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Gould -- OS300

20 MHz dual trace oscilloscope

Sencore -- TC154
Valve characteristic meter

The new Sencore Mighty Mite VI represents a unique breakthrough in tube testers. The Mighty Mite VI is completely solid state using the FET in a balanced bridge for an instant on checker. This new outstanding feature means that no time is wasted waiting for the checker to warm up and stabilize before accurate testing can begin. The new Mighty Mite is ready as soon as it is turned on. A full load cathode current check, high sensitivity grid leakage check, and the famous Sencore Stethos ...

Tektronix -- TDS3000B Series

The TDS3000B Series of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes Provides Unmatched Performance and Portability at an Affordable Price The TDS3000B Series packs the power of a DPO, digital real-time (DRT) sampling technology, WaveAlert waveform anomaly detection, OpenChoice documentation and analysis solutions and five application- specific modules into a lightweight, battery-capable design. A DPO Provides a Greater Level of Insight into Complex Signals The TDS3000B Series DPO delivers 3 ...

Knight-Kit -- LOW CAPACITY PROBE 38K153

The input system of an oscilloscope contains a certain amount of resistance shunted by capacitance. This is called the input impedance of the oscilloscope. To the input impedance of the oscilloscope is also added the capacity of the test leads. This total shunting capacitance and resistance, when connected across a high impedance, high frequency, or broad band width circuit, may be sufficient to detune the resonant circuit or to load the test circuit and seriously distort the waveforms u ...

Philips -- AX2200
CD player

Sencore -- SC61

Introduction The SC61 Waveform Analyzer represents the first improvement in waveform measuring techniques since the first oscilloscope was introduced over 50 years ago. Before the SC61, all oscilloscopes were strictly analog devices. Even.- measurement of peak-to-peak amplitude, time, or frequency required matching the waveform to CRT graticule markings, estimating parts of a CRT division or part of a cycle of the waveform and multiplying the size of the waveform times the setting of the hori ...