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Grundig -- ST 55-839/8 DOLBY

Philips -- PM3337

Sansui -- 5000X

Advance Instruments -- J1B

The JIB and J2B Signal Generators, like their well-established forerunners the J1 and J2, are two similar instruments which provide sinusoidal outputs in the frequency range 15c/s to 5 0 k c /s. Two separate output arrangements with continuous level control are provided on each instrument. One output is of 600S2 impedance and isolated from earth, having a maximum output level of 1W; the alternative output has an impedance of 5fi connected to earth and with an output level of at least ...

Mitsubishi -- WS-55515

Epson -- LX-1050+

FEATURES The LX-1050+ is a small, light-weight, low-cost, advanced paper handling printer. Its main features are: □ The LX-1050+ has four versions. Different parts are Program ROM version only. Standard version: ROM version SOxxxx India version: ROM version Slxxxx Russian version: ROM version S2xxxx Latin version: ROM version S3xxxx South Europe version: ROM version S4xxxx □ Command compatible with following printers. Standard, Latin, and South Europe version: w ...