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Hewlett Packard -- 1200B

Hewlett-Packard Models 1200A and 1200B Dual Trace Oscilloscopes are electrically identical, general purpose instruments. Model 1200A is a cabinet version with a built-in tilt stand, convenient carrying handle on top, and feet mounted on both bottom and rear for either bench or upright operation. Designed primarily for rack mounting, the Model 1200H uses only 5-1/4 vertical inches of rack space and has front panel handles for portability. Since all circuitry is solid state, power consum ...

Philips -- FlexCare+ 900+ Series
Tooth brush

Samsung -- YEPP YP-S2
MP3 player

 Fashionable Second MP3 player - Fashion Necklace Type (5 Color)  Simple UI and Playlist Features - Playlist creation and deletion features using the +/- button’s Long- key - Audio change feature using the Smart button’s Short- key (Normal - Concert Hall - Club) - Replay mode using the Smart button’s Long- key (Normal (Blue) - Shuffle (Green-Blue-Purple) - Playlist (Purple))

GE Medical Systems -- Dash Responder

The Dash Responder is a lightweight, portable defibrillator which must be connected to a Dash 2000 or Dash 3000/4000 patient monitor for operation. The Dash Responder is available with or without transcutaneous pacer. The Dash Responder is powered from a rechargeable battery which is inserted into the device. A new fully charged battery provides power for approx. 60 shocks with 360 J each or for approx. 5 hours of pacemaker operation at an average pulse rate and pacer output (75 ppm, 1 ...

Clark Hess Communication Research Corp -- 828

The Model 828 AC /D C V-A Source (figure 1) is a compact, seff-regulating voltage and current source, capable of meeting the calibration needs of most measuring instruments and suitable for use in the laboratory, on the production line, or in the field. Three sets of interlocking pushbutton switches permit output mode and range selection. Mode selec­tion provides either dc output or one of three inter­nally generated ac frequencies. If desired, an exter­nal 50-440 Hz signal source ma ...

Kenwood -- YK-88S