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Logic Analyzer

Manufacturer Model Date Description
Biomation K450B 01 April 1990
Dolch Logic Instruments LAM 4850 01 January 1980
Fluke and Philips PM 3580 01 January 1990
Fluke and Philips PM 3585 01 January 1990
Gould K-100-D
Gould K100-D 15 February 1980Digital Logic Analyzer
Gould K105-D June 1984
Gould K20 August 1985
Hewlett Packard 1610A August 1977Logic State Analyzer
Hewlett Packard 1630A 1986
Hewlett Packard 1630D 1986
Hewlett Packard 1630G 1986
Hewlett Packard 1631A 1986
Hewlett Packard 1631D 1986
Hewlett Packard 1650B August 198980 channel logic analyzer
Hewlett Packard 1651B August 198932 channel logic analyzer
Hewlett Packard 1652B January 1990
Hewlett Packard 1653B January 1990
Hewlett Packard 5004A March 1977Signature Analyzer
L J Electronics SA 1 Analyser
Philips PM 3580 1990Dual logic analysis
Philips PM 3580/30
Philips PM 3580/60
Philips PM 3585 1990Dual logic analysis
Philips PM 3585/60
Philips PM 3585/90
Philips PM3551A/10 13 October 1983
Philips PM3551A/30 13 October 1983
Philips PM3551A/50 13 October 1983
Philips PM3551A/70 13 October 1983
Rockland 5830B March 1983Digital signal analyzer
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TA320S 199632-CHANNEL LOGIC ANALYSER

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