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Sony -- ICF-SW7600

Panasonic -- DMC-G1KPP
Digital camera

Grundig -- ST 70-875 DPL/FT

Grundig -- T 55 - 843 FR

Sanwa -- 380-CE
LCR Meter

The 380-Ce is a high-grade, high-sensitivity circuit tester equipped with a meter movement of 30 microamperes. Its rugged construction along with double meter movement protection device withstands the wear and tear of heavy duty service. The high input impedance of 33.3k ohms per volt obtains accuracy measurement minimizing the current loss of the circuit being checked, and the resistance range covers up to 20 megohms powered by the internal batteries, the midscale reading 200k ohms. ...

Simpson -- 228
Current Leakage Tester

The Simpson Model 228 is a special purpose AC/DC milliammeter that measures potentially hazardous leakage current on electrical and electronic equipment. This Instrument meets the guidelines published in IEC 990, “Methods of Measurement of Touch Current and Protective Conductor Current.” Most stadards agencies in the United States — including ANSI, ISA and UL are in the process of implementing the networks from IEC 990 into their specifications. The Model 228 tests equipment op ...