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Tektronix -- FG 503

The FG 503 Function Generator is designed to operate in a TM 500 series power module. Low distortion sine, square and triangle waveforms from 1 Hz to 3 MHz, are available at the front panel. A +2.5 V square wave trigger also is available at the front panel. Variable dc offset of =5 V is provided. A custom timing switch position is provided. This allows the user to install a timing capacitor for custom tailoring the frequency range of the FG 503. A voltage-controlled frequency (VCF) input ...


Epson -- Stylus 800

Your new Epson@ printer is a 48-nozzle ink jet printer, ideal for quiet, high-speed printing. Features Your printer offers the following features: High print quality. Epson’s new ink jet technology delivers crisp 360 x 360 dots per inch (dpi) text and graphics. Flexible paper handling. Use the built-in paper feeder to load up to 100 sheets automatically. You can also insert envelopes or single pages manually without removing the paper supply. Fast printing speed. You can print up to ...

Marconi -- TF 2002B

FEATURES The TF 2002B gives high quality a. m. outputs from 10 kHz to 88 MHz and f. m. outputs between 100 kHz and 88 MHz. It has very high frequency discrimination which, coupled with the good stability reached soon after switching on, makes it particularly suitable for setting up and adjusting crystal controlled receivers where the channel spacing is small and the i. f. pass band must have an accurate absolute setting. Another feature is the low leakage which will be found of ad ...

Panasonic -- TX-W32D4F

JVC -- KS-LX200R
Car Radio cassette

AUDIO AMPLIFIER SECTION Maximum Power Output: Front: 45 W per channel Rear: 45 W per channel Continuous Power Output (RMS): Front: 17 W per channel into 4 W, 40 Hz to 20 000 Hz at no more than 0.8% total harmonic distortion. Rear: 17 W per channel into 4 W, 40 Hz to 20 000 Hz at no more than 0.8% total harmonic distortion. Load Impedance: 4 W (4 W to 8 W allowance) Tone Control Range: Bass: ±10 dB at 100 Hz Treble: ±10 dB at 10 kHz Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 20 000 Hz Signal- ...