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Kenwood -- TM-455A

Sony -- RMT-812

Fluke -- 732A
Power supply

1-2. The Fluke Model 732A is a highly stable, rugged, and transportable, solid state, dc voltage reference standard. The 732A has 10V, 1.018V and IV outputs. These outputs are available on front panel binding posts. The calibration adjustments for the IOV, 1.018V and IV outputs are accessible through the front panel. A nonconducting adjustment tool is supplied with the unit for this purpose. 1 -3. All outputs of the 732A can be shorted indefinitely without damage. Recovery occurs in less ...

General Radio Company -- 1310-A

The Type 1310-A Oscillator is a general-purpose signal source for laboratory or production use. It features wide frequency range; high output; low distortion, hum, and noise; high stability and accuracy; plus a synchronizing feature which allows such varied uses as filtering, leveling, frequency multiplying, jitter reducing, and slaving. • 1.2 DESCRIPTION A capacitance-tuned, RC Wien-bridge oscillator drives a low-distortion output amplifier, which isolates the oscillator from the l ...

Grundig -- XENTIA 63

Dranetz Engineering Laboratories Inc. -- 656A

Congratulations on your purchase of the Dranetz 656 Disturbance Waveform Analyzer. We are confident you will be delighted with the unit’s unique analyzing capabilities, as well as its ability to download events to a disk for permanent storage and later recall. The 656 is a powerful, self-contained, portable instrument that captures, records, analyzes, and displays AC and DC power line disturbances on four power acquisition channels. With available options installed, the 656 also monito ...