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Tektronix -- DF2

The DF Display Formatter provides data-domain display modes in addition to the existing time-domain display of the 7D01 Logic Analyzer. It adds state table displays with a comparison mode, a map display and other operational modes as assigned to the Menu List. The DF attaches to the left side of the 7D01, forming a three-wide plug in assembly. This assembly operates in a 7000-series oscilloscope mainframe to comprise a complete 16-channel logic timing-state analyzer system. A microp ...

Grundig -- P 37-4201 TOP

Philips -- PM 3580/60
Logic Analyzer

The PM 3580/PM 3585 family of logic analyzers are State and Timing Logic Analyzers for use within the R & D, Manufacturing, Service and Education environments. They are available in 32/64/96 channel models. The operating speed of the PM 3580 is 100 MHz and the operating speed of the PM 3585 is 200 MHz. The PM 3580 and the PM 3585 each come in two basic models, these are: PM 3580/30 32 dual analysis channels with 100 MHz Timing, 50 MHz state and 1K deep acquisition memory. PM 3580/6 ...

Mitsubishi -- PD-4265


HöhexBreitexTiefe 85x60x60cm Tiefe bei geöffneter Tür 117cm Höhenverstellbarkeit 1,0/–0,4cm Leergewicht ca. 46kg Füllmenge (programmabhängig) max. 5kg (Abweichende Füllgewichtsangaben in einigen Ländern sind durch unterschiedliche Meßmethoden bedingt) Energieverbrauch nach IEC 1121 s.e. 3,5kWh (5 kg Baumwolle, vorentwässert bei 800 Umdrehungen pro Minute, Programm BAUMWOLLE SCHRANKTROCKEN) Einsatzbereich Haushalt zulässige Umgebungstemperatur +5°C bis +35°C

Philips -- MX980/22S