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Grundig -- DAVIO 70 ST 70-292/8 DOLBY

Electronic Navigation Industries -- 1040L

The Mode! 1040L is designed to amplify signals by 55dB in the frequency range of 10 to 500kHz. The signal from the front panel connector is fed via a length of 50Ω coaxial cable to K3, Pin 3 on the relay control module (1040L-4254; see schematics). Relay K3, Pins 3 and 9 are in the normally closed position when K3 is not energized, thus allowing the input signal to pass through the power supply/driver module (1040L-4252). The input signal at J4 is coupled by C1 to the base of low noise ...

Icom -- IC-2GXET

Grundig -- XENTIA 70 FLAT MFW 70-430/8 DOLBY

Brother -- MFC660MC

Grundig -- CUC 2003 H
TV chassis