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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Advantest Corporation R5372 Electronic Counter
Advantest Corporation R5373 Electronic Counter
Advantest Corporation TR5821 1982
Advantest Corporation TR5822 1982
Advantest Corporation TR5823 1982
Advantest Corporation TR5823H 1982
Analogic AN 2573 1979Digital Rate Indicator
BK Precision 1820 Universal Counter
BK Precision 1856B 2.7GHz Frequency Counter
BK Precision 1856C 2.4GHz Frequency Counter
Data Precision 5740 01 March 1977Multifunction Counter
Elenco Precision F-1000 1GHz Multifunction Counter
Fluke 1910A 1990Multifunction Counters
Fluke 1911A 1990Multifunction Counters
Fluke 7220A Portable Counter
Fluke 7250A 01 December 1978Universal Counter Timer
Fluke PM 6666 1998Programmable Timer / Counter
Fluke PM 6669 1998Frequency Counter
Hewlett Packard 5305B August 19761300 MHz Counter
Hewlett Packard 5347A February 1990Microwave Counter/Power Meter
Hewlett Packard 5348A February 1990Microwave Counter/Power Meter
Hewlett Packard 5370B October 1995Universal Time Interval Counter
Hewlett Packard 5383A 01 March 1975Frequency Counter
Hewlett Packard 8443A June 1970Tracking Generator Counter
Keithley 775A 01 January 1985Programmable Counter Timer
Keithley 776 01 April 2001 Programmable Counter/Timer
Marconi 2440 01 March 1985Microwave Counter
Philips PM 6622 15 June 1976Counter Timer 80MHz
Philips PM 6624 15 June 1976Timer Counter 520MHz
Philips PM 6625 15 June 1976Timer Counter 1GHz
Philips PM 6652 Programmable Timer-Counters
Philips PM 6652C Programmable Timer-Counters
Philips PM 6654 Programmable Timer-Counters
Philips PM 6654C Programmable Timer-Counters
Philips PM 6666 08 March 1989Programmable Timer Counter
Philips PM 6669 15 August 1988Frequency Counter
Philips PM 6670 15 April 1987Timer-Counter
Philips PM 6671 15 April 1987Timer-Counter
Philips PM 6672 15 April 1987Timer-Counter
Racal 1992-02M 01 February 1987Universal Timer Counter
Racal 1995 December 1988UNIVERSAL TIMER/COUNTERS
Racal 1996 December 1988UNIVERSAL TIMER/COUNTERS
Racal 2051 March 1991VXI Counter
Racal 2151 March 1991VXI Counter
Racal Dana 1991 01 August 1987Universal Counter/Timer
Racal Dana 1992 01 August 1987Universal Counter/Timer
SRS Stanford Research Systems SR620 01 January 1989Universal Time Interval Counter
Takeda Riken TR5821 July 1981Universal Counter
Takeda Riken TR5822 July 1981Universal Counter
Takeda Riken TR5823 July 1981Universal Counter
Tektronix 7D14 01 March 1971Digital Counter plug in unit
Tektronix DC 501 01 June 1972100MHz Counter
Tektronix DC 504 01 December 1984Counter/Timer
Tektronix DC 505 01 July 1974Universal Counter/Timer
Tektronix DC 505A 01 April 1975Universal Counter/Timer
Tektronix DC 508A 01 July 19821.3 GHz Counter
Tektronix DC 510 01 October 1981Universal Counter/Timer
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TF830-RS232 UNIVERSAL COUNTER
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TF930 20093GHz UNIVERSAL COUNTER
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TF960 6GHz Universal Counter

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