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Grundig -- CIRFLEXX UMS 4101
Audio system

Knight-Kit -- High Voltage Probe 83Y126

The High-Voltage Probe extends the range of your VTVM to 50,000 volts on the 500 volt range. Using this probe increases the versatility of the instrument and enables it to measure the high DC voltages in all TV sets, most industrial equipment, transmitters, and other more specialized equipment. The probe housing is a multi-purpose type. It can be used with both the RF Probe and the High-Voltage Probe Heads. It is shielded, and the connecting cable is flexible and shielded. The probe hea ...

Sony -- RDR-HX725
DVD recorder

Sony -- DVP-S530D
DVD player

Philips -- Color Precise HP 4551
Hair coloring brush

INTRODUCTION: The Colour Precise is designed to permanent colour the hair easier, faster and more precise. The appliance is based on the “DiffusionControl System” a combination of a disposable colour diffuser and the moving disk on the appliance. The special design of the colour diffuser alllows to easily distribute the hair colour right down to the roots. The ergonomics of the Color Precise allow to reach all parts of the head, even the back of the head. One can permanent colour t ...

Samsung -- S27A350H