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Grundig -- ELEGANCE 82 FLAT MFW 82-3110 MV/ DOLBY

PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation -- E-200-C

The series E-200-C Signal-Marking Generator is a thoroughly modern A.C. operated instrument. It is a highly accurate, reliable and stable source of variable frequency standards for a^l general radio frequency alignment, adjustment and test problems, including F.M. and T.V. applications. Included are direct facilities for audio frequency tests with a separate 400 cycle, sine-wave audio oscillator.

Hafler -- DH-500

The Hafler DH-500 is a two channel audio power amplifier designed to the very highest performance standards. It is available as a kit, or factory assembled. Its power rating of 255 watts per channel is very conservative, and it can deliver appreciably higher powers into impedances below the rated 8 ohms. You must be very cautious in the application of this amplifier, as its output capability is more than most speakers can safely tolerate. We urge you to read the “Operation” section o ...

Fluke -- 1910A

These rugged counters are at home on the production line, in the lab, or in the field and do the work of counters costing much more. They measure frequencies to 125 MHz, 250 MHz or 520 MHz (depending on model), period of signals to 2 MHz, period average to 10 ps resolution and totalize to 9,999,999 counts. Autorange Full autoranging is supplemented by selectable four-range manual operation. In autorange, the display is automatically filled to a maximum 7-digit readout. A unique hysteres ...

Icom -- IC-4008E

Telequipment -- DM63

The DM63r with two vertical plugins, is an all solid state direct-view storage oscilloscope with a single sweep horizontal system. An 8 x 10 divs, split beam, CRT provides a bright and clear dual beam display. The features of the vertical system depend on the type of plug-in used and are given in the appropriate manuals. The manual covers the mainframe, which houses the following: Calibrator Storage Circuit Sweep Generator and Horizontal Amplifier Power Supplies Un-blanking Ampli ...