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Ballantine -- 1625A

1-2. The Model 1625A Active Current Shunt is 8 precision AC/DC shunt. It incorporates seven decade shunt ranges fro* 200 uA full scale to 100 Amperes. Each shunt range has its own current input terminals and a selector switch provides access to the voltage output terminals of each shunt resistor. A single set of binding posts conveniently provides output voltage to the measuring voltmeter, the performance of the si.unt resistors permits using the 1625A as a laboratory standard as well as ...

Whirlpool -- ADP 242 S WH
Dish washer

Technical data Dimension Height 85.0 cm Width 59.7 cm Depth 55.5 cm Weight 59 kg Electronic boards Service boards see spare part list Serial boards DUB 4619 724 05231 CB 424421 Dataset 424411 Succession of programs Programs see program diagram Succession 1b-4b-5b-6c Datas Energy Label Energy Performance C Cleaning Performance C Drying Performance C Reference program 4b Program information Start indicator Volume (normal program) Water Volume Level Regeneratio ...

Leica -- M844

Yamaha -- QL5

Weinmann -- SOMNOsmart 2 WM 24950

SOMNOsmart 2 is a smartPAP device for treating sleep-related respiratory disorders. SOMNOsmart 2 generates positive airway pressure (PAP). SOMNOsmart 2 is a self-regulating device. It recognizes respiratory events and varies the airway pressure accordingly. While the patient is asleep, the airways are braced by the air pressure generated. Airway pressure is administered by means of a mask. SOMNOsmart 2 can be used for people aged 12 years or more.

Yaesu -- FL-7000

The FL-70(H) is a microprocessor-controlled, all solid state linear amplifier with built-in power supply and automatic antenna tuner, providing up to 1.2 kilowatts RF input power on the 160- through 10-meter HF amateur radio bands, including the WARC bands.* Super-fast transmit/receive turnaround timing allows the FL-7000 to be used for QSK CW, HF packet radio and even AMTOR with an exciter so designed. Requiring only 70 watts of excitation for full output, four transistors with 300-watt ...