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Wavetek -- 1061

The Wavetek 1060 Series is a family of rugged, low cost, solid state sweep generators covering the frequency range of 1 to 400 MHz. The Models 1061 and 1062 are general purpose sweep generators designed for a variety of applications, while the Models 1066 and 1067 are designed primarily for CATV use. Each unit features 20 dB PIN diode leveling and remote programming of center frequency, sweep width, and output level. Up to five crystal controlled marker modules may be plugged into the un ...

Hewlett Packard -- 3589A
Spectrum analyzer

The HP 3589A helps solve your measurement problems by combining spectrum and network analysis features in one analyzer. It does this by providing three distinct measurement types, all of which are available for the entire 10 Hz to 150 MHz frequency range. • The swept spectrum measurement type lets you measure spectral components for spans up to 150 MHz. But a design that includes a digital resolution bandwidth (RBW) filter allows the HP 3589A to measure these components several time ...

Leica -- M205 A

The Leica M205 C is the world's first stereo-microscope with a zoom range of 20.5:1. This accomplishment, however, was not enough for Leica's engineers. With the new FusionOpticT in the M205 C, they have succeeded in going yet another step beyond previous limits. In addition to the increase in magnification, the resolution, too, has been increased to up to 1050 lp / mm*, which corresponds to a resolved structure size of 472 nm. Of course, this performance increase benefits your ...

Fisher Radio -- R-200 B

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- PLZ 603W

The PLZ-3W Series Electronic Loads are featured by performance reliability and safety. Each Electronic Load incorporates a current control circuit and renders highly stable operation and rapid response. It is a microprocessor-based instrument and provides advanced functions and ease of operation. The Electronic Load can be remote-controlled via a GPIB, RS-232C, or MCB (Multi-channel Bus) interface (optional), thereby making them applicable to various purposes. Typical applications are f ...

Wiltron -- 6647A

The 6600A Series (Figure 1-1) is a family of microprocessor-based, pushbutton-controlled, GPIB-capable, broadband signal sources that generate swept and CW frequencies from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. This ever-expanding family of sweepers presently consists of 29 models. These 29 models are divided into single-band and multiband sweep generators, depending upon the number of internal bands used for frequency-range coverage. Singleband models use one YIG oscillator to span their range, whereas mul ...