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Manufacturer Model Date Description
BK Precision PR-261 01 January 1996NEAR FIELD “SNIFFER” PROBE
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. P-75 RF PROBE
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. P-76 RF PROBE
Fluke 80i-110s September 2002AC/DC Current Probe
Fluke 80K-15 May 1998Electronic Air Cleaner Test Probe
Fluke 80K-40 January 1978High Voltage Probe
Fluke 80K-6 November 2001High Voltage Probe
Fluke 80PK-1 April 2002Type K Bead Thermocouple
Fluke 80T-150U February 1986Universal Temperature Probe
Fluke 80T-E 1996Infrared Temperature Probe
Fluke 80T-IR 1996Infrared Temperature Probe
Fluke 80TK November 2002Thermocouple Module
Fluke CO-220 May 1998Carbon Monoxide Meter
Fluke CO210 Carbon Monoxide Probe
Fluke i2000flex May 1998Current Probe
Fluke Y8100 01 November 1994DC/AC Clamp-on Current Probe
General Radio Company 1232-P1 01 October 1963RF-Mixer
Hewlett Packard 1124A
Hewlett Packard 5363B December 1982Time Interval Probes
Hewlett Packard 547A 01 January 1976Current Tracer
Knight-Kit High Voltage Probe 83Y126 High Voltage Probe
Knight-Kit RF-Probe
Marconi 6910 October 1984RF POWER SENSOR
Marconi 6913 1985RF POWER SENSOR
Marconi 6920 May 1984RF POWER SENSOR
PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation RF-10A Series HIGH FREQUENCY VACUUM TUBE TEST PROBE
PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation Series TV HIGH VOLTAGE MULTIPLIER PROBE
Philips PM8820 20 November 1980Multi-lead logic probe
Philips PM8821 20 November 1980Multi-lead logic probe
Simpson 150-2 2001Amp-Clamp current probe
Simpson 153-2 2001Amp-Clamp current probe
Simpson 159 2001Amp-Clamp current probe
Tektronix P2200 01 January 2002Passive 1X/10X Voltage Probe
Tektronix P2220 01 January 2004Passive 1X/10X Voltage Probe
Tektronix P3010 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P5050 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P5100 01 January 2004Passive High Voltage Probes
Tektronix P5102 01 January 1997High Voltage Passive Probe
Tektronix P5120 01 January 2004Passive High Voltage Probes
Tektronix P5200 High Voltage Differential Probe
Tektronix P6015A 01 January 2004Passive High Voltage Probes
Tektronix P6021 60 MHz Current Probe
Tektronix P6101B Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6109B Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6111B Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6112 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6114B Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6117 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6131 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6133 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6136 Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6137 10X Passive Probe for 2400 Series Oscilloscopes
Tektronix P6138A Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6139A Passive Voltage Probe
Tektronix P6201 900 MHz FET Probe
Tektronix SD-14 01 May 1993Sampling Head
Tektronix SD-20 01 January 1993Sampling Head
Tektronix SD-22 01 May 1993Sampling Head
Tektronix SD-26 01 May 1993Sampling Head
Tektronix TAP1500 01 January 20051.5GHz Active Probe
Tektronix TAP2500 01 January 20052.5 GHz Active Probe
Tektronix TCA-1MEG 01 January 2002High Impedance Buffer Amplifer System
Tektronix TCP0030 01 January 2005AC/DC Current Probe
Tektronix TCP202 01 January 2004DC Coupled Current Probe
Wavetek CT-235 01 August 2000AC/DC Current Probe
Wavetek CT-237 01 August 2000AC/DC Current Probe
Wavetek CT-238 01 June 2000AC/DC Current Probe
Wavetek LP10A 01 July 2000Logic Probe
Wavetek LP25A 01 July 2000Logic Probe
Wavetek RF241 July 2000RF Probe

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