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Kirisun Communications -- PT558

Maquet -- Servo-i

The Servo-i is available in different main configurations: • Infant • Adult • Universal These main configurations are as standard equipped with a number of ventilation modes suitable for each patient category. Further ventilation modes can be installed via software Option Upgrades. The Servo-i can be divided into the following main units: • User Interface. The User Interface contains all controls used to set the ventilation and monitoring parameters. Ventilation param ...

Kern & Sohn GmbH -- PBS 420-3M

Mitsubishi -- V26S
Set Top Box

Kepco -- BOP 1000M
Power supply

The Kepco Mode! BOP 500M and BOP Ί000Μ are high voltage power sources, which combine the capabilities of fast programmable power supplies with a Class A output stage, which can respond bidirectionally from zero. The "BOP" can be operated in a "Voltage Stabilizing" or "Current Stabilizing” operating mode (selectable by a front panel switch}. The 80P incorporates two separate control channels, for local (front panel) or remote control of the output current and ...

Singer -- 17-1
Sewing machine

Machines of Class 17, described in this book, have a long beak shuttle and a cylinder bed and are successfully used in the manufacture of shoes and a large variety of articles made of leather, which are irregularly shaped, such as horse boots, saddles, suit cases, fine leather bags, portfolios, pocket books, music rolls, trusses, etc., all of which are conveniently handled on the cylinder bed.