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Grundig -- Arcance 82 Flat MFW 82-2015 Dolby

Henry Radio -- 2004A

The 2006A, 2002A and 2004A are a family of high quality, desk model, single stage linear RF amplifiers using an Eimac ceramic triode power tube. All models employ the same grounded grid design to insure simplicity of concept and all employ conservatively rated components to insure years of reliable operation. The amplifiers are completely self-contained and use the highest quality RF. DC and AC components available today. All that is necessary for operation is a transceiver, an AC mains ...

Philips -- MRD120 17
DVD player

JVC -- HR-S7000EK
Video cassette recorder

RIGOL Technologies Inc. -- DG3121A

RIGOL DG3000 Series Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator apply the DDS technology, which can provide stable, high-precision, pure and low distortion sine signal. It also can provide 120MHz square waveform with fast rising or falling edges. Its combination of excellent system features, easiness in usage and versatile functions makes this generator a perfect solution for your job now and in the future. DG3000 Series Function/ Arbitrary Waveform Generator have clear and simple Front-Pan ...

Grundig -- M 72-109 MV/DOLBY