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Nostalgically Computer

Manufacturer Model Date Description
AEG MDS 252 November 1969Magnetband Digitalspeicher
AEG PSP 400 April 1970Plattenspeicher
AEG RD 441 March 1970
AEG System TR 440 February 1970
AEG TSP 500 April 1969Trommelspeicher
AEG WSP 220 October 1969Wechselplattenspeicher
Amstrad CPC464
Amstrad CPC6128 Micro Computer
Amstrad CTM640
Amstrad GT64
Amstrad PPC 512D Personal Portable Computer
Amstrad PPC 512S Personal Portable Computer
Amstrad PPC 640D Personal Portable Computer
Amstrad PPC 640S Personal Portable Computer
Apple Apple 1 1976
Commodore A500 Plus 01 October 1991
Commodore Amiga A2000 01 January 1986
Commodore Amiga A500 01 January 1986
Commodore C-128 November 1987
Commodore C-128D November 1987
Commodore C64 01 January 1983
Commodore CDTV May 1991
Compaq Computer Corporation Presario 1270 01 March 1999
Compaq Computer Corporation Presario 1670 01 March 1999
Compaq Computer Corporation Presario 1675 01 March 1999
Hewlett Packard 98034 HP-IB Interface 1976Interface
Sony HB-900F
Sony HB-G900P
Telefunken TR-4 Digital Rechenanlage

Interesting manuals

T 55 - 731 FT GB

 Grundig T 55 - 731 FT GB


 Hammond C-3


 Alpha PA-76P

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