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LCR Meter

Manufacturer Model Date Description
Agilent 4263B June 2000LCR Meter
Allied Radio Knight Capacitor Checker
Allied Radio Knight RF Z Bridge 01 January 1956RF Z-Bridge
BK Precision 889 LCR Meter
BK Precision 889B 01 January 2009Bench LCR/ESR Meterwith ComponentTester
Electro Scientific Industries 2100 June 1981Auto LCR Meter
Electro Scientific Industries 2110 June 1981Auto LCR Meter
Fluke PM6303A 01 January 1995Automatic RCL Meter
Fluke PM6306 May 1996Programmable Automatic RCL Meter
Good Will LCR-816
Good Will LCR-817
Good Will LCR-819
Good Will LCR-821
Good Will LCR-826
Good Will LCR-827
Good Will LCR-829
Hameg HM8018 01 October 200631⁄2-DigitLCR-Meter
Hewlett Packard 3586B 1979Selective Level Meter
Hewlett Packard 4286A July 1995RF LCR Meter
Leader LCR-740 LCR Bridge
Metrix 626B
Philips PM 6303 01 May 1990RCL meter
Philips PM6302 01 February 1979RCL Bridge
Quadtech Inc. 1659 RLC Digibridge 01 March 2000RLC Measuring Instrument
Quadtech Inc. 1689 01 March 2000RLC Tester
Quadtech Inc. 1689M 01 March 2000RLC Tester
Quadtech Inc. 7600 01 October 2002Precision LCR Meter
Sanwa 380-CE Multitester
Sanwa YX-360 Multitester
Semcor RC115 Capacitor Analyzer
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI LCR400 2009Precision LCR Bridge

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