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Schaffner -- NSG 435

Electrostatic discharge (ESD*) Under appropriate ambient conditions, both material objects and even the human body itself can become charged with electrical energy. This effect is due to "electrostatics*, a phenomenon that has been known since the earliest times. Thales von Milet (600 BC) noticed how amber attracted very light particles when it was rubbed. Touching a charged item against a conductive object leads to a charge equalisation through a spark discharge which produces a ...

Samsung -- SENS P20 Series

Akai -- PDP4273M

Icom -- IC-745

ALL BAND, ALL MODE, ALL SOLID-STATE The IC-745 covers all the Amateur HF frequencies from 1.8MHz to 29.700MHz, including the new three bands of 10MHz, 18MHz and 24MHz. It offers not only SSB, but also CW, AM (Receive only), FM (Option) and RTTY. All of the circuits in the IC-745, including the driver and final power stages are completely solid-state, and provide about 100 watts output. GENERAL COVERAGE RECEIVER CAPABILITY The IC-745 has capabilities for an all amateur band transce ...

Ferisol -- A 404
Analog multimeter

Le voltmetre amplificateur type A 404 Ferisol est destine ä la mesure des tensions alternatives de valeur comprise entre 0,1 mV et 300 V dans une plage de frequence s'etendant de 5 Hz ä 10 MHz. Cet appareil trouve son utilisation dans de nombreux cas de mesures parmi lesquels on peut citer : - MESURES DE GAIN ET RELEVES DE COURBES DE REPONSE DES AMPLIFICATEURS - MESURES SUR LES FILTRES, LES ATTENUATEURS, etc... - MESURE DES TENSIONS RESIDUELLES DE RONFLEMENT (apres filtrage par ...

Kirisun Communications -- PT4208