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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Ametek Advanced Measurement Technology 5113 01 January 2002Low Noise Preamplifier
Amplifier Research 100A250A 01 January 1997
Amplifier Research 100A250A M1 01 January 1997
Amplifier Research 100A250A M2
Amplifier Research 100A250A M3
Amplifier Research 100A250A M4
Amplifier Research 100A250A M5
Amplifier Research 10S1G 4A Broadband Microwave Amplifier
Amplifier Research 10W1000 01 January 1982ULTRA-BROADBAND RF POWER AMPLIFIER
Amplifier Research 10W1000 M7 01 October 1987
Amplifier Research 10W1000B RF Amplifier
Amplifier Research 200L 01 February 1983
Amplifier Research 200L M5 01 February 1983
Amplifier Research 200W1000A M3
Amplifier Research 20T4G18 Broadband Microwave Amplifier
Amplifier Research 500A100A 01 January 1997
Amplifier Research 5S1G4 Broadband Amplifier
Amplifier Research 60S1G3 Broadband Amplifier
Amplifier Research 700A 01 March 1978Power Amplifier
Brookdeal 128A 01 January 1983Lock-In Amplifier
Brookdeal 9503 Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Brookdeal 9503C Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Brookdeal 9503D Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Brookdeal 9503D-C Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Brookdeal 9503D-SC Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Brookdeal 9503SC Precision Lock-in Amplifier
Brüel & Kjær 2525 01 June 1999Measuring Amplifier
Brüel & Kjær 2616 Accelerometer Preamplifiers
Brüel & Kjær 2623 Accelerometer Preamplifiers
Brüel & Kjær 2624 Accelerometer Preamplifiers
Brüel & Kjær 2625 Accelerometer Preamplifiers
Brüel & Kjær 2626 Conditioning Amplifier
Brüel & Kjær 2635 01 April 1986Conditioning Amplifier
Brüel & Kjær 2706 01 May 1972Power Amplifier
EG&G Princeton Applied Research 5207 Lock-In Amplifier
EG&G Princeton Applied Research 5208 Lock-In Amplifier
Fluke 203A 01 September 1968Distribution Amplifier
Fluke 5205A April 1976Precision Power Amplifier
Fluke 5220A June 1997Transconductance Amplifier
Fluke 5725A 1989Amplifier
General Radio Company 1233-A 01 November 1962Power Amplifier
General Radio Company 715-A Direct-Current Amplifier
Hewlett Packard 152A 1958DUAL TRACE AMPLIFIER
Hewlett Packard 5087A 1973Distribution Amplifier
Keithley 427 1975Current Amplifier
Keithley 428 01 January 1990Current Amplifier
Keithley 610C 01 January 1968
Keithley 610CR 01 January 1968
Krohn-Hite Corporation 7500 August 2004DC to 1MHz Wideband Power Amplifier
Krohn-Hite Corporation DCA-10 WIDE-BAND · DC-1MC 10 WATT AMPLIFIER
Marconi TM 9954 01 January 1975Logarithmic Amplifier
Philips PM B419A Dual trace sampling amplifier
SRS Stanford Research Systems SR445 01 January 1990Fast Preamplifier
SRS Stanford Research Systems SR510 01 January 1989LOCK-IN AMPLIFIER
SRS Stanford Research Systems SR530 01 January 1997LOCK-IN AMPLIFIER
SRS Stanford Research Systems SR810 01 January 1993DSP Lock In-Amplifier
SRS Stanford Research Systems SR850 01 October 1999DSP Lock-In Amplifier
techni-rite TR-440 February 1963single channel analog recording system
Tektronix 1121 01 January 1960
Tektronix 7A12 Dual Trace Amplifier Plugin
Tektronix AM 502 01 January 1973Differential Amplifier
Tektronix Type B Plug-In Amplifier
Tektronix Type Z 01 January 1960Calibrated Differential Comparator
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI WA301 01 January 2013Wideband Amplifier

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