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Heathkit -- IM 18 D
Analog multimeter

Philips -- FC 6842/A
Vacuum cleaner

PRODUCT INFORMATION Type no. name : HR 68xx Triathlon (dry, wet and shampoo) Versions : FC 6842 = blue Voltage : 230 V a.c. 50 Hz; 240 V a.c. 50 Hz Power : 1300 W (IEC) / 1500 W max. Air displacement : 51 l/sec. measured without accessories Vacuum (water col.) : 230 cm measured without accessories Noise level : 77 dB Capacity : Supply tank 3 litres (2) Recovery tank 9 litres wet (7) Recovery tank 17 litres dry (7) Dust bag (HR 6947) 10 litres dry (39) Cord length : 6.3 or 9.3 m (d ...

Okidata -- OKIFAX 5950

Canon -- IP4300

Tektronix -- P6111B

FEATURES & BENEFITS 1 MΩ Inputs P6101B 1X, 15 MHz, 300 V, CAT I P6109B 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6111B 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II Readout P6112 10X, 100 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6114B 10X, 400 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P6117 10X, 200 MHz, 300 V, CAT II P3010 10X, 100 MHz (P3010) Molded Passive Voltage Probes Single Piece, Molded Rubber Body Lightweight Ergonomic Design 10 Times Improvement in Durability HYBRID/SMT Circuitry on Multi-layer Circuit Board for Improved Pe ...

Henry Radio -- Tempo 2000

The Tempo 2000 is a full legal limit 80-10 meter grounded grid linear amplifier. Tempo 2000 features include: * Power reed relays for instantaneous and silent transmit-receive (T-R) and bypass switching. The T-R switching operates from a separate receiver and transmitter even when the 2000 is turned off. * A self-contained solid-state power supply. * Grounded grid input for maximum compatibility with modern transceivers and transmitters. * Full legal limit power input on all modes. * ...