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Rohde & Schwarz -- FSH 1145.5850.23
Spectrum analyzer

Fluke -- 893AR
Digital multimeter

The Fluke Model 893A and AR AC-DC Differential Voltmeters provide conventional or differential measurements of ac voltages from one millivolt to 1100 volts ac and dc voltages from 10 microvolts to 1100 volts dc. Conventional (TVM) measurements are made with an accuracy of ±3% of the selected range to initially determine the magnitude of the measured voltage. The differential (NULL) mode is then used with an improved accuracy of up to 250% over that of the conventional mode to determine ...

Philips -- MX999/37

Ricoh -- Aficio AP400

Samsung -- CLP-320

- Model series : C LP-320/325 CLP-320N/CLP-321N(Network model) CLP-325W (Wireless model) - Speed(Color/Mono) : 4/16 ppm(A4). 4/17ppm(Let) - Printing resolution : Max. 2,400 x 600 dpi - Emulation : SPL-C / PCL-6(Network Model) - Memory : 3 2MB (USB Model) 256MB (Network/Wireless Model) - Processor : Jupiter5(360MHz,CLP-320/325/320N/325W) - Interface : IEEE 802.3,Ethernet(10/100Mbps) Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g(Only wireless model) - Toner Cartridge • Initial : 1K Toner(K), 0.7K To ...

Revox -- B739