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Grundig -- LEEMAXX 55 FLAT

Sony -- KV-28LS35E

Amalgamated Wireless -- RADIOLA 520-MY

The Radiola 520-MY is a compact mantel receiver, housed in an attractively designed two-piece plastic cabinet. The back is so designed to enable the receiver to be carried with ease. The cabinet is available in three colours—Ivory, Walnut and Burgundy. Features of this receiver include: Tropic-proof construction, automatic volume control, magnetite cores in I.F. transformers and oscillator coil, "Capacity to Mains" aerial.

ARP Instruments Inc. -- Odyssey 2822

Three types of Odyssey models have been produced: I) 2800, 2) 2810-2815 and 3) 2820-2823. The model and serial number are located at the rear or bottom of the Odyssey chassis. Except for 2800, a typical number might read: 2813-0490. For model 2800, the first two digits of the serial number denote the model, such as: 28490. Listed below are the board identification numbers for each model; they will be referenced in the service manual by model number for easy identification. Model Chang ...

Wavetek -- 802

THE MODEL 802 The Model 802 is a 50 MHz general purpose laboratory pulse generator. The instrument gives you full control in primary pulse triggering and shaping plus simultaneous TTL, TTL and sync pulses. The primary pulse output has controllability in rate, width, delay, upper level, lower level and a choice of positive, negative or complementary outputs. The TTL and TTL are of fixed levels and rise times that are standard for use with compatible devices. The primary pulse has rise a ...

Keithley -- 181
Digital multimeter

The Keithley Model 181 is a highly sensitive nanovoltmeter with a large, easy to read 5½ or 6½ digit display. The Model 181 is unique in that it combines microprocessor technology with a new concept in low-noise, high-gain front ends, resulting in a programmable instrument with sensitivity down to 10nV. The Model 181 provides highly accurate, stable, low-noise readings on seven ranges for DC voltage measurements between 1OnV and 1OOOV. The mV ranges use a special low-thermal input conn ...