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Satellite receiver

Manufacturer Model Date Description
Grundig BE-Remote July 2001Control unit
Grundig Sinio DTR 6110 S July 2002
Grundig Sinio DTR 6111 S CI July 2002
Grundig STC 1200 September 1998
Grundig STC 1880 July 2000
Grundig STC 316 March 2001Headstation
Grundig STC 332 August 1999SAT and DVB-T receiver system
Grundig STC 50 February 2001
Grundig STR 1300 May 2000
Grundig STR 1300 FR July 2000
Grundig STR 2300 April 1999
Grundig STR 2300 FR July 2000
Grundig STR 2300 MV April 1999
Grundig STR 6000 May 2000
Grundig STR 6000 FR June 2000
Grundig STR 6100 April 2000
Grundig STR 7100 March 1999
Grundig STR 7100 FR July 2000
Grundig STR 7122 TWIN March 1999
Grundig STR 8150 August 2001
Grundig VCR-SAT 1 March 2000
Humax CR-5510 2000
Humax CRCI-5500 2000
Humax HB-1000S
Humax IRCI-5400 2000
Revox H60

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