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Marconi -- CT 596
Level Meter

Powermeter System 6460S, Wattmeter Absorption CT596 and Wattmeter Set 6625-99-541-6389 comprise three specific collections of instruments and accessories, as detailed below, selected and tested for military applications. These equipments measure power in the range 300 nW to 1 W in a frequency range of 10 MHz to 18 GHz and meet the environmental requirements of Joint-Services Specification REMC/20/FR (Iss. 6) Cat. I I I . 2. They are based on the tft Powermeter ή460/ 1 which, in conj ...

ARP Instruments Inc. -- Avatar 2225

The AVATAR is divided into two sections: Synthesizer and Pitch Extractor/CV Generator. The Synthesizer section is like the ARP Odyssey (in fact, the AVATAR and Odyssey use several of the same printed circuit boards). It consists of two voltage controlled oscillators, a voltage controlled filter, a voltage controlled amplifier, two envelope generators (ADSR and AR), a low frequency oscillator, and a sample and hold circuit. As with standard keyboard synthesizers, the synthesizer requires ...

Denon -- AVR-1709

A/V Surround Receiver featuring HD Video connectivity, that enhances your level of entertainment enjoyment. Features The AVR-1709 monitors the structural elements of sound sources and uses Audyssey Dynamic Volume to adjust volume without sacrificing dynamic range. This A/V receiver masterfully controls a variety of media for optimum playback of high-quality audio and video content. New Features • 7 Amplifi er Channels, 80W Each • Audyssey Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ • 3 HDMI in ...

General Radio Company -- 1501-A
Level Meter

The Type 1501-A Light Meter gives a reading of the total amount of light falling on a phototube through an aperture at the front of the meter. Its primary use is in photography with electric flash tubes of the xenon type (called “Speed- lights”, “Strob”, etc.) to determine the correct camera aperture for color-film exposure.* The General Radio Light Meter differs from ordinary “exposure” meters in that it is designed to sum up and indicate the total amount of light in a short ...

Sony -- KV-29FX30K

Fluke -- 8012A
Digital multimeter

1-1. INTRODUCTION • Automatic polarity indication and overrange 1-2. This manual contains complete operating and maintenance instructions for the Fluke Models 8010A and 8012A Digital Multimeters. The information presented in this manual reflects both instruments except where indicated by a particular model number. The term Multimeter is used throughout this manual to indicate both the 8010A and the 8012A. 1-3. The Multimeters are portable bench-type digital multimeters (DMMs) with 3- ...