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Philips -- PM 3585
Logic Analyzer

The PM 3580/PM 3585 Logic analyzer family is a new 1 generation of general purpose logic analyzers giving twice the information with only half the work. All four models of this family {PM 3580/30, PM 3580/60, PM 3585/60, PM 3585/90) feature an exclusive Dual Analysis Per Pin architecture allowing these instruments to analyze and store state and timing data on each of up to 96 channels in a single acquisition at full speed, ail time correlated. No more dual probing; no more repeat measurements ne ...

EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. -- 955
Test Set

The Model 955 is a truly advanced, highly dependable in-circuit and out-of-circuit capacitor tester. In addition to providing extraordinarily sensitive short and open tests, the Model 955 includes a Wien Bridge for capacity measurements, with a unique shunt resistance balancing provision* that permits in-circuit measurement even when the shunting resistance is comparatively low. 1-2. FACILITIES Indicator: Electron-ray tube EM84/6FG6 Bright bar pattern gives sharp, unmistakable indicatio ...

Philips -- SH6 S-Line

Hewlett Packard -- LaserJet III

Amalgamated Wireless -- Radiola 453-P

The portable models 452-P/CDD6 are broadcast and the models 453-P/CDD7, two-band receivers housed in cabinets attractively finished in leatherette. They embody a hinged front cover which effectively protects the dial and controls from damage, dust and weather. Features of their design include: Tropic-proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers, broadcast oscillator coils and loop coupling coils, air-dielectric trimming capacitors, straight-line tuni ...

Sanyo -- DP46849