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Philips Medical Systems -- PageWriter TC30
Monitoring System

Welcome to the PageWriter TC30 cardiograph, a versatile and powerful addition to your cardiac care patient workflow. The PageWriter TC cardiographs help to simplify patient cardiac care through easy-to-use 1-2-3 touch screen operation, color-coded signal quality indicators, and integrated connectivity with the TraceMaster ECG Management System for one touch patient order download and ECG transmission. The PageWriter TC30 cardiograph also supports integrated connectivity with an ADT Order ...

Kirisun Communications -- PT4208

Singer -- 12w
Sewing machine

These machines are of The rotary, variable motion lock stitch type, with the long beak sewing hook, which draws the lock of the threads to the center of the materials, between the upper and under surfaces, thus making a firm seam of fine appearance on both sides. The specific designation of each Singer Sewing Machine consists of two numbers, separated by a hyphen or letter and stamped upon a number plate, which is attached to the machine, usually upon the arm. The number before the hyph ...

Sanyo -- LCD-27XL2B

Hameg -- HM7042-4
Power supply

Philips -- MC235 37
Audio System