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Leader -- LDM-810
Level Meter

The Leader LDM-810 Grid dip meter has been designed for quickchecking of circuits and components in radio receivers, transmitters, antennas, in the range from 2 to 250Mc/s. It features a large 310 degree calibrated dial, edgewise indicating meter, nuvistor tube, internal modulation, six pre-adjusted plug-in coils, and an attractive two-one finished strong steel case.

Panasonic -- EB-KD600
Mobile phone

Simple Car Kit for the EB-G600 Cellular Telephone.

Hewlett Packard -- 608E

The Hewlett-Packard Model 608E and 608F Signal Generators are designed to meet the requirements of precision laboratory work, and yet to be equally useful for general applications in the VHF frequency range. The Model 608E furnishes RF signals from 0. 1 microvolt to 1 volt from 10 MHz to 480 MHz, while the Model 608F supplies RF signals from 0. 1 microvolt to 0. 5 volt in a frequency range from 10 MHz to 455 MHz. The RF carrier can be amplitude modulated by internally generated sine-wave ...

Hewlett Packard -- 415E
Level Meter

The Model 415E SWR Meter is a high-gain amplifier, tuned to an audio frequency, with a square-law calibrated meter readout. The Model 415E is designed for use with square-law detectors in the measurement of SWR and attenuation. In addition, because of the high-sensitivity and tuned amplifier, it can be used as a null detector for audio frequency bridges. The Model 415E is a tuned audio amplifier designed to operate at a mean center frequency of 1000 cps (Hz), adjustable 7% with a vari ...

Sony -- FWD-42PV1A

GE Healthcare -- MAC 3500

The MACTM 3500 resting ECG analysis system is a 12-lead, 12-channel system with a 6.5 inch (165 mm) diagonal display, active patient cable, and battery operation. There are also options for communication capabilities.