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Interesting Manuals

Sony -- DCR-TRV9

Moog Music -- Liberation 338A

Angelantoni Industrie -- 550 SH

Datex-Ohmeda -- S/5 Anesthesia Monitor
Anesthesia System

The Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Anesthesia Monitor is a modular multiparameter patient monitor used during anesthesia in operating rooms. The Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Critical Care Monitor provides full patient profile throughout the care period. The modular design makes the system flexible and easy to upgrade. In addition to parameter changes, the modularity includes an easy upgrade to anesthesia record keeping, monitor networking and interfacing with other external devices.

Grundig -- ROME FLAT SE 8270 DOLBY

Cosmed -- Quark PFT

Quark PFT is an electrical medical device designed to perform pulmonary function tests. It is to be used by physicians or by trained personnel on a physician responsibility. This equipment has been conceived with the aim of providing an auxiliary instrument allowing: • the formulation of lung pathology diagnosis; • important studies concerning human physiology; • the collection of important information in sport medicine. No responsibility attaches COSMED Srl for any accident ...