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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Ameritec 30-0056 18 October 2000AM8e E&M Adapter
Ameritec 300071 11 April 1997AM8e T1 Adapter
Anritsu 5400-71XXX March 2000RF Detector
Anritsu 560-7XXX March 2000RF Detector
Farnell Instruments OMNIBUS OB2 September 1980IEEE488 Interface
Farnell Instruments OMNIBUS OBI September 1980IEEE488 Interface
Fluke 2289A
Fluke 4200-05 October 1981IEEE-488 Compatible Interface
Fluke 9000A-6502 01 June 1981Interface Pod
Fluke 9000A-8051 01 October 1984Interface Pod
Fluke 9000A-9900 July 1981Interface Pod
Fluke 9000A-Z80 01 June 1981Interface Pod
Fluke 9000A-Z8000 01 May 1984Interface Pod
Gould K100-D/32 September 1981Input Adapter
Hewlett Packard 11484A June 1987PHASE NOISE INTERFACE
Hewlett Packard 11848A June 1987PHASE NOISE INTERFACE
IOTech Digital488 1990IEEE 488 to Digital I/O Interface
IOTech Digital488/32 1990IEEE 488 to Digital I/O Interface
IOTech Digital488/80A 199880-Bit IEEE 488 / Digital I/O Interface
IOTech Micro488/A-901 1998
IOTech Micro488/p 1992
Keithley 3720 August 2007Dual 1x30 Multiplexer Card
Keithley 3721 August 2007Dual 1x20 Multiplexer Card
Keithley 3722 August 2007Dual 1x48 High density Multiplexer Card
Keithley 3723 August 2007Dual 1×30 High-speed Multiplexer Card
Keithley 3730 August 20076×16 High-density Matrix Card
Keithley 3740 August 200732-channel isolated switch card
Keithley 4500-ILK-KIT-1 December 2003
Keithley 7001 01 January 1992Switch System
Keithley 7002 01 January 1993Switch System
Keithley 7020 01 March 2001Digital I/O Interface Card
Keithley 7022 August 2001Matrix-Digital I/O Card
Keithley 7036 April 199740-Channel Single Pole Relay Switch Card
Keithley 7037 May 1997Single-Pole Relay-Digital I/O Card.
Keithley 705 1982Scanner
Keithley 7052 19904x5 Matrix Card
Keithley 7054 February 1987High Voltage Scanner Card
Keithley 7056 January 1992General Purpose Relay Scanner Card
Keithley 7057A Thermocouple Scanner Card
Keithley 7058 October 1991Low-Current Scanner Card
Keithley 7059 February 1989Low Voltage Scanner Card
Keithley 706 April 1991Scanner
Keithley 7061 Universal Adapter Card
Keithley 7062 1984RF Switch Card
Keithley 7063 December 1984RF Scanner Card
Keithley 7064 1984Low Voltage Scanner Card
Keithley 7066 February 1990Relay Switch Card
Keithley 707 01 August 1992Switching Matrix
Keithley 7072 01 January 1988Semiconductor Matrix Card
Keithley 7074 March 2001General Purpose Multiplexer Card
Keithley 7076 April 1991General Purpose Matrix Card
Keithley 7077 April 1997Isolated Coaxial Matrix Card
Keithley 707A 01 September 1998Switching Matrx
Keithley 7090 2001Optical Switch Card
Keithley 7156 1988General Purpose Scanner Card
Keithley 7164 May 199920 Channel Scanner Card
Keithley 7705 40-Channel Single-Pole Control Module
Keithley 7708 01 January 200340-Channel Differential Multiplexer Module
Keithley 7999-2 September 1999Three-Pole Multiplexer Card
Keithley 7999-3 Multiplexer Card
Keithley 7999-4 December 1999SPDT Microwave RS-232 Switch
Keithley 7999-5 December 199916-Channel RS-232 Relay Controller
Keithley 7999-6 April 2001GPIB RF Relay Unit
Keithley Chrom-1 May 1986A/D Board
Keithley Chrom-1 AT May 1986A/D Board
Keithley Metrabus 1994
Marconi TF 1313A 1966O.l % Universal Bridge
Marconi TF 2700 1962Universal Bridge
Philips PM8958 04 January 1988RS232-C/V24 Interface for Digital Storage Oscill
Philips PM9190 01 May 1988System Multimeter
Programmed Test Sources Inc. PTS 250 01 January 1982GPIB
Programmed Test Sources Inc. PTS 310 01 January 1988GPIB Interface
Racal 1260 24 February 2003VXI Switching Card
Racal RA-366 Panoramic Adapter
Racal SERIES 1250 21 March 2002Universal Switch Controller
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 40200 01 September 1989RS-449 DTE/DCE DATA INTERFACE
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 40204 01 January 1989Lab (TTL) Data Interface
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 41400 01 June 1999RS-449/530/MIL DATA INTERFACE
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 41440A 01 June 1995T1/FT1 DATA INTERFACE
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 41800 01 August 1997CCITT 2.048M/NX64K DATA INTERFACE
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 42522 01 November 1997V.35/RS-449/X.21 COMBINED DATA INTERFACE MODULE
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation 43440 01 November 1997DS1/DS3 ATM INTERFACE
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation DS3 01 March 1993Interface Module

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