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Philips -- AZ 1510
Audio system

Philips -- 190S6FB/00

Grundig -- VIVANCE GV 3000 VPS/2
Video cassette recorder

Canon -- BJC-5100

The BJC-5100 Series printers, with Canon’s dual print head system, offer excellent print quality and fast print speed using both color and black inks. We are certain you will be satisfied with this advanced Bubble Jet technology.

Sony -- CCD-TR416
Video camera

Video camera recorder System Video recording system 2 Rotary heads Helical scanning FM system Audio recording system Rotary heads, FM system Video signal NTSC color, EIA standards Usable cassette 8mm video format cassette CCD-TR315/TR416/TR416PK CCD-TRV16/TRV16PK : standard 8 CCD-TR516/TR516PK/TR716 CCD-TRV36/TRV36PK/TRV43/TRV46/ TRV46PK : Hi8 Recording / Playback time (using 120 min. cassette) SP mode: 2 hours LP mode: 4 hours Fastforward/rewind time (using 120 min. casset ...

Spraque Electric Company -- TO-6A

1.1 Purpose and Usefulness. Designed specifically to meet the need of television, radio and industrial electronics technicians for a compact, reliable, and simple-to-use instrument for testing capacitors, the Sprague Model TO-6A Tel-Ohmike represents the culmination of years of experience in this field. It incorporates in one instrument an accurate multi-range capacitance and power factor bridge, an insulation resistance checker for paper, plastic-film, mica, and ceramic capacitors, and ...