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Wavetek -- 3002

INTRODUCTION The Wavetek Models 3001/3002 are rugged, completely solid-state Signal Generators covering the frequency range of .001 or 1 to 520 MHz. The output can be amplitude or frequency modulated, and the level can be set between + 13 and -137 dBm. 1.1.1 FREQUENCY CHARACTERISTICS The frequency of the instrument is set via 6 front-panel Lever/indicator switches which yield a resolution of 1 kHz. in addition, remote frequency programmability is standard. Series 3900 programmers ...

Orban -- 674A

The Orban 674A is a dual-channel eight-band quasi-parametric equalizer of high professional quality, and is the stereo version of Orban's popular 672A equalizer. Because optimizing the controls for convenient stereo operation required placing corresponding "A" and "B" controls physically close to each other, there is slight crosstalk between the channels at very high frequencies (typically better than -55dB at 20kHz, falling at 6dB/octave at lower frequencies). A ...

Grundig -- ST 63-713/8 DOLBY

Samsung -- SCX-4521F Series

- Machine Life: 50,000Pages - Cpu: Chorus2 - Device Memory: 16MB - Resolution: 600*600dpi - Option: N/A - Printing Speed: 22ppm/LTR,20ppm/A4 - Print Memory: 10MB - Print Language: SPL - Path Type: C-Path - Cassette Capa.: 150sheets - Outlet Stacking Capa.: 50sheets - Toner Cartridge: initial(1K), sales(3K) - ADF Capacity: 30sheets - Scan Method: 600 dpi Color CIS - Copy Speed: SDMC: 22Cpm/Ltr, MDMC: 7Cpm/Ltr - Interface: USB1.1, IEEE1284

Philips -- HDD070
MP3 player

Tektronix -- 661

The Tektronix Type 661 Oscilloscope is intended for use with two associated plug-in units in a self-contained fractional nanosecond sampling system. An external connector allows use of a digital unit for readout of time and voltage information from the oscilloscope display. The Type 661 is an indicator unit with power supplies for the vertical and horizontal plug-in units. It contains vertical and horizontal crt deflection-plate drivers, a sweep magnifier, and an external horizontal in ...