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Toshiba -- Satellite 5200 Series

Hameg -- HM7042-4
Power supply

Amstrad -- DMP4000

Blaupunkt -- Nevada DJ72
Car CD Tuner

Kikusui Electronics Corporation -- PBX40-5
Power supply

The PBX Series Bipolar Power Supplies are regulated power supplies of a bipolar-type, featured by performance reliability and safety. They employ a power amplifier system, thereby rendering advantageous features such as low ripple noise, high stability, and rapid response. Being a 4-mode type, they serve also as a source or a sink of power, or as a booster of a function generator. They are microprocessor-based instruments and provide advanced functions and ease of operation. Each of ...

JBL -- 6233

More Than Raw Power Although high power amplifiers have been available for some time, they generally have been bulky units designed primarily for consumer use rather than for the more rigorous requirements of studio, reinforcement or PA applications. For the most part, they perform adequately, but lack reliability when used under road conditions, even with additional cooling. The primary design goal was to build a rugged, high power amplifier of the highest quality, smallest size ...