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Singer -- 11-24
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 11 have a cylinder bed and drop feed and are designed for stitching heavy tubular shaped articles in cloth or leather. These machines are used in the manufacture of mail bags, coal bags, nose bags, ore bags, military boots, carriage dashes and a great variety of similar articles. They have one needle and an oscillating shuttle and make the lock stitch. Machine No. 11-8 has a reversible feed up or off the arm and is designed for work in cloth. Machine No. 11-11 feeds ac ...

Autek Systems Corporation -- 505

The Model 505 Automatic Waveform Analyzer provides great flexibility in automatic testing of repetitive waveform requiring high resolution. Features such as the auto delay, .2, .5,1 time base multipliers, 10 sweeps averaging and short sweep mode provide state-of-the-art accuracy in an instrument that automatically seeks out the signal and positions it with the proper time reference to the trigger* This is a tremendous asset to valid software preparation. Both the 50 ohm P20 sampling pr ...

Kenwood -- TM-741A

Grundig -- VIVANCE GV 3106 VPS
Video cassette recorder

Aiwa -- CT-FX718
Car Radio cassette

Daewoo -- DEX-55T1S

1. High-quality LED backlight LCD screen, energy saving, environmental protection, ultra-thin, brilliant features. 2. Having inter high quality speakers, which will give you purely audiovisual enjoyment and save your table place. 3. Having many ideal connectors, you may directly connect your DVD, vidicon etc. its disport components of input connector let you enjoy beautiful image effect. The product can be used as a computer monitor with VGA and HDMI connectors. Also it can be used as a TV ...