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Interesting Manuals

Grundig -- P 37 - 843 FR

Brüel & Kjær -- 2626

When measuring vibration by means of an accelerometer, it is necessary to incorporate a preamplifier between it and the measuring amplifier. The preamplifier is introduced in the measuring circuit for two reasons: 1. to transform the high output impedance of the accelerometer to a lower value and 2. to amplify the relatively weak output signal from the accelerometer. The signal from the piezoelectric accelerometer appears as a voltage across a capacitive impedance. As the capaciti ...

Philips -- Mistral GC 2006

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features - Colour white/yellow - Ceralon soleplate - Tank capacity (200 ml) - Steam rate (25 g/min) - Calc clean - Extra steam(30 g/min) - Integrated cord winder with clip - Length of cord : 1.9 m. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage : 120 V, 220-240 V. Frequency : 50-60 Hz Power consumption : 1300 W, 1600 W. Water advice : Suitable for tap water use. However if the tap water in your area is very hard, we advise you to mix it with a equal portion of distilled wat ...

Icom -- IC-751

Pentax -- ME super 23903

Leader -- Option 74
Signal Analyzer

Option 74 decodes any pair of embedded AES/EBU channels (must be in the same group of 8) to analog audio and provides a mini-speaker and headphone output for audio monitoring. Front panel menu selection allows for headphone monitoring of selected channels. This option is not needed if the LV 5700A is equipped with an Option 75 (External AES/EBU Inputs for the LV 5700A). Option 75 includes the functions of Option 74.