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Daewoo -- DV-F28D
Video cassette recorder

Sony Ericsson -- T628
Mobile phone

Epson -- EPL-5700L

AsusTEK Computer -- A7V

Specifications AMD AthlonTM/DuronTM Processor Support: Supports Socket A-based AMD AthlonTM/DuronTM processors. North Bridge System Chipset: Features the VIA VT8363 (VIA Apollo KT133) system controller with support for a 200MHz Front Side Bus (FSB); up to 1.5GB of PC133/PC100 SDRAM / VC 133 Virtual Channel Memory (VCM) SDRAM; complies with AGP 2.0 specifications for 4X, 2X, and 1X AGP modes; and PCI 2.2. bus interface with support for 5 PCI masters. It is optimized to deliver enha ...

Icom -- IC-4SA

Sharp -- XV-C100M