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Manufacturer Model Date Description
Canon Canoscan D-1230 March 2001Flatbed image scanner
Canon Canoscan D-2400 March 2001Flatbed image scanner
Canon Canoscan N1220U June 2000
Canon Canoscan N650U June 2000
Canon Canoscan N656U June 2000
Canon D660U July 2000flatbed image scanner
Canon FAU-S11 April 2000Film adapter unit
Canon FB1210U April 2000Flatbed image scanner
Lexmark OptraImage 725 4036–205 May 2001
Lexmark X4500 4036-304 March 2002

Interesting manuals

MW 82 – 2699 NIC/FT

 Grundig MW 82 – 2699 NIC/FT


 BKPrecision 2520


 Sony HB-900F

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