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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Allied Radio 83 Y 725 01 January 1958Variable Oscillator
Allied Radio V-44 VFO 01 January 1958Variable Oscillator
California Instruments 800T Variable Frequency Oscillator
California Instruments 815T
California Instruments 846VM February 1986Precision Programmable Oscillator
California Instruments 847T February 1986Precision Programmable Oscillator
California Instruments 850T February 1984Variable Frequency Oscillator
California Instruments 855T February 1984Variable Frequency Oscillator
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 706 1960CODE PRACTICE OSCILLATOR
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 722 1962Variable Frequency Oscillator
Farnell Instruments LF1 December 1976Sine-Square Oscillator
Farnell Instruments LFM4 December 1976Sine-Square Oscillator
Farnell Instruments LFP1 December 1976Sine-Square Oscillator
Ferisol OS 301 October 1957OSCILLATEURS VHF-UHF
Ferisol OS 401 October 1957OSCILLATEURS VHF-UHF
General Radio Company 1310-A 01 February 1966
General Radio Company 1360-A 01 April 1962MICROWAVE OSCILLATOR
General Radio Company 1362 01 January 1967UHF Oscillator
General Radio Company 733-A
Hewlett Packard 107AR 1964Quartz Oscillators
Hewlett Packard 107BR 1964Quartz Oscillators
Hewlett Packard 241A 01 January 1967 Pushbutton Oscillator
Hewlett Packard 650A 1956Test Oscillator
Hewlett Packard 651B October 1966Test Oscillator
Hewlett Packard 683C October 1961SWEEP OSCILLATOR
Hewlett Packard 8690B 1972Sweep Oscillator
Knight-Kit V-107 01 January 1966Variable Frequency Oscillator
Krohn-Hite Corporation 4200 Test Oscillator
Krohn-Hite Corporation 4402B 2003Ultra-Pure Sinewave Oscillator
Krohn-Hite Corporation 4500 Ultra-Low Distortion RC Oscillator
Marconi TF 1370A 01 July 1970Wide Range R C Oscillator
Marconi TF 2169 01 January 1977Pulse Modulator
Marconi TF 2356 May 198020MHz Level Oscillator
Marconi TF 2357A 01 October 198120MHz Level Oscillator
Systron Donner 5000A 15 December 1978Sweeper Mainframe

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