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Philips -- PET821
DVD player

Leader -- LT443D-SD

The LT443D-SD (SD-SDI Module) can generate 525/625 line format for 4:2:2 component signal SDI outputs with the mainframe. Logo & ID Character display function, simple motion of test patterns or picture can be displayed, embedded audio & natural picture display (Option70).

Sony -- KV-34HS420

Neutrik Cortex Instruments -- A2
Test Set

Overview The NTI A2 is a comprehensive, high performance two -channel audio test set. It includes a flexible generator, based on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and a high performance analyzer providing a wide variety of measurement functions, as there are • Level absolute (two -channel) in μV, mV, V, dBV and dBu or dBm • Level relative in *1, % and dBr • Level selective in μV, mV, V, dBV and dBu / dBm • Total harmonic distortion & noise (THD+N) in % and dB • ...

Acer -- TravelMate 5720 Series

Eden -- WT800