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Leader -- LSG-16

LSG-16 is a very versatile solid-state, wide-band signal generator designed for the radio experimenter, hobbyist, service technician and instructional purposes. An FET is used in a stable oscillator circuit to cover the frequency range from 100kHz to 100MHz on fundamentals and up to 300MHz on harmonics. Among the many features are the large easy-to-read dial marked at 455kHz, 4.5MHz and 10.7MHz, one audio frequency for amplitude modulation or external use, provision for crystal oscillato ...

Yamaha -- CT-7000

Kyocera -- F−2200S

Eimac Eitel-Mc Cullough Inc -- 3CX1500D7

The Eimac 3CX1500D7 is a compact power triode with an anode dissipation rating of 1500 watts. This tube features a filament designed to operate at 5 volts, a value that is common to other power grid tubes and allows a single 3CX1500D7 to replace two 3-500Z in many applications. The high-Mu grid employed in this tube permits operation as a linear amplifier in class AB with zero or minimal bias voltage. The 3CX1500D7 may also be used in class B or C with additional bias voltage where it provides ...

Epson -- LQ-570+

FEATURES The LQ-570+ is a small, light-weight, low-cost, printer with advanced paper handling that is upper compatible with the LQ-510/550 and compatible with the LQ-570/1070. The printer’s main features areas follows: 1. Use of ESC/P 2 control codes Ability to print multi-point fonts Ability to receive and print raster graphic images Compatibility with the LQ/SQ series available on the market 2. Printing speeds: 225 characters per second (cps) (draft, 10 characters per inch ...

Ricoh -- FT5832