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Nicolet Paratronics Corporation -- 800C
Logic Analyzer

The NPC-800C consists of a 48-channel state analyzer and a 16-bit channel timing analyzer. Featuring a 9-inch CRT and a standard ASCII keyboard, it has provisions for internal and external options. The logic analyzer operating software has 48k bytes of ROM.

Philips -- Essence HR1357/05

TECHNICAL INFORMATION - Power consumption : 300 W - Voltage and frequency : 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz - Cord length : 150 cm - Speed unloaded speed 1 : 18.000 rpm speed 2 : 20.000 rpm speed 3 : 21.500 rpm speed 4 : 22.500 rpm - Volume beaker : 1.000 ml - Volume chopper container : 250 ml - Weight in F-box : 2.3 kg - Dimensions F-box : 480 x 300 x 128 mm

Icom -- IC-2410H

Amp Supply -- LK 500

Product Description The Amp Supply LK 400/500 series linear power amplifiers are compact 160-15 meter MF/HF amplifiers of modern design. The series provides the amateur operator with a choice of power output levels and features consistent with their specific operating requirements. Each LK 400/500 series amplifier uses the powerful 3-500Z triode tube(s) in a grounded grid configuration Class AB2. The LK 400/500 series amplifiers are high performance pieces of equipment and are enginee ...

Agilent -- 81134A

Introduction to the Agilent 81133A/81134A Pulse Generator The Agilent 81133A and 81134A Pulse/Pattern Generators are high- end, easy-to-use tools for generating pulses, patterns and data at speeds up to 3.35 GHz. They are ideal instruments for testing logic devices (for example, ECL, LVDS, LVPECL) and other digital devices with clock rates from 15 MHz to 3.35 GHz. You can use the Pulse Generators for applications where timing and performance are critical and full control over signal jitt ...

Rohde & Schwarz -- ME 1038.6002.02