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Samsung -- CLX-3170FW

1.Speed . Mono : Up to 16 ppm in A4 (17 ppm in Letter) . Color : Up to 4 ppm in A4 (4 ppm in Letter) 2.Printing Resolution . Max. 2400x600 dpi effective output 3.Processor . CHORUS3 (360Mhz), Proprietary SOC 4.Printer Language Emulations . SPL-Color 5.Memory - DDR2 SDRAM 128 MB 6.Interfaces . USB Device 2.0 . One 10/100 Base Tx network connector - Wireless N/W (317xFW) 7. Toner cartridge . Black : 1K (initial) / 1.5K (sales) . Color : 0.7K (initial) / 1K (sales) 8. 150 Cassette ...

Grundig -- DAVIO 51

Philips -- AZ3830/55
Audio system

Grundig -- ST 55 – 834 GB/DOLBY

Telefunken -- VTA 3142

Der VTA 3142 dient zur Erhöhung der Eingangsselektion von Ballempfängern durch Unterdrückung von unerwünschten Empfangsspannungen im Bereich von 87.5 bis 108 MHz und ermöglicht den Anschluß von maximal sechs Ballempfängern an eine Antenne.

Astatic -- D104-M6C

The D104-M6 series microphones are quality performance field effect amplified “power” microphones for amateur, citizen band, mobile, aircraft, marine applications. The housing of the D104-M6B is molded black ABS with a chrome plated grille screen (pictured at right). The housing of the D104-M6C is molded black ABS, the front half is chrome plated and the grille screen is chrome plated. An output impedance compatible with the inputs of almost all commercial transceivers and externally ...