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Grundig -- ELEGANCE 72 FLAT MF 72-3110/8 DOLBY

Sony -- MDR-IF4000

Sony -- KLV-32S550T

Mitsubishi -- WD-60C10

SPECIFICATIONS • Power Input : AC 120V, 60Hz • Light Engine : DLP™ (1080p) • Light Source : 156W • Antenna Input : RF 75Ω unbalanced • Tuning : NTSC/ATSC/QAM : Analog Cable - 1~125 Digital Cable - 1~135 • Speakers : 10W x 2 (V43C, V43, V43+) : 2W x 16 (V43++) • Analog Input : Composite/Component Level (RCA Type) Y/Video: 1.0 Vp-p, Cr, Cb: 700mVp-p 75Ω unbalanced : AUDIO IN JACK (RCA Type) -4.7dBm 43kΩ unbalanced • Analog Output : AUDIO / SUBWOOFER OUT JACK L ...

Keithley -- 2231A-30-3
Power supply

The Model 2231A-30-3 has the following features: Three isolated output channels, including two 30 V at 3 A channels and one 5 V at 3 A channel 0.06% basic voltage accuracy 0.2% basic current accuracy Less than 5 mVpp ripple and noise Intelligent fan control, energy conservation and noise reduction Overvoltage and overtemperature protection

Leica -- M844