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Kenwood -- KA-9150

Toyota -- CQ-MS0270A
Car CD Tuner

Philips -- HD2402
Sandwich Maker

PRODUCT INFORMATION Voltage : 220-240V 115V Frequency : 50-60Hz Power : 700W Color setting : Ivory with orange knob White with green knob Dark aubergine with light aubergine knob

LG -- LM57B

Keithley -- 240A
Power supply

GENERAL The Keithley Model 240A is a compact high voltage supply which provides accurate, stable outputs from 0 to 1200 volts dc. Accuracy is +1% of the dial setting for all outputs. Stability is +0.02% +2 millivolts the first hour or in subsequent 8-hour periods, after a 30-minute warm-up. Line regulation is +0.005% +2 millivolts for a 10% change in line voltage, and load regulation is +0-0057o +2 millivolts from no load to full load. FEATURES. a. Three Digit Resolution. Thr ...

Sansui -- G-6700