Model 4532. For the remainderof this manual, the series designation of 4530 will be used to indicate either model, except when otherwise stated. The 4530 is really several instruments ...

Sansui -- AU-717

Tektronix -- 111