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Grundig -- M 72-410 Reference/PIP

Telefunken -- E127 Kw/4

Grundig -- GDV 130/2
DVD player

Sony -- ICD-P620
Voice recorder

SPECIFICATIONS IC recorder section Recording media Built-in flash memory 512 MB, Monaural recording A part of the memory capacity is used as a management area. Recording time HQ: 59 hours 45 minutes SP: 159 hours 20 minutes LP: 261 hours 45 minutes Freqency range HQ: 260 Hz - 6,800 Hz SP/LP: 220 Hz - 3,400 Hz General Speaker Approx. 2.8 cm (1 1/8 in.) dia. Power output 250 mW Input/Output [ Headphone jack (minijack) for 8 - 300 ohms ear receiver/headphones [ Microphon ...

Philips Medical Systems -- Series 50 IP-2 M1353A
Monitoring System

Angelantoni Industrie -- MINI 130/2